We had quite a few families fishing with us last week throughout the north.  Fishing was great and the weather was a mixed bag but really very nice with a few storms, in some areas almost daily. The Mayflies have pretty much gone through their hatch with only a few lakes saying they had a little slower fishing due to it, but the fish were very shallow, in 3-6 feet of water.

The Kalkbrenner family has always fished Blackbirch lake and always done well.  The boys have been able to be the top fishermen in most of the years past as the youngest person generally catches the biggest fish.  This year, the boys caught some very nice fish again and Grant caught the biggest walleye measuring 28 inches pictured below.

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The rest of the family tried their best and had a great time but this year Mom held the lucky hand.

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Cheryl caught a 43 inch huge pike on a bluebird day.  The fish of the trip.

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The Peters family went to their favorite place on Earth last week for their annual trip.  They have been fishing on Loree Lake for many years and know it like the back of their hands.  They catch more fish than any of our groups and have given out many sore lips to the walleye on Loree Lake.

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Betty,  who had her Grand daughter along this year was the top Fisher last week.  She caught the biggest walleye and biggest pike!

Here is her 25 inch walleye.

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She also caught this nice 33 inch pike!

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The Alexander family drives from Colorado every other year and the family has grown over the years and the boys now have a +1 with them.   And they are proving to be competition in the fishing department! The daughter in laws proved they can fit in with this family.

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But as the theme for the week would have it in the North……  and from the pictures I got from them.  Nancy caught the biggest fish for the week by far.

DSC02297 DSC02196


We feel fortunate to be able to be a part of a families memories.  It feels good to see people spending quality time together.