What To Bring

WHAT WE SUPPLY at our Flyin Outposts

Supplies Provided at our Outposts • Vee • Black Birch • Shearstone • Loree • Findlay • Cherringtons • Cobhams + Jeanette

  • 14-foot Lund boats
  • 15hp & 9.9hp motors
  • 8hp motors (Shearstone)
  • 1 spare motor per lake
  • Swivel seats
  • Anchors, landing nets & paddles
  • Floater cushions & life vests
  • Gas grill and gas fish cooker
  • Pots, pans, dishes and cutlery
  • Perculator coffee pots
  • Satellite phone for emergency calls
  • Dish Towels
  • Dish soap & bleach
  • Mr. Clean, S.O.S. & garbage bags
  • Paper towels & toilet paper
  • Canned Goods (Beans, Corn, Green Beans, Fruit Cocktail)
  • Flour and Sugar
  • Condiments (Ketchup, Mustard, Relish)
  • There is a 1000 watt Honda generator at all camps that can be used for recharging your camera/phone and is also suitable for CPAP machines.

What to bring to Jeanette Lake

These lakes are in an area of Ontario that allows the use of LIVE MINNOWS. If you choose to use this as bait, please bring along your OWN MINNOW BUCKETS.


  • Sleeping bag(We supply pillows)
  • Fishing rod & gear
  • Warm Clothing and rain gear
  • Mosquito Coils
  • Insect repellent and sun screen
  • Groceries for your entire stay
  • Please bring your beer in cans (bottles are not acceptable)

If you would like to check in at home or work during your stay with us, Satellite phones can be rented from a company called “Roadpost” for a nominal fee delivered right to your door prior to your trip.  The Satellite phones we provide are to call us in the event of an emergency.

Please remeber that you are allotted 100 pounds of gear/groceries/beverages per person for your trip.  If you show up at our base with too much gear, it may not all be able to go in with you.

Travel Insurance. Remember to inquire with your insurance company what you are covered for when traveling to Canada. Travel insurance can also be purchased at the Duty Free store at the Border.

  • Bath towel
  • Camera and charger
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • First aid kit
  • Fish cooler and fish bags
  • Cooking Oil for Fish Cookers
If you would like us to arrange your groceries for you, here is a printable grocery list that we would need faxed to us 2 weeks to a month before your trip.

First Aid Kit. Please remember to bring your own first aid kit. Something to include inside is a Hook removing kit and the knowledge to use it. The most common injury on a fishing trip.



  • Light spinning rod & reel
  • 6-10 lb. test line
  • 3/8 & 1/2 oz Jigs – yellow, white, or green
  • Tip with leech or rubber Twister Tail with color of white, yellow, orange, or black.
  • Little Joe spinners with blade colors of hammered gold, white or chartreuse.
  • They also can be tipped in various colors. Basically these two types of lures are all you need to catch lots of walleyes. 


  • A little heavier spinning outfit than one you’ve chosen for walleyes will work
  • 18 lb test line and leaders are recommended.
  • Any shiny spoon or plug 4-6″ in length such as Daredevils, Johnson spoons and Rapalas.A lot of large northerns are often caught while fishing for walleyes. 
Lake Trout
  • Same rod & reel for northern fishing is sufficient, depending upon time of season.
  • Later in the season, the deeper you’re fishing you use Johnson spoons, gold or silver, silver Rapalas – 6″-8″ in length.
  • A variety of sinker sizes is advisable to get down to the desired depth.
  • Of course a portable depth finder is very helpful in fishing all the species.