The weather recently is easy to sum up…..Hot!  It has been toasty in the North and the heat has been giving us plenty of stormy afternoons as well as a few foggy mornings.  July is usually our dry month but it wasn’t that way this year.  Today it finally started to cool off a bit and it is supposed to be pleasant for the next while.

Here are a few highlights from  a few of the camps this week.

The Zech’s brought along some rookies this year from Wisconsin and they are definitely looking forward to their next trip to Cherrington Lake!  Kim and Doug will be staples from now on I think when the group heads to Canada for a fishing trip!

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The walleyes were still in shallow water below the rapids and they were easy to catch right from shore.


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The picture in front of the Otter never gets old!

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Pat and Kelli were first time flyin fishermen before their trip to Shearstone Lake last week.  They caught lots of fish and loved the fact that they were completely out of touch from the rest of the world!  Catching an abundance of fish was quite awesome as well!!


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The fishing right off the dock was great each evening too!  During one hour of fishing, 20 walleyes!

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Pat wanted Kelli to hook into a big pike in the worst way.  She landed this nice 38 incher during the trip.  She also had on a Monster that got up near the boat so they could see it… but it got away!  Those trophy fish have a way of doing that.

IMG_0393 IMG_0398


The Hendriks family have fished a few of our lakes now and this year they chose to go to Vee Lake.  They had excellent walleye fishing.  They caught all shapes and sizes of fish during their stay and are looking forward to next season.


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August is right around the corner, we are on the back side of our season.  It has really gone quickly this season because we have been busy.  Thank you to all of our guests who have made the trip so far and shared their pictures and stories with us.