Canadian Fly In Fishing
Canadian Fly In Fishing

Ice Out

With much of North America having a long cold winter, we had a pretty regular-cold winter.  There was quite a bit of snow, nothing apocalyptic or anything, we just didn’t get a melt at all during the whole winter as we normally get where the snow shrinks and melts a bit in February.  Spring is a bit delayed as we have some snow left and lots of ice.  This can change in a hurry as we have seen in the past.  The snow can melt fast increasing the flow and temperature of the water helping the ice go out quicker.  


Rena and I are preparing in the same fashion as we have forever.  We will be in Red Lake during the first week of May and our flight schedule will be done shortly after.   We are not worried about ice out yet as most of our lakes are quite narrow and tend to go out fairly early.  We are always optimistic, and looking forward to a great summer of awesome fishing.


As everyone approaches their fishing trip, questions arise.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.  


If you are interested in booking a last minute fishing trip. please let us know your time frame you would like to go and we will let you know what is available.

A history of fishing with us.

The Knip/ Cradduck party has been with us longer than Rena and I have been with Amik.  They started coming to Canada in 1985 to Manotak Lodge who was then venturing into the outpost business to the north.  

In 1990, not long after the big fire, they went to Vee Lake.  From that moment on they were hooked.  Many adventures, mishaps, shorelunches and most importantly many memories were made and many smiles were had in the last 23 trips to God’s Country.

We feel fortunate to have been a part of showing these guys a good time and to be a part of their lives.  Things have changed over the years but the constant remains. GOOD FISHING AND GOOD TIMES.


Thank you for putting this together Hank.  We look forward to many more.


Knip / Cradduck 1985 to 2017 Photo Gallery

Filling in the holes for 2018

Time is going by fast.  We are beginning our final month of preparation for the upcoming season and have a few holes we would like to fill.  Here are couple of dates we still have open for the 2018 season.

Loree Lake May 25-30, 2018

Dark Water Lake June 12-17, 2018

Cobham Morley June 22-27, 2018

Black Birch Lake July 4-7, 2018

Shearstone Lake July 19-22, 2018

Findlay Lake August 6-11, 2018

Black Birch Lake August 21-25, 2018


Please let us know if you would like more information on any of these dates.  If you have  more specific dates in mind please let us know and we can let you know if there is any availability.




The Midget hockey team I have been coaching for many years had a great season this year.  15-17 year old kids from 2 small towns.  We don’t have any try-outs, we take whoever wants to play. 

This year we started out as one of the weakest teams I had ever coached but one of the most talented, winning some losing some with a few problems amongst the guys during the first month of hockey.  After a couple of poor games and players acting like individuals, I lost it!  “For the next 5 months we are family! Now start acting like it!”  That was the clean version of my yelling. 🙂

After that day and months of hard skating practices, we started to come together.  We improved each month and peaked a month before playoffs.  Everyone knew their role and every one believed we could win.

We won our 2 best of 3 game series to represent our region at the Manitoba Provincial Tournament.  10 teams from towns smaller and larger than ours.  The competition is always stiff.  Our team did very well and could have been the gold medal winners but ran into a tough team 2 times including the semi final.  This put us in the Bronze medal game which we won easily.  We were not the biggest team in the tournament but we were meaner and hungrier than any other team and we played a rough style of hockey.  No one wanted to play us because the knew every time they touched the puck one of our guys was going to crush them.  It was awesome to see.  It reminded me of when I played. 

Our 8 team league had one undefeated team this year.   It wasn’t us.  Gimli is a town 3 times our size and has enough kids for 2 teams.  They hand picked an “A” team this year.   Gimli never lost all season and beat us all 3 times we played them.  Twice by large margins but one game we scared them with physicality and they only beat us 4-3.  We smelled blood and we knew we could beat them.  We took the series 2 games straight, winning 3-1 and 4-2.  During the entire series we held the lead and played so well that I never had the feeling that we were going to lose.  I could just feel the win.   These boys really came together this year and were very coachable.  It was a great season.

20 years of coaching Minor Hockey.  I think it is time for a break.  Thousands of hours and even more miles were put in, but I loved every minute of it.  Next season I will not be at the rink 3-4 times per week.  It is going to leave a big hole.  I have been involved in organized hockey since I was 4.  

