Canadian Fly In Fishing
Canadian Fly In Fishing

How do you name your favorite spots?

When you are fishing on a new lake or a lake that has become like your second home in the North, you need to be able to find your spots, meeting points, and places to associate with the big fish stories you will be telling in camp later that evening!  From “The Slot”, to “The Hump” or “The Killing Fields”  and even “Penis Cove”, I have heard and know of many fishing spots.  They all have a story behind them.  Here is the story and some pictures from the Landsgard Party who have found a home on Findlay Lake!

The weather was less than ideal for 7 or 8 days straight but we were able to get all of the flying done.  Fishermen in the bush needed a few fires to dry out almost daily.  Good rain gear is always a must, you just don’t expect to be in it every single day!!  The big fish were kinda quiet last week but the numbers were awesome in the misty rain!!


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A little story.  How does a fishing spot get a name?  Justin has been doing a bit of experimenting with casting crankbaits for both walleye and northerns.  Every year he has become more successful.  This year saw a lot of cold, wind, and rain; the kind of days when it’s tough to tie on a new jig.  After losing his jig to a rock, Justin picked up his other rod and threw a crankbait into shore.  As he lifted it out of the water, this pike jumped up and grabbed it in mid-air.  Justin had also picked this spot for walleye and it proved to be one of the best of the trip.  So, this spot is forever “Justin’s Point”, at least to us!

canada 2016 008 canada 2016 005

Still thinking about making a last minute fishing trip???  Here is a date for you to consider.

Click here to enquire about Cobham Daniel July 17-24 for the best walleye fishing of your life.  I will mark “The Hump” for you on the map where the walleyes are stacked up high!!

A Great Video

Here is a great video from the Thurston Party who hunted with us this fall.  They had a great trip and were successful on the last day of the hunt.  There is nothing that feels as good as that!  I know first hand!!

YouTube Preview Image

As one season ends, we look forward to the next!

2015 has come to a close.  We had a great season thanks to our awesome guests!  The weather cooperated, letting us move our people to and from the Outposts, most of the time, on time.  There was only one overnight delay this season which is pretty good compared to other years.  It makes life much less stressful to have understanding guests who understand that Mother Nature is the one in charge.

The Otter is put away for the winter, Rena and I are finishing up here in Red Lake and will be headed for the prairies soon.  It is always a bitter sweet feeling to see the season end but the seasons change and time marches on…..


Photo Contest

We have been sorting through photos submitted by our guests for the 2015 photo contest and there are some really beautiful pictures.  We will take entries for this years photo contest until October 31.  After that the best ones will be selected and the contest will begin during the week of U.S. Thanksgiving.  We will be using the Amik Outposts Facebook page to host the contest and the winner will be determined by the photo that gets the most “likes”, so please tell your friends to vote for your picture if it selected.  Here is the link to our Facebook page.   Like our page and it will show up on your Facebook feed.  Share it with all your friends so when the voting starts, you will be ready!

Amik Outposts Facebook Page

Next Season….

Just a friendly reminder to anyone who has dates reserved with us.  If you have not sent us a deposit yet, please do so very soon.  We cannot hold dates through our booking season without a deposit.  Mail your $300 per person deposit to:

Box 597

Ranier, Mn


Payable to: Canadian Flyin Fishing Inc.

Please take a stroll through our website as all of the pages have been updated with new pictures shared with us by our awesome guests.  Being in the north is very special and these pictures only give you a small sample of what it is really like.  Once you have experienced a flyin fishing trip to a remote lake, you will always long to hear the silence.  Thank you to all of our guests who shared their experiences with us.



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2015 Moose Video

Here is the video I was able to capture this fall during our moose hunt.

