General Info

  • All prices quoted are in U.S. funds.
  • Applicable taxes are extra.
  • A deposit of $400.00 per person is required.  Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Personal checks are accepted for deposit only.
  • Credit Cards accepted for deposit only.
  • Please make deposit checks payable to: LAC SEUL AIRWAYS LTD
  • Balance of payment is due upon arrival and must be paid by cash or travelers checks. If you would like to prepay your trip 30 days in advance personal checks are acceptable, payable to LAC SEUL AIRWAYS LTD. Please call for exact amounts and we will fax or e-mail your bill.
  • We reserve the right to charge a fuel surcharge.
  • Baggage Limit is 100 lbs. per person.
  • An 8-day conservation license will be included in the price at our outpost trips 90 – 150 miles north of our base,  if your party is on a 5, 6 or 7 day regular priced trip and the whole party decides not to take fish home. Licenses will not be provided to children under 18 years old unless they are purchased.
  • Moose hunting information is available upon request.
  • A clean cabin deposit of $100.00 is requested per cabin to ensure that each cabin continues to stay clean throughout the summer.
  • All garbage must be brought out with you. Please burn the burnable items (onions, cans, glass, and aluminum foil do not burn).
  • We do not fly bottled beer or pop. Please bring cans.
  • A grocery list is available upon request. If you order your groceries through us it is a convenience but it still goes towards your weight. Grocery orders must be received by us at least 2 weeks before your trip.
  • All parties are responsible to pay for the period of time reserved, any physical damages to boats, motors, cabins, and equipment as well as any expenses incurred by weather delays. Amik Outposts/Lac Seul Airways, Ltd., makes every reasonable effort to serve our guests; however, assumes no responsibility or liability for any hazard of any kind associated with these trips. Neither is any obligation or responsibility assumed for any political, meteorological, climactic or other event or for the services of transportation companies, contractors or other principals for which Lac Seul Airways, Ltd., acts as agent.

Satellite Telephone:

We provide a satellite telephone for emergencies at our outposts. If you have a problem at the outpost you may call us and we will do the best we can in getting help to you.  If you would like to check in at home or work during your stay at an outpost, there are a number of companies in the U.S. that will ship you a phone right to your door prior to your trip for a nominal fee.  If you want to rent a satellite telephone Iridium phones are the best.  Here is the link to a company many of our guests have used in the past.  Roadpost Satellite phones

Reservations :

Due to the great demand for our flyin trips, early reservations are advisable so you can get your specific dates set. With a large percentage of our guests rebooking for the following year we have waiting lists for many of our camps. When openings arise we give those on the list first opportunity to send deposits to secure dates. When requesting reservations, please use our reservation forms. A $300.00 deposit is required within 10 days of booking your trip. Deposits are not refundable. If for some reason someone in the party cannot go on the trip, their deposit is transferable to someone else who joins the party. If the entire party has to cancel their trip, we will not refund the deposit. However, you can reschedule your trip to available open dates later or earlier in the season. If there is anything you do not understand please write, e-mail or call us and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions. If there is anything we can do to help make your trip a little more pleasurable please don’t hesitate to ask.

Fuel Surcharge

We have the right to charge a fuel surcharge. This statement will be found beneath all our prices and on your confirmation letter. Our business heavily relies on the use of fuel: Avgas, boat gas and propane. Canada recognizes it has a special environment and they protect it zealously but there is a cost to having a pristine place to come and fish.
Canadian and US fuel rates are completely different, mainly due to taxes. Canada seems to want to protect its environment through what we see as over regulation. Canada is a huge country with a small scattered population. The cost of distribution is astronomical. We use Avgas in our aircraft and our aviation prices are based on not wanting to produce Avgas because of the small volume and huge expense to produce it.
The outboard gas we use is the expensive, premium, non-ethanol fuel for our outboard motors so they run trouble free for our guests. The cost of getting the fuel to our camps in the bush, as well as the handling and storing of the fuel is very expensive as is our losses.
Don’t forget about the propane and transportation of propane for our BBQ grills, fish cookers, refrigerators, stoves and freezers!
With the amount of fuel that each guest consumes, knowingly or not, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to control our rates in this type of unknown fuel cost environment is to adjust our fuel surcharge annually and not change our rates.
The bottom line is that we pay attention to our business so we can make sure to provide a happy experience to our customers and so that we can make a decent profit that will encourage us to remain in business so that we can continue to provide you with a place that you will want to come back to each season to enjoy our fabulous fishing and our true wilderness experience.

Rebooking Policy:

If you and your party want to return to Amik Outposts for another trip, we are happy to have you back. The majority of our guests are repeat customers. If you make a booking for the following year we will need to receive your full deposit within 2 weeks. Please call once you have mailed your deposit so we know when to expect it and so we don’t book someone else in the date you want. Please do not expect us to hold dates for an indefinite length of time.
For those guests who are departing for their outpost trips in the early morning, you will need to be at our base in Red Lake no later than 7:00 p.m. the evening before your trip for weigh in and orientation. Please arrive at our base BEFORE you check into your motel. It is imperative once you have made your motel reservations that you fax or e-mail your confirmation to us.

These motels are available in Red Lake:

Balmer Motor Hotel: 807-735-2076
Super 8: 807-727-8888
Howey Bay Motel: 807-727-3419
Nature’s Inn: 807-735-2626


If you are wanting to purchase leeches and night crawlers please call us at 807-735-9968.
At Amik Outposts we will have frozen minnows for sale at our base. We will also be able to pick up any live bait for parties that are flying into Red Lake. Again, please order bait from us at least one month prior to your trip. LIVE MINNOWS are not allowed to be used at any of our North Camps.