It has been warm and sunny for the most part around here.  Fishermen are coming out with great tans and sore hands!  Fishing has been great at all of the camps.  Walleyes are in 4-12 feet of water and in many different places from along windy shorelines, muddy shallow bays and in the narrows.  Numbers of walleye have been good and even crazy at times. A bit slower when it was flat calm and sunny and insane when it was cloudy or raining.  Fishermen who have had more experience on each lake caught more fish than the ones who may have been fishing a lake for the first time.  If the fish were in a spot the day before, and they were not there the next day…  They didn’t go far, they just moved a little and take a little searching to locate again.

Pike have been active as well with lots of numbers being caught but not as many 40 plus inch pike caught as the week prior.  Every group coming out in the last few days reported catching pike up to 38 inches. Some of the 38 inch pike were caught on a 16 inch pike!  There was 2 different pike attacks last week where this was the case!  Landing both fish.

There has also been plenty of wildlife being seen around some of the outposts.  Moose, caribou, otters, pine martens and bears have been spotted here and there.  You never know what you might see in the bush, sometimes nothing but that doesn’t mean they aren’t close to you…..

The Ketron party made their way back to Cobham Morley where they seem to have found a home.  They caught a ton of fish and some nice ones.  Here are some pictures and action shots from their stay with us.


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