Our family package is becoming more popular.  We love to get emails like this one below from guests who experience true peace and quiet for the first time. Ryan, his dad and the two boys went to Shearstone Lake recently and sent us these pictures and nice email.


I have attached some of our fishing photos to this email.  Brady’s biggest walleye was 27” and Will’s walleye was 26”.  My dad caught one at 25” but didn’t get a picture of it since the camera was at the cabin.  I didn’t get anything bigger than 22”, but I am completely fine with that since I’d rather have my boys catch the big ones.   We did get catch some 30-32” Northern as well while fishing for walleye.  I was keeping a close count on the number of fish we caught, and each boat got at least 40 fish per day and we got 60 fish on our best day.   Of course, we got a lot more bites than that and we also spent a lot of time exploring new fishing spots.

More importantly, this fishing trip gave my dad and me such a wonderful experience to share with my two sons, Will and Brady.   Both boys thanked me every day for taking them on “the best fishing trip of their lives” and told me how much fun they were having.   I addition, I am so thankful that my dad was able to spend so much quality time with his grandsons.   I am very grateful for the family package that Amik offers.

Best Regards,


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