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Findlay Lake is located 100 miles from Red Lake, Ontario. The lake is approximately 12 miles in length and includes access into Russell Lake. Findlay is a Walleye fisherman’s dream with depths averaging 25′ deep and spots up to 60′. With terrific fishing all season long the Walleyes average 19″ in length with many caught between 22″ and 32″. The largest Walleye noted was 34″ caught and released. The quantity of fish is phenomenal and is great for first time Canadian fisherman and families. Findlay has mostly been known for its unbelievable Walleye fishing but countless trophy Northern are being caught and released more and more each year. Some nice Northern caught each season ranged from 30″ to 45″ inches in length. Findlay, being the only cabin on the lake, is a great place to get away for complete solitude and privacy.

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See a Map of Findlay Lake. GPS Location: 52 25 927 93 31 549

The cabin itself is really beautiful and quite roomy. It is a 8-man camp and is equipped with hot and cold running water, shower, indoor toilet, solar lights, 2 refrigerators(1-solar, 1-gas) and a stove. We also have a BBQ grill and a fish cooker for your parties cooking convenience. We have a satellite telephone available for emergency purposes. Findlay has four (4) 14′ Lund boats with 9.9 hp 4 stroke Yamaha outboard motors, including a spare. We have a large fuel tank at Findlay to ensure clean gas and trouble free outboard operation.



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Findlay Lake Rates

  3-Day Trips 4-Day Trips 5-Day Trips 6-7 Day Trips
6 or MORE $895.00 $995.00 $1095.00 $1295.00
4-5 PEOPLE $995.00 $1095.00 $1195.00 $1395.00
2-3 PEOPLE $1095.00 $1200.00 $1400.00 $1800.00


Conservation Policy

*Note: Just a reminder that you can only fish with a conservation license or a seasonal conservation license on this lake. At our Northern Lakes we have had a NO TROPHY policy since 1992. There is a reason why we have not just good, but outstanding fishing. This means that all fish over the slot must be released. All walleye over 18″ and all northern over 27.5″ need to be put back in the lake. If your group is on a 5, 6 or 7-day regular priced trip with us, we will include a 8 – day conservation license. Shearstone, Findlay and Loree are completely catch and consume. Eat your daily number of fish if you like but take nothing home with you. With this type of policy you will be assured the best fishing these premier Northern Lakes have to offer for years to come.

  • We reserve the right to charge a fuel surcharge
  • Baggage Limit is 100 lbs. Per Person
  • All rates are in US Funds Per Person.
  • A $300.00 per person deposit is required.
  • Personal checks are accepted for deposit only.
  • Please make deposit checks payable to “LAC SEUL AIRWAYS LTD”
  • Credit Cards accepted for deposit only.
  • Final Payment is due upon arrival and may be paid by cash or travelers Cheques.
  • If you would like to prepay your trip 30 days in advance, personal checks are accepted, payable to “LAC SEUL AIRWAYS LTD”. Please call for exact amounts and we will fax or email your invoice.

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