YouTube Preview Image

Moose Hunting 2015

Another moose hunting season has come and gone.  As always it was a tough hunt.  The rut began before our season started, then went into a lull during the windy weather most of week one, then the bulls turned on late in the first week and most of the second week which made for an pretty good season.  Throughout my 3 weeks in the bush, I saw quite a few cows but heard no cows calling and the bulls were very quiet.  Many one grunt answers and sometimes they could be heard walking around near us but not really showing much emotion.  And then after the hunters left I had a few days to hunt.  There was perfect calling weather and I hunted hard. All I heard was one grunt out of one bull, saw a cow for an hour that had no bulls near her and that was it.  Kind of a weird year of moose hunting but that is the way it played out.  I loved every minute of it and so did my hunters.

We took 3 Bull moose during this seasons hunt out of 10 hunters.  Not the best numbers but there was plenty of action to be had.  One group of hunters who did not get a shot at a moose were bow hunting and had one very close encounter with a bull that winded them eventually. And another hunter called in a 36 inch bull early in the week, it swam across the lake right to him, got up on the shore, shook off and walked away.  He passed it up as he thought he would have more opportunities.  He didn’t.  His hunt was a success in his mind but he would have liked to have that opportunity back. 🙂

The Thurston boys from Colorado are elk hunters but had never hunted for moose before.  During the first week of our hunt they had to have lots of patience and plenty of persistence.  They heard a bull early in the week for 3 days in the same spot.  He would not budge from where ever he was sitting but would grunt back.  They pushed into the bush on the third day and he moved away from them.  After a few days of letting things settle down the weather began to change.  On the last day of the hunt they went back where the bull was.  This time it happened.  This monster 52 inch bull moose walked out as Glenn was calling, Scott and Andrew took care of business.  They were thrilled to say the least!

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Here are some of the great sights I am fortunate enough to be able to work in everyday during the fall.

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john blog


Where there is a cow, there is usually a bull.  During the second week of the hunt the moose were fairly active but not calling a lot.  We saw some moose from a distance and were getting closer and closer to them.

john blog

john blog


Bill M. has been a guest of ours for many years.  He will be 77 years old next month and is still going strong.  Bill knows how hard or easy moose hunting can be and if the moose gods want to put a young bull in front of you…. you take him.




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One evening, Bill and I were calling by the rapids on Loree Lake and I heard one grunt and some branches breaking around us.  After calling until dark we snuck out of there only to return in the morning to an area adjacent to where we were.  We snuck in, made 3 calls and then a grunt!   He continued to grunt, getting closer and closer. Then he stopped just inside of the bush like they always do, sometimes not ever coming any closer.  We were close enough to the shore that I was able to take a leak right into the lake.  The bull heard that and out he came!  He walked through the shooting lane quickly and then walked up on the hill slightly and stopped.  Then I called softly again.  The bull made a sound like a bark. A sound I had never heard a moose make before.  The call brought the 2 and a half year old back like he was on a string and Bill took an easy 70 yard shot.  It is nice to have them fall right on the shoreline.

Dustee always meets us on the dock when we come back from hunting with this look of expectation.  It is nice to bring her back some meat!

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David and I settled in for the remainder of the hunt in search of another bull.  We saw a few moose far away but they wouldn’t come any closer and we continued to call.  Some spots where we had been calling for 2 weeks!  After seeding areas like that eventually a bull will be there when we are there.

That was just the case for David and I.  We stopped just at dark to call a spot near camp when we heard a huge crack!!! Over and Over for about 4 or 5 times.  Very loud and then nothing but eerie silence.  We snuck out of there once again making a plan for the morning.

We woke up to perfect moose hunting conditions, calm and clear.  We headed back to the spot where we heard the sound the night before. We set up and I started calling.  We got an answer right away and it appeared that there was 2 moose.  Sometimes if there is a cow with the bull, they can be very hard to bring out.  I continued to call and the moose came closer.  You could hear the hollow sound of his antlers going through the brush and we could see the trees moving as he got closer.  He was big.  Then just as they approached the shore they stopped, just out of sight.  We waited as our hearts beat out of our chest.  Then they started to walk away.  My heart sank, I thought the cow was walking away and the bull would follow.  I then had to change tactics.  I started to slowly rake my moose call on the tree and grunted ever so softly.  The bulls then became more aggressive and then we could tell that there was 2 bulls, not a bull and cow!!