I am not retiring. 🙂 Just taking a break.  I still have plenty of hockey left in me.  Who knows, maybe I will come back to coach 5 year olds.

We have had some awesome weather lately.  It has been flat calm and sunny for at least 2 weeks.  The temperature is above freezing most days and the snow has started to shrink.  Although today it is at the freezing mark, snowing and blowing 40 mph.  

The long term forecast shows a gradual melt for the next couple of weeks with lots of sun.  

Spring is here!  The geese, the crows and the Eagles are back.

We will be back in Red Lake soon and back in the air!

Great times in the bush!!!

Never before have we had such a history recorded of so many smiles, fish caught and maybe a gallon or two of beer drank in 28 years of fishing trips.  These lifelong friends have made many memories in the bush.  

Thank you to Mike Seal for putting together this collage of pictures depicting their history with us at Amik Outposts.   The pictures pre-date our 25 years with Amik Outposts to the previous owners.  

I have had the pleasure of spending lots of time with these great guys over the years and look forward to the future….


Winter is getting ready to leave….

The days are getting a lot longer and we have finally broke free from the minus 30 celsius at night and minus 20 during the day.  It has started to warm up to slightly above seasonal weather and might see a bit of a melt.  There is lots of ice but as long as spring shows up at somewhat of a normal time we should be in great shape.

Fishing has been pretty decent.  Slowing down in the brutally cold weather but still enough fish to keep us out there doing what we love.  There has been a lot of wind accompanying the cold so there was some days out on the lake where most people would say we are crazy.   It isn’t too bad if you are prepared for it.

Here are a few pictures I have taken lately.

The snow banks are like rocks out there. Forming in a minus 40 windchill, they make some cool designs.

The Crack sent a sheet of ice 3 feet thick, 10 feet tall and probably 30 feet long straight up in the air. The power of the ice is amazing.

Dustee has been out there every day as well. She doesn’t like the windy days either.

Our family relies on walleye year round. I love these guys 🙂

When you see as many fish as we do, you see some pretty weird looking fish. Big Eyezzzz

The end of trapping season is almost here as well. Time to pull up the traps. I caught a few fishers, some coyotes and a mink. Not quite as much as I normally but there has been less snow this year and cold.

Even with little snow, living out in the sticks the on a windy year such as this causes blocked roads. Lets hope March isn’t too snowy and spring will come………


World Class Walleye Fishing!

Having been around the tourist business for the past 25 years, we know who has the best Walleye fishing.  I can honestly say that our lakes would rank right up near the top of the list of Outposts and even fancy Lodges for Quality and Numbers of Walleye.

Our lakes have a great combination of flowing water through deep water lakes.  Mixed with many weed beds , great structure both along the shore and out in the lake.  

These lakes have not been fished nearly as long as most lakes in all of Ontario or Manitoba.  Amik Outposts was created in 1992 and began opening up these lakes for the first time.  Building state of the art solar powered cabins with running water and hot showers.  My Dad, Wayne was the guy who brought it all together and in 1994, Rena and I began our first summer in the business.

Since the very beginning Amik Outposts has had a “No Trophy Policy” meaning that no big fish were to be taken from the lake. Walleye and Pike.  Throughout the past 25 years we have seen the fishing not only stay the same but get even better when in regards to Trophy Fishing!!!  The gene pool is unharmed on our lakes and it shows.  Take a look around our website, all of our pictures are all from the previous season.  Trophy Fish are the norm, not the exception.

We have had fishermen who have fished with many other outfitters, who are experienced fishermen and after fishing our lakes……. have not gone anywhere else!

While every fishermen does not catch a 30 inch walleye their first time out, you will catch more walleyes than you have ever in your life and the average walleye will be larger than you are used to catching.  

If you are looking for an Awesome Flyin Fishing Trip on the Best Walleye lakes in Ontario here are a few dates for you to consider:

Cobham Morley June 22-27, 2018

Vee Lake July 3-8, 2018 

Findlay Lake July 20-25, 2018

BlackBirch Lake, August 11-16, 2018

Cobham River August 18-25, 2018

If you are ready for some awesome fishing and an experience of a lifetime please click here!


The Almighty Northern Pike

The Pike is the most plentiful, resilient, adaptable and aggressive game fish in the world.  They are a blast to fish for and put up a heck of a fight.  Pike are the most sought after trophy fish in Canada and our lakes are full of them. 

