Happy New Year!

We here at Amik Outposts are always striving to show you the best fishing vacation experience possible and this year will be no exception.

If you are heading to the Sportshows in search of a Canadian Flyin Fishing Trip with Amik Outposts, you will not see us there.  We attribute this to our awesome website, fabulous return clientele who give us many word of mouth referrals, and the best fishing experience of your life!  So save yourself some money and time and give us a call or drop us an email to book your next trip.  If you have been to the show, heard the spiel and looked at other outfitters outdated pictures, look through our website and compare apples to apples.  Our camps and equipment are well maintained, we fly our own aircraft and the Trophy Fish you see on our website have all been Caught and Released in the last couple couple of years.  Put yourself in these pictures next season!

Here are some available dates for 2015:

Dark Water Lake

May 30-June 5

July 23-27

Jeanette Lake

July 10-15

August 7-12

Shearstone Lake

June 21-26

August 3-8

Loree Lake

July 14-19

Findlay Lake

June 26- July 3

Blackbirch Lake

June 20-26

July 22-25

Vee Lake

July 1-5

Cobham Morley

July 3-6

August 16-22

Cobham Daniel

July 6-13

August 6-9

Cobham River

August 22-28

Please keep in mind our schedule is always changing and we have other dates available.  Please send us an email with your specific dates you want and we will let you know what we have available.