Welcome to the Canadian Wilderness!

Our Flyin Outpost lakes will show you the best Boreal Lake Fishing available in Northern Ontario. We have walleye, northern, and lake trout fishing that is nothing short of spectacular. Oh sure, you might have an off day where a cold front or other nature-related occurrence might have its effects on fishing, but the majority of days will show you fishing most people wouldn’t believe.

Our cabins are deluxe compared with the majority of our competitors. We have equipped them with solar-powered lighting, hot and cold running water, showers, fully equipped kitchens and comfortable furniture.

The peacefulness and quietness of our Canadian shield lakes will give you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and reflect on life along with the beauty that surrounds you. When it comes time to leave, you will be able to look back over your past few days, plus take home a limit of beautiful memories of the time you spent on a private fish filled lake far in the Canadian Wilderness.

Our 12 cabins, located 90-150 miles north of our base, are solar powered with indoor facilities, equipped with satellite telephones for emergency use. All cabins have a spectacular view of the lake. Most importantly we have some of the best Walleye and Northern fishing in Northwest Ontario. All our lakes are on river systems so they maintain good fishing all through the summer.

Over the past few years we’ve maintained a NO TROPHY policy and your chances of catching large fish are greatly increased. Northerns 40″ plus and Walleye 25″ plus are quite common. Fishing tackle for Walleye should include medium weight with clear 6-8 lb. test line or your favorite ultra-lite rod and reel. Yellow and white twister tails and 3/8 oz. jig heads, Rapalas, and Little Joe spinners are common tackle. For Northern and Lake Trout we recommend spinning or bait cast rods with 10-20 lb. test line. Dare devils, cyclops, 5 of diamonds and Johnson silver minnows are preferred lures.
Include ANY bait you have good luck with!