Fishing has been great, the sun has been shining most of the time, and the temperatures have been warm.  The fish are in 5-10 feet of water and are biting pretty hard. As most of our regular guests know and the new ones are finding out, there is no need to get up at the crack of dawn to go fishing.  On our lakes at this time of year you need to relax, get up whenever you want.  If you hit the water by 9 or 10 you will catch more fish than you can shake a stick at all day and the bite stays on all day generally, right until dark.  Remember, you are on vacation.
“Hi Rene, Just a few pics from the Holland group.
The first picture is Scotty was a nice Pike, caught and released.  It was big, but not nearly big enough.  The second picture is the week winner.  A very healthy 39 inch (that I believe could have been a 40 if Chuck would have worked it a little harder with the tape measurer (he did do a marvelous netting job though).  It came from that bay with the weeds, a few logs along shore and a rock in the middle.  Oh yeah, it had some pine trees around it too.  The final pic is of a lazy day at the walleye hole.  This 27 inch walleye made it a tie with Scotty for the week and a carry-over competition into 2016!
Hope all is well in the north woods, we miss it already.
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Here are some more pictures from the Holland Party who love to fish Findlay Lake!
The Knott party used to come fishing with us every other year.  But, they seem to be falling more and more in love with the bush!  A number of years ago we got stuck in bad weather together for 2 nights extra and spent the night at Cobham Morley.  The dockhands went out right in front of the cabin, in the rain, and caught fish for 8 people in 45 minutes.  Since then they have wanted to try the Cobham under slightly different circumstances!
They caught a lot of fish.  Triples, doubles, all day long.
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john blog
The Stroupe Party made their annual trek to the Cobham River.  As usual they had a great time, relaxing and catching fish when they wanted to.  They caught some trophy sized fish.  6 in total over 40 inches, the largest making the boat were caught 10 minutes apart.  2 Monster pike measuring 43 inches!  Jim had another one on on the last day that was bigger yet…. but he got away.  Here are some pictures but I haven’t received any of the 43 incher yet.  Great week.  Same time next year.
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Ralph K. moose hunted with us last fall and it was his first experience with us.  As so many of our guests do, they have such a  good time and realize how special a place the North is, they can not stay away.  Ralph booked a fishing trip for this season and is planning on moose hunting again next year!  He and his Grandson Zack had a blast.  They caught tons of fish, got sunburned, eaten by bugs occasionally and enjoyed each others company.
The fish of the week was caught on Shearstone Lake!  Ralph hooked into a real trophy.  A 44 inch Monster Pike!  They were able to get it all on video which I will post it soon.
The caption with this photo “The fish are so thick at Amik Outposts you can walk on water!”
Jeanette lake had the Vanden Boogard party fish it recently, here are a couple of pictures from their trip.  The Fishing report, “We caught literally thousands of fish!”


Attached are two photos that I wanted to share with you.  The Pike was caught off the dock within 15minutes of landing.  Interesting perspective.

The Walleye was the largest that we caught that week measuring about 27.5”!

I hope all is well and we are looking forward to next year.


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