The seasons have begun to change in the North.  The Birch trees have started to change color.  We have finally gotten rid of the rainy cloudy weather and we are in to one last stretch of hot weather to carry us another week closer to the end of another successful season!  The fish have finally started to head to deeper water and are in 15-20 feet of water on most of the lakes.  Trophy fish ones have been slower than normal for this time of year but the numbers of fish everyone is catching has remained as good as ever.  Fishing during the recent rainy weather at times was crazy!!!  Jigs would go sideways before reaching the bottom,  Walleyes were just waiting for the bait to drop again.

We have seen an increase in the number of guests from way down South this season.  Lots of groups of guys from Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arkansas who have never been to Canada or a flyin fishing trip.  Needless to say, all of these groups of friends have fallen in love with the North!  They are all smiles and handshakes when I pick them up and talk about the next time they come back!!!

The Mabry Party  fished Jeanette Lake last week and had a blast, learning a lot they got onto the walleye fishing pretty quickly.  They caught lots of fish, saw the Caribou each day around the camp and simply enjoyed the whole experience.

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I wrote the Big Ones have been quiet, just not as many as normal due to the weather.  The Hilkeman family caught this beautiful 43 inch Pike on Jeanette Lake recently.  The Big Pike are growing very thick and heavy as the summer moves along.  They will be in the fall feeding mode soon.


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The Willows party has been a valued Lac Seul Airways/ Amik Outposts Guest for around 25 years.  They realized a long time ago how special time spent in the Bush is.  This year they went back to Loree Lake and gave hundreds and hundreds of fish sore lips.  Here is a nice Pike caught by Rich.


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