Elane and I wanted thank you both for yet another wonderful time at your Findlay Outpost. We truly look forward to fishing & seeing both of you every year. Both of you are very professional and run a seamless operation and still maintain that personal touch that sets you apart from all of the others.
Below is a 24 inch Walleye from this years trip and we both look forward to seeing you next year.

Frank & Elane Phillips

Hi Rena,
I wanted to thank you and John for another outstanding fishing adventure. We had another great time at Cobham River and the big Pike really cooperated for us. I finally caught my 45 inch bucket list Pike. Being in the boat by myself reminds me of the Old Man and the Sea adventure.
Have a great season and you will be hearing from me soon.

Ivan Krapac, Illinois

Here is the picture I promised you. What a fish, I have never ever caught a fish even remotely close to this size!!!! She was 40 and ½” long!!!! I will truly remember it until the day I die. Thanks for making our trip run without a hitch from beginning to end your professionalism really rang true and although we could have gone somewhere else on the cheap, there is no way that we would have experienced the fishing we did. Take care and until we meet again be safe.
Sal Pusateri

Owatonna, MN

Wow! That was my first fly-in fishing trip. Don’t know why I wanted so long! Well better late than never. Everything was great. The cabins were very comfortable and we had everything we needed. The boats were in great shape and ran well. John and Rena are great hosts, very friendly and accommodating. They even helped get my truck fixed while we were in the bush, so that was a load off my mind. We caught plenty of fish, and had fresh walleye fillets for lunch each day. I couldn’t help but have unreasonable expectations, and the fishing was even better than I had hoped. Here is a pic of one of two (!) 30” walleye I caught!
Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to come back. (Krapac party Cherrington Lake June 4-9 2012).

Krapac party Cherrington Lake

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick message to let you know how much we appreciate all you do. Our trip to Findlay was my 23 fly-in in the last 19 years. I’ve personally been with 6 different fly-in services all over Northwest Ontario, and typically after 2 or 3 times with the same outfitter I start to look around for “something better”. That is no longer the case. This was my 6th flying with Amik and I can speak for all the guys in our group in saying we’ve found a home with you guys. Findlay(twice), Cherrington, Vee, Cobham, and Blackbirch have all been incredible fisheries! So much so, that we start counting the days until we return as soon as we get home.
What I’ve found out in the last 19 years is you can catch fish anywhere you go, but the size of the walleye and northern in your lakes, in my opinion, are the best available in Ontario bar none. The conservation policy in place keep them big boys around for everyone to enjoy! You guys have always taken care of us from the moment we arrive until we depart, and our group is thankful for all you do. Keep up the great work. Talk to you in November/December to book next years trip…..Cherrington maybe:)
Good Fishing, The Ketron Party, August 2012
Sal Pusateri

John and Rena,

Once again, the average walleye size was larger than any of the previous 30+ years on “The Cobham”. Many of the “old” walleye holes came back along with all the new spots found the past few years. Some of the newer members thought we were good guides taking them to the exact spot (old fishing walleye spot) where they caught large walleyes non-stop for several hours, only to boat to a different spot to duplicate the same good fishing again. I never lost one bottom bouncer with 7 days of fishing, but did lose a number of spinners tied to the bottom bouncer, when that thief of a “northern” came by to cut the line.
Once again, all the walleyes, even the 22 inch and above, were really fat, muscled fish with lots of fight that helped them stay down creating quite a fight on a light rod. We all noticed that the walleyes sucked so lightly on the bait that with a heavy rod you couldn’t tell they were stealing the bait. So bringing in a muscled, fighting walleye on a very light rod was fun, along with catching a northern or two, one 37 inch on the very light pole.
Fish do bite in the rain. Several of us were not smart enough to come in because the 21 and 22 inch walleyes wouldn’t stop.
Thanks again,

Jim Bergman (June annually)

Hi John and Rena,
Here are the rest of our pics. As usual we had a great trip because of your hard work and dedication to making sure everything is done right & we appreciate it. I also forgot to tell you guys 2 of the pike I’m holding I caught on one of my Dads spoons that is probable 60 years old , he loved to catch pike. I was nervous to use it but I wanted to catch 1 more pike with it before it goes in a display I’m making of all his old lures.
Thanks again to you, John, Bruce & Debbie, John
P.s. We are already looking forward to next year.

John and Rena,

I just wanted to thank you and John again.We all had the fishingtrip of our lives. We’ve been going to Ontario for over 20 years and the fishing just seems to improve every year. Walleyes over 20″ were too numerous to count.The big northerns were juststartingto bitebut we caught 5-37″, 1-40″ and 1-41″.Cobham is a big location andwe’re looking forward to exploring it again next year. Attached is a photo from one of 3 shore lunches we did.We have all of the walleyes we eat for lunch and for dinner that evening in the picture.I’m sure Doug and Bruce will be sending you a few more shots. thanks again.

Ron McGee