John and Rena have been with Amik Outposts almost since the day it was created. In 1994 with a 5 day old baby it was just a job for the summer. 25 years later we have become one of the best outfitters in the industry.
Growing up on a small farm in Manitoba, hunting, fishing and trapping since he was born, a career in the bush was always in the cards. A love for wide open spaces and the desire to not be tied down to a “Regular” job, John began his flying career when he was 19 years old. Having flown thousands of hours in the bush of NW Ontario which he knows like the back of his hand, John will greet you with a smile, help you with your gear, mark the best fishing spots on the map, fly you to your camp, make sure everything is running properly and then explain things to you before leaving you to have a great time.
Rena grew up in the Air Force and has lived in many parts of the world. Meeting John and being whisked away to the bush was quite the experience for a city girl. Rena always had a love for airplanes and was a good fit for the flyin outfitting business. She is now the backbone of Amik Outposts and is very detail oriented. She will help you with all of the pre-planning of your trip. Including travel plans, groceries, beverages, bait and whatever else you may need to have a flawless fishing vacation. Rena greet you with a smile when you arrive and meet you on the dock when you return to make sure you had a good time.
In the early 1990’s Amik Outposts was just opening up these new lakes in NW Ontario and John’s Dad , Wayne, started the conservation policies we have today. Protecting the fishery and ensuring trophy fishing for generations.

In 2018 the next generation of bush pilots came into the Company. Our oldest Daughter Taina and her Husband Aaron began working for Amik Outposts. Two Grandsons have also joined the team. These hardworking additions will strive to do their best and learn every aspect of the outfitting business. 

 Aaron is now a Commercial Pilot and will begin to share the flying load with John. A Red Seal Carpenter who loves hunting and fishing.  Aaron has taken over most of the camp and motor maintenance, gaining valuable experience everyday.

 Taina has lifetime of experience growing up in the Tourist business with an education in Business.  She has taken over our social media pages and will continue to take on a larger role each season.

 The Outfitting Industry is a great life and we feel fortunate to be able to share it with our family.

Our Fishing Philosophy

It is the belief and philosophy of the owners of Amik Outposts that we protect the fisheries of the lakes we operate on for the following reasons:
If this is contrary to your beliefs of fishing maybe you should take the time to think about fishing with us because we expect that our guests will follow not only the Ontario regulations but also our camp regulations and no trophy policy.
John and Rena have the experience, work ethic and organizational skills to show your party the best possible fishing vacation you could ever ask for. You will receive personal service with a professional attitude from your first contact with us. We care if you have a good time, we will treat you like family and we’ll look forward to seeing you year after year.