The first one to show up and present himself was a beautiful 49 inch bull!  David took him down with one shot at 110 yards!  Very happy, we celebrated but then saw the other bull moving away.  As he got up on the rock to head back to his perch on the ridge we saw him.  The one we just shot was big, the one that walked over the ridge was probably in the 55-60 inch class.  He took one look back at us and disappeared. That’s okay.  He is there to spread his seed and keep the gene pool strong.  This moose was totally in his prime.  A beautiful trophy.

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Bill and David have been fortunate when hunting with me.  The last 3 times we have hunted together, they have harvested 6 moose!  3 of them have been Trophy Bulls in the 50 plus inch class. True moose hunters who would be just as happy with a small moose as a trophy.  The hunt is all that matters.

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I did get video of both moose so keep an eye on my blog for the videos when I get them done.

If you are interested in Moose hunting with us next year, don’t delay we are booking up!

Time rolls on….

Another season is almost in the books. We have a few fishermen out in the bush but they will be back by this weekend and then we are on to the Moose hunt next week!  My favorite time of year.  I will be out there guiding  for 2 weeks and my only objective is to call in a moose for my hunter. It is a huge undertaking to head out into the wild country in search of this majestic animal.

Here are a few videos I have been able to capture of some of our recent hunts.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Here are a few pictures from some of our recent fishermen as well.  Fishing has remained constant in 18-30 feet of water.

“I hesitate to send a picture of a 36 inch fish but it represents a very fond memory of a great trip. As I stand there wearing everything from Walmart because my clothes were stolen when someone smashed my truck window while in route and I remember the eagle who stole part of our dinner from the fish cleaning board while I went in to wash sun screen from my eyes I realize that some of the greatest joy in life comes thru adversity. The biggest adversity of all however is that fish was caught by my wife and was bigger that my best pike we caught on Findlay Lake. I will have to live with that but the joy comes from her being just as anxious to return as I am. I have found no place on earth that rejuvenates and gives release like your outposts. Thanks again for replacing the stolen items that I did not know were gone till we got to Red lake.

Hope to see you next year. Jim”

john blog


“Thanks to you and John for a safe and enjoyable week on Loree Lake, even if it was too hot!!    Daryl”

john blog john blog

“Good morning Rena,

 This could be the “worst picture” submitted for the best picture contest but I thought I’d send it anyway.

 This Laker was caught last Thursday in North Cherrington Lake in approx. 60 feet of water using a chartreuse jointed Rapala with 5 ounces of weight.

 I (we) Kevin Hoene and I fought her for 20-25 minutes.  We got her in the boat, unhooked her, measured her and when we tried to hold her for a decent picture she was just too large. Rather than risking dropping her on her head I elected to toss her back at the 1st opportunity.

 She’s probably 70 years old or better.

 When studying the bragging sheets on the wall at Cherrington “Bay” cabin it went back to 2006.

 The largest Laker recorded was 31 inches. Kevin and I boated and threw back a 31 incher and this 38 incher in 3 hours.

 A great day.

 Thank you!

 The Hoene Group.”

john blog





Out of Touch

Another week has flown by of our 2015 season!  And the fish are active!  A number of 29-30 inch walleye have been caught and released recently and many pike measuring up to 44 inches!

I have heard from many people lately that they love to be in the bush, and to be totally out of touch!  No cell phone, no internet, no hum of traffic, the biggest worry is where you will fish next.  Nothing around you but fresh clean air in a pristine environment, a comfortable cabin, and a lake teeming with fish!  We are fortunate to be able to share this beautiful part of the world with you.  You can explain how great it is to people all day long but you don’t truly understand how nice it is until you have experienced it first hand.  The sound of silence.

Here are some pictures from last week.


