Jeanette Lake is one of our most trustworthy outpost lakes. This picturesque cabin is surrounded by Canada’s unspoiled boreal forest and is located 70 miles east of our base in Red Lake, Ontario. The 12-man cabin is very spacious and is situated in a well-protected bay near the outlet rapids that flow into Sesikanaga Lake. You will be accommodated in a roomy 3-bedroom cabin. Jeanette Lake outpost boasts 2 propane refrigerators, a chest freezer, a propane stove with oven, hot shower and solar powered lights and water pump. We have reliable 9.9 Yamaha outboards, unlimited gas and 14” Naden and Lund boats outfitted with sturdy swivel seats to transport you around the lake.   Jeanette Lake is another tea colored lake. This translates into fish biting all day long! The slightly stained color comes from the nutrients in all the rock surrounding the lakes in the Canadian Shield. It also helps to stop the sun from penetrating the water so the fish can generally be caught in 10 – 20 feet of water all summer long. Be sure to bring a depth finder with you on your trip as there are many localities where there are under water reefs to target those plentiful Walleye.  Jeanette holds enough action to keep you occupied during your stay with us. With easy walleye fishing in fairly shallow water there is no end to the number of fish you can catch in a day.

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GPS Location: 51 06 443 92 07 611

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If outstanding Northern Pike are more your style, Jeanette hosts many weedy bays and channels for you to fish. You certainly do not have to go far to catch the “Big One” as its been done plenty of times, right off the dock and also in the feed rich bay in front of the cabin. It’s a well-loved spot for the many kids who come to Jeanette and fish while their Dads are fixing dinner. There is a short portage right from the cabin over to Sesikanaga for the adventurous in the party that would like a change of pace during their 7-day wilderness adventure.



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Jeanette Lake Rates

  3-Day Trips 4-Day Trips 5-Day Trips 6-7 Day Trips
6 or MORE $795.00 $895.00 $995.00 $1195.00
4-5 PEOPLE $895.00 $995.00 $1095.00 $1295.00
2-3 PEOPLE $995.00 $1200.00 $1400.00 $1700.00


Fishing Regulations

At this time, the Ontario regulations state that with a regular 8-day license you are allowed to take home 4 Walleye (Only one greater than 18.1 inches). You may also take home 4 Northern (none between 27.5 – 35.4 inches and only one greater than 35.4 inches). 

  • We reserve the right to charge a fuel surcharge.
  • Baggage Limit is 100 lbs. per person
  • All rates are in US Funds Per Person.
  • A $300.00 per person deposit is required.
  • Personal checks are accepted for deposit only.
  • Please make deposit checks payable to “LAC SEUL AIRWAYS LTD”
  • Credit Cards accepted for deposit only.
  • Final Payment is due upon arrival and may be paid by cash or travelers Cheques.
  • If you would like to prepay your trip 30 days in advance, personal checks are accepted,payable to “LAC SEUL AIRWAYS LTD”. Please call for exact amounts and we will fax or email your invoice.

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