In the far North these fish grow at a very slow rate due to the short growing season and the cold water.  Our “No Trophy” policy has ensured that the gene pool will never be harmed and the trophy fish remain in the lake.  Growing bigger and have the chance to be caught again!  We understand that this is a resource that needs to be looked after and we plan on doing just that.  Generations from now the fishing on our lakes should be just as good as it is today!

Catching pike is usually pretty easy.  Casting, trolling or jigging, pike can be caught many ways and they occupy many depths of water depending on the time of year.  Post-spawn is when the large females are the most active and can be caught in shallow water.  Throughout the summer pike can be found near their favorite food source…..walleye.  The majority of trophies are caught on nothing but a jig without a leader!

It is quite common for our fishermen to be fishing for walleyes, catching fish after fish when all the activity in the water draws the attention of a predator….

T-bone attacks are fairly common and sometimes both fish can be landed!  Your hook in the Walleyes mouth and the walleye in the Pikes mouth!  It helps to have a good net man in the boat with you to achieve this feat.

Our 2018 season is coming together nicely.  Please let us know if you would like to start planning a trip.  Please click here to inquire about dates for 2018.

Please Note:

Deposit checks are to be made payable to : Lac Seul Airways Ltd.

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Are you thinking about summer?

It is the dead of winter and -40 with the windchill in central Canada.  Are you thinking about summer yet?  How about being up north in the wilderness where the only noise you hear is the wind in the trees and loons calling in the distance.  Now is the time to get your date booked for a fishing trip this summer.

We are booking up for 2018 but we have dates scattered here and there throughout our entire season, if you have more specific dates than what you see here, please send us an email and we can let you know what we have available.  Here are a few dates we have available for 2018.  

Loree Lake May 25-30, 2018

Shearstone Lake June 1-8, 2018

DarkWater Lake June 29- July 4, 2018

Cherrington Bay June 16-21, 2018

Vee Lake July 3-8, 2018

Cherrington Point June 26- July 1, 2018

Cobham Morley July 26-31, 2018

Findlay Lake July 1-7, 2018

Jeanette Lake July 14-21, 2018

Shearstone Lake August 3-8, 2018

Blackbirch Lake August 21-25, 2018

Cobham River August 18-25, 2018

Cobham Daniel August 19-26, 2018

Please click here if you would like some more information on these or any other dates we may have.

It has been very cold up here but it is January and we are in Canada!  It has been minus 30 at night and minus 20 during the day, but it is supposed to warm up next week a bit. Here are a few pictures I have taken recently out on Lake Manitoba while we were commercial fishing.

The Sun Dogs come out when it is going to blow.  And it blows a lot!

This is the Jigger.  It is how we get the line beneath the ice to get our nets under there also.  Dustee follows the jigger as it runs under the ice.  It is easy to find when it stops on a bare patch like this.  There is 3 feet of ice already!  Not much snow and lots of cold.

When you see as many fish as we have in our lives you see some pretty strange things.  This is the weirdest pike I have ever seen.  Very unusual markings on this one.

 It may be cold but we get more sunshine than most places in Canada.  The days are getting longer already and the February thaw is not too far away!!


Stay warm and think about your fishing trip this summer……

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our great guests!  We wish you a great end to 2017 and hope that 2018 will be a great year for everyone.  Rena and I are looking forward to 2018!

It will be the coldest Christmas in our part of the country in 20 years!  It is -31C here this morning and is supposed to  be like this for awhile.  Not a bad time of year to be this cold, it keeps you indoors with your loved ones.  Another nice thing about the weather when it is this cold.  Nothing but sunshine!  I know it’s a small consolation but mentally the sun helps you through the fact that your exposed skin will freeze in less than minute!!! 

Our winter so far though has been mild with not too much snow so far.  The ice on the lake is pushing 24 inches already and we are still catching walleye pretty good.  Almost time to start doing some angling instead of working….

The days are as short as they are going to get!  Just a couple of dark months to get through!

Pictures never do the cracks justice.  The ice is cracking all the time with the expansion and contraction of such a huge lake.  It looks pretty cool but freaks most people out.  Green ice like this is the most solid ice you can get, except you can see through it.  

Please keep in mind that if you are adding people to your party or are sending a deposit to please send us an email to let us know.  We would like all deposits checks made out to Lac Seul Airways Ltd. 

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