The Johnson Party from Minnesota made their first flyin trip last week to Jeanette Lake.  These guys were fishermen.  If you put experienced fishermen on a great lake, they will most likely have the best fishing of their lives.  Thats what happened on Jeanette Lake!  The comment I heard when I picked them up “Nobody at home is going to believe how many  fish we caught!”

“John and Rena,

We all had a great time and I am sure we will want to book more trips in the future. I can’t see any reason why I would select another outfitter as you provided us with a great cabin, good reliable fishing equipment and a safe flight in and out of camp.
I have and will recommend Amik Outposts/Lac Seul Airways to other people that are interested in taking a fly-in fishing trip to Canada.
Thank you, 

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Loree Lake saw the return of the Jones party for the second year in a row.  Last year it was 90 degrees and flat calm for much of their stay at Loree.  That is not good fishing weather anywhere but this year they had cooler weather, some rain and plenty of wind and lots of bait.  Needless to say that they caught wayyy more fish!

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The Serie Party always fishes the Cobham at least one time each season.  Every year when I pick them up, Ralph tells me “The best trip ever!”  This year was no exception.  The Big Pike seemed to follow him around this year.  Here is his biggest of the trip.

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Don was the first timer with the group and had a blast.

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The Chew Party has found their piece of Heaven.  It is called the Cobham River System.  They fished Vee lake last year and this year moved on down stream to the Cobham River.  They are Pike fishermen with quite a bit of experience fishing in Canada.  They caught many big fish and here are a few of the pictures to prove it.

This 22″ walleye Alex caught was his first fish of the trip, and the first fish he’s caught since he was in grade school!  

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The walleye have been along the weedbeds in 8-12 feet of water and pike have been right along side them.  As we move into later July, I expect the fish to start moving deeper each week.  One thing for sure, the fish are where you find them.  Usually in the lake!!!