The Bangert party made their first trip with us and when they booked a year ago, they asked Rena to put them somewhere that they could catch a 30 inch walleye.  That feat can be achieved on any of our lakes, Rena had a spot for them on the Cobham.  They caught and released a 30 incher!!!  In addition to many other trophy sized fish.  The biggest pike was a 42 incher, and it was caught on a 12 inch walleye!!

john blog


john blog

The Jansen party have been our guests for many years and know the Cobham very well.  Dale had the lucky hand this year, catching a 29.5 inch walleye and a 44 inch trophy pike.

john blog john blog

The Hansen party makes the long journey from Florida every year for a little piece of heaven called Dark Water lake.  They caught tons of fish, saw a few moose and loved every minute of their time alone in the bush.  Here is Ted with a beauty 27.5 inch walleye.

john blog

Findlay Lake had the Dudycha party visit.  They had a great time and good fishing as they always do.  Findlay lake is one of the best walleye lakes around and it has proven itself year after year.  Here are a few of the big ones they caught and released.

john blog john blog john blog

The Tupy boys have been fishing with us since they were teenagers. Now grown men, their group has grown throughout the years and now it is a boys trip they look forward to all year.  They went to Shearstone Lake, a lake they had fished a few years ago.  They did well once again and caught tons of fish.  Good times, looking forward to next year.

john blog IMG_1350-1 john blog IMG_1384-1

The Call party love to visit  Vee Lake every second year.  They are always excited to come back.  On Vee Lake there is a few variations of the walleye family.  One of the most peculiar is the Blue Walleye.  A Blue Walleye is apparently a prehistoric variation to the walleye family.  I have caught them on a number of lakes in the North but they are prevalent on the Cobham River System

john blog john blog

The beauty is all around you, you just have to be there to see it!

john blog john blog

Here is one of the Blue Walleye that they caught.  Under the right light, they are very colorful.

john blog


Mr Bear was out on the lake, not in camp. 🙂


john blog

A fly rod works great up here too!  Most of the walleyes have been in 6-10 feet of water and easy to catch.

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Moose hunting Video

The last video from this season is ready to go.  This bull traveled a long ways to be on film and was determined to get downwind of us but we were fortunate enough to get a shot.  It is a long one as we could see him the whole time circling us.  Watch it in HD full screen to get the full effect

YouTube Preview Image

Moose hunting 2014

Moose season 2014 is done.  This year was a great one.  We had a large variety of weather throughout our 3 weeks of hunting as always. During the first week we had sunshine and temperatures that must have reached 80 on Wednesday.  The second week brought cooler temperatures and snow late in the week.  The third week continued to take us deeper into fall with snow on the ground every morning.  Overall it was good hunting weather with a few windows of opportunity to get close to those majestic beasts.

I always say that moose hunting is never easy….  except for this one time.  On the first morning of hunting with 2 guys named Mike, it was easy.  It was a perfect morning for calling and we got out there early, in our spot just as daylight arrived.  As the sun rose, so did a bull moose, coming right in as I wish they would every time I call.  He grunted all the way in giving the hunters a great experience, getting louder with each step he took closer to us.  Stepping out of the bush onto the shoreline 125 yards from us, presenting himself with the sun shining bright on him.  He glistened in the sun continuing down the shore towards us.

When he finally stopped, nothing needed to be said, the Mikes knew what to do.  Not too many times have I had it that easy.  After our celebration, getting the moose up on shore, we were just getting out the knives and we heard another one!

We had to move down the shoreline a ways to get into position and we knew it would be a longer shot but the guys had good rests.  I called a few more times and there he was 300 yards down the shore moving closer to us with the ever increasing wind in our favour.  Once he reached 220 yards he stopped and gave the boys a perfect shot.

Never before in my career have I ever been done guiding a hunt that quick.  Luckily we had this opportunity early in the week because as the week moved on the temperatures and wind went up and hunting would have been very tough.

It was awesome.  The videos of these 2 bulls are at the bottom of the page.  Watch it in a quiet place and adjust your settings on the video to 720 HD.  Enjoy.

john blog

john blog

john blog

Also hunting the first week were some unguided guys who were hunting moose for the first time.  Dustin, Nate and Bruce are good hunters.  They scouted, found some spots to hunt and had patience.  Each hunter saw moose and gained valuable experience for the next hunt.  The successful one of the group was Dustin who called in this Monster Bull Moose.

john blog

He said it came out 10 yards away and he shot it at 35 yards.  Needless to say he was pretty thrilled to experience such a close encounter.  They also now know how much work it is to get one of these animals back to camp!

john blog


The second week brought us snow and wind.  I knew that this week was going to bring some action whenever the wind went down.

