Shearstone Lake

True outpost adventure awaits you on Shearstone Lake, 80 miles northeast of our airbase in Red Lake, Ontario.

A fully equipped cabin nestled among the pine trees with solar powered lighting and water pump, 2 propane refrigerators, a propane stove with oven and indoor hot and cold running water and shower. This 8 man camp is becoming a favorite, known for awesome trophy fishing and some great moose hunting too. If you choose to fish Shearstone Lake you will not be disappointed. Being the only cabin on the lake this body of water will see a very limited number of anglers each summer. The main lake of Shearstone holds plenty of areas to keep your attention. A plethora of points, bays and inlets that are fishable, hot spots in any weather conditions or wind. You can fish a different spot each day or go back to the tried and true fruitful locations. Depths reach up to 60’ of water but great fishing is never deeper than 25 feet. The tea colored water slows the penetration of the sun and fish remain in the shallow water longer than in clearer water lakes. They can bite all day long. You will be on vacation in this untouched, virgin timberland so there is no need to get up early to catch the only bite of the day. Fishing remains great throughout the whole day.

We have always had a No Fish home policy on Shearstone and most importantly we have had a No Trophy Policy that ensures all of those Walleye over 18” and Northern over 27.5” are released back into the lake for everyone to be able to catch again for generations to come.

For the adventurous souls in your party there are 3 portages just a short distance from the main Shearstone Lake. There are 2 canoe portages that provide lots of Walleye and Northern action. You’ll want to take light tackle and enjoy the peacefulness of the country without the sound of a motor running. The third portage is located within 200 yards of an incoming set of rapids.  We have a 14’ Naden boat and a motor that awaits you there. Like Shearstone, fishing on the portage lakes is excellent but it can add another dimension to your trip. Reliable 8HP-4 stroke Yamaha motors and 14′ Lund boats shuttle you around with confidence on this structure filled lake.  Perfect for trolling and seeing the beauty of Canada’s north.  Walleye continue to be caught in the 25-29” class and Northern are consistently caught and released between 35-45”

Shearstone Lake Location

Trip Packages

$1050/person (6+ people)

$1150/person (4-5 people)

$1250/person (2-3 people)

$1150/person (6+ people)

$1250/person (4-5 people)

$1350/person (2-3 people)

$1250/person (6+ people)

$1350/person (4-5 people)

$1550/person (2-3 people)

$1450/person (6+ people)

$1550/person (4-5 people)

$1950/person (2-3 people)

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