Travel Information

Our base is located east of Red Lake on Highway 125 towards Balmertown. Our physical address is #6 Pickerel Drive, Balmertown Ontario, P0V 1C0
We operate our own float-equipped aircraft to provide timely service for our guests. We are not dependent upon some other air service to try get you in and out in a timely manner.


From International Falls/Fort Frances travel east and north via Highway 11 and 502 to Dryden. Then Highway 17 west to Vermillion Bay and Highway 105 north to Red Lake. Turn east on Highway 125 towards Balmertown. Go over the bridge and take the first right on Pickerel Drive.


There are flights daily from Minneapolis to International Falls, MN where you can rent a vehicle and drive to Red Lake, about 4-1/2 hours. You can also fly into Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. From there you can also rent a vehicle. You can also charter or fly with Bearskin Airlines into Red Lake Airport.
If you need help need help with travel arrangements to Red Lake please call Karen at Red Lake Travel at 1-800-465-3305.

VISITORS TO CANADA – General Information:

With all of the new regulations coming into effect due to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative from the Department of Homeland Security please check for changes before your vacation with us at Amik Outposts.

Children – Bring identification for ALL children. i.e Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate or Passport. Children travelling with someone other than their parent or legal guardian, should have written permission.

Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products – Personal baggage may include up to 1.14 litres (40 Imperial ounces) of alcohol (liquor, wine or liqueur) OR 24 – 355 ml (12 ounce) cans or bottles of beer or ale, duty and tax free. 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars and 200 mg of tobacco would also be allowed in duty free. NOTE: a limit of 45 litres of alcohol or 5.5 cases of beer can be imported with duties and taxes owing.

Alcohol – may only be imported by persons who are the legal age, as prescribed by the Province at the point of entry. The minimum ages are as follows: 18 – for Manitoba, Quebec, Alberta and PEI. 19 – for Ontario, Sask., BC, Nfld., New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Tobacco – may only be imported by persons who are 19 years of age or over, across Canada.

Food – a reasonable supply of food consistent with the length of stay and number of people to be used for your own personal use, will be allowed in duty free.

Pets – Dogs and cats from the U.S. must be accompanied by a certificate signed and dated by a Veterinarian, indicating that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. The certificate must provide sufficient description and detail to enable adequate identification. Puppies and kittens under three months old do not require a certificate, providing they are in good health at the time of entry into Canada.

Firearms – Long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, imported temporarily by non-residents for sporting or competition use in Canada do not require a permit to transport. ** Effective January 1, 2001 – All firearms that qualify to enter Canada must be registered and de-registered upon entry and departure from Canada. This will require payment of an annual $50.00 fee (CDN).

Handguns – or other restricted and prohibited weapons are NOT allowed entry into Canada. Mace and pepper spray are also prohibited.

Gasoline – the gasoline carried in the tanks of your vehicles are allowed. Boats with outboard motors are allowed the normal tank duty free. Any extra containers would be subject to duty and taxes.

Bait – Live earthworms are permitted, but only when packed in commercial or artificial bedding (no earth or soil). Frozen or salted minnows are allowed. NO LIVE MINNOWS OR LEECHES as they are prohibited to bring from the U.S.

Canada Customs in Thunder Bay (807) 626-1603
or Pigeon River (807) 964-2093

(Includes DUI/DWI)

On June 28th Bill C11 will change the rules around rehabilitation for non-residents entering Canada who have minor criminal offenses in their past. As it is now, a guest with a minor offense on their record (no matter how long ago) must be rehabilitated or apply for a temporary 30 day entry to enter Canada. Rehabilitation can be handled through the Canadian Immigration offices in Fort Frances or Thunder Bay, as the processing times will be much slower at the Consulate (18 months and up). The offense must be more than 5 years old to rehabilitate. The 30 day pass is handled only at the port of entry, is for persons with offenses less than 5 years ago, and cannot be processed in advance. It is recommended that these persons call the Fort Frances office, prior to travel, and they will be given an indication of the likelihood of their admittance to Canada. Both rehabilitation and processing of 30 day temporary entries have an administrative fee of $200 CDN.
After June 28th, if the offense is older than 10 years it will be deemed to be rehabilitated. If it is between 5 and 10 years it can be rehabilitated by obtaining the forms and following the enclosed instructions. There is no charge for offenses under 5 years. The decision of admissibility is still up to the border officer on offenses under 5 years, but the chances are good for entry if they have only one offense, have called ahead, have a reservation at a resort, and have proof of that reservation with them (i.e. Confirmation letter). The guest should be told to be truthful and the information complete. They would have to pay $200 CDN administrative fee.
In all cases your guests should be told to handle themselves professionally and use good manners.
The hours of operation for the immigration office at the border are as follows. Fort Frances is 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. (8 a.m. to midnight)
Rainy River is 5 days a week, 8 hours a day (Times???)

Customs is no longer available at the Red Lake Airport. Visitors flying with their own aircraft can contact the following for Customs:

Canpass (866) 226-7277

Fort Frances: Canada Customs (Local) (807) 274-3655 (x 240)

Kenora: Canada Customs (Local) (807) 548-5926

For further information contact:
Canada Immigration Centre in Fort Frances (807) 274-3818 or Thunder Bay (807) 624-2158