We had both guided and unguided hunts out during that week and Ralph K. was patient enough to take a bull moose during his hunt.  He saw a cow during his hunt the day before and knew if he stayed close to her a bull would show up.  He sat in the same area again and out came a bull on the second last day of the hunt.

john blog

“I can’t say enough great things about your business. The outpost was fantastic beyond my expectations, the fishing was amazing and the moose hunting was both challenging and rewarding.

 You guys are the best!

 I am trying to put together a fishing trip for next summer. Hope to see you then.



During the 2nd week I was guiding an experienced moose hunter Jerry.  He has shot lots of moose with us and knows how hard it can be to get close to one.  We battled the wind for most of the week and got closer and closer to moose everyday but just couldn’t get them to talk.  As Friday approached it got colder but the wind was subsiding a bit.  We hunted in an area that we had never shot any moose but had some fresh sign in the area.  We arrived before daylight and called until 9 am not hearing any answers until Jerry said he heard a cow call back from behind us, so we sat and waited. And then I could hear a swishing sound coming towards us, as I turned my head, a bull looked right at me from 40 yards away and jumped.  Jerry heard him move and made a perfect shot when he stopped 50 yards away.  Every moose hunt is different and challenging.  Always rewarding.

john blog

Dustee cleans the head to perfection.  She does an amazing job of cleaning all the meat and sinew from the skull plate.

john blog

Of course Jerry got to wear the coveted moose hat!

john blog

It feels great to wake up after you are tagged out to a layer of snow and wind that you don’t have to hunt in.  Your only concern is to have another coffee and keep the fire going.

john blog

Heading into the 3rd week of hunting Bruce and Janet were our last customers of the season as they were last year and we came up short on harvesting a moose.  This year we were determined to have a different outcome.  Snow on the ground but still very unsettled weather continued everyday.  Lots of wind and snow showers.  On Tuesday we had a break as the eye of the low pressure must have been over us.  We had calm weather, fog, and snow periodically as I called quietly waiting for an answer.

john blog

Around 11am, we decided to move to the top of a ridge  to call for the afternoon and glass the hills around us in the old burn.  Around 1 in the afternoon Janet spotted a bull over a mile away from us.  It was unmistakeable, 2 big white palms and a coal black figure in the distance.  He slowly started to make his way towards us down the ridge.  We had all day.

He disappeared into the valley and I kept calling quietly.  We didn’t know if he would show up or where we would see him next.  The wind was blowing hard enough that our hearing up on the ridge was hampered. We were also getting hammered with heavy snow showers every 10 minutes.  Sounds fun eh?

And then there he was, off to our left. He grunted once and kept moving.  He was in sight for 16 minutes as he slowly made  his way downwind of us.  Through the bog he slowly made his way around us, staying out 300-400 yards almost disappearing in the snow, but I kept a close eye on him.   He was determined to get downwind and we had to adjust at the last minute as Bruce couldn’t see him from where he was sitting.  We moved and Bruce used my shoulder as a rest to see over the trees and hold steady on the moose who had showed himself 125 yards from us.  Obviously the rest worked and Bruce took the 40 inch bull down with one shot!

john blog

john blog

And after an all day haul from the other side of the ridge though the burn we got the moose back to camp at dark.  Having a late supper, a few cocktails, it is nice to wake up to a snow storm that you do not have to go out in!  The meat was hung in the shed cooling down and the cabin was warm.

john blog

Dustee didn’t eat much dog food this fall.  Moose meat tastes much better.

john blog

The video of this last hunt will be done shortly.  It turned out great!  Keep watching for it.

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YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

A great video

Here is a great video that sums up how we like to live our life in the North!   I love it up here and feel like this is where I belong.  If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

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