Spring has arrived in full effect and it looks good for a slightly early break up!  That would be great to have ample time to get all of our camps ready for a busy season.  The arrival of spring should bring all of the fish to spawn early and then begin the transition into normal patterns right when our guests are scheduled to begin!  Fishing is always awesome but in the spring it all has to do with water temperature, with an early ice out we should not have to wait for the water to warm up this year!

We have a couple of May dates left for this season. Here are some dates for you to consider.

Blackbirch May 26-June 1

Loree Lake May 18-25

Cobham Morley May 19-23

If you are interested in a last minute trip give us an email by clicking here.

Just an update on our reservation/info request form.  We have been receiving spam from the robots that crawl on our site.  At the bottom of the form you will notice we will request that you type in the numbers or letters as you see them.  It is easy to read, unlike many and is necessary for us to filter spam.  You can also email us directly: amik@frontiernet.net