Good, Fast and Cheap

Hopefully you’ve picked good and fast!

We can provide the highest quality fishing in Northern Ontario bar none and we can give you on time, personalized service.
If you are satisfied with the quality of the fish you are catching with your current outfitter then there is no need to look any further.
But if you think you can improve on what you’ve been catching both in size and quantity and you’d like to experience the benefits of a 15 year no-trophy goes home conservation program then come and join our long list of guests that experience catching trophy fish each and every year. Remember you can’t take any trophies home, take a picture and then release them for another angler’s enjoyment.
The exuberance of buying a fishing vacation for a lower price is easily forgotten when the expectations fail to live up to its advertisement.
There are cheaper trips that can show you mediocre fishing but they can’t show you the quality, trophy fishing that our conservation lakes provide.
The proof is in our pictures! Our guests consistently catch above average and trophy sized fish year after year.
So if you can’t afford our services at this time you’ll have to be content with the mediocre fishing that you’ll find in the majority non-conservation program lakes.
But if your discretionary income changes, if you hit the lottery or if you have to save a little bit longer to afford our trips we can show you the best fishing for your dollar.
Here are some comments from our guests that we never get tired of hearing:
  1. 6 hours, 6 men catching one fish after another “It was crazy”
  2. A 42” northern and a 29.5” walleye “I caught them both in the same  day”
  3. I’m never going with another outfitter again.
  4. “That lake is a walleye factory”
  5. A 36” Northern with a 4 inch scar across its back, “What kind of fish attacked it?!”
  6. Six guys, fishing afternoons only for Trophy Northern caught and released 1-49”, 2-48”, 1-47”, 6-44” (the same fish twice), 3-42” and numerous others between 35” and 40 inches. “I’ve been fishing Canadian Flyin lakes for the past 18 years and this is the best I’ve seen.”
  7. “What kind of monster attacks 3-18” walleye on a stringer tied to the side of the boat for lunch?”
  8. “We found a 47” Northern floating in the lake with a 24” walleye sticking out of its mouth.  Nobody went swimming after that!”
  9. “My 10 year old nephew caught a 42” and a 33” Northern along with a lot of other fish right off the dock at camp.”
  10. “The bonus day didn’t count for the competition but the Pike went nuts when the change in weather came through!”
  11. “Walleye and Northern hit everything. We even threw a pop can tab and the walleye bit.”
  12. “Best fishing ever!”
  13. Over 4000 fish for 4 people for 7 days, “I don’t expect to have that again but it was fun and tiring!”
  14. “We caught fish like crazy!”
  15. “Mom had a 50” northern hit her walleye several times. We didn’t have the net to bring him in but it was fun”
  16. “They really do jump out of the water and into the boat”
  17. “Been here 4 times and never caught so many big fish.”
  18. “The weather came through and the fishing died off, *chuckle* I mean we were only able to catch 50 fish per person that day instead of 100.”
  19. “The whole trip was a giggle”
  20. “We’ve been fishing over in Armstrong for 20 years and can’t believe we’ve been wasting our time.  Just terrific!”
  21. “Awesome weather, awesome fishing!”
  22. “Fun and great”
  23. “I’ve been fishing Jeanette for 42 years, we didn’t catch anything of size, just a 41.5” Northern and a 27.5” walleye this year.”
  24. “Really good fishing”
  25. “A Northern took our walleye right off the stringer!”
  26. “I was able to lift the Northern up out of the water with my bare hands, he was so concentrated on the stringer of walleye he didn’t see me!”
  27. “This was my first Canadian flyin, I’ve never been on a floatplane, enjoyed it all, caught a 41” Northern with my friend Jim as my guide!”
  28. “We drove the boat right into the rainbow, no pot of gold but plenty of fish”
  29. “Best walleye fishing since we’ve been coming up here”
  30. “There are just fish everywhere, we caught 200 over 20 inches”
  31. “Been coming to Canada for 30 years and the fishing here was awesome”
  32. “Our boat won the fish contest everyday!”
  33. “More big fish than ever before”