The end of the season is in sight.  The weather remains beautiful.  We have had more nice falls in the last 10 years than nice summers.

The fish are deep right now, 20 to 30 feet for walleyes and some of the big pike and a few big pike caught in or near the weed beds in the late evening.  Numbers have been great but some reports of some scattered fishing, catch a few and move on.  Bigger walleyes have been becoming more active with each group.  Almost every group catching 22’s and 24’s a few days ago turned to 26’s and 27’s yesterday and today.  Trophy pike are also being caught with greater frequency.  Quite a few over 40 inches caught throughout the camps in the last week as well.  Here are is just a sampling of what was caught recently.

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The Olsen/Ross party returned after a few years and fished the Cobham River this time around. Kyle was the rookie and he caught one of two 38 inch pike during their stay. They caught bigger walleyes on average than other trips too. His first trip to Canada!

Dark Water lake had the Deibert party from California come out today.  They caught lots of fish, and most of their big pike were caught walleye fishing.  The biggest walleye were 24 and 25 inches and some mid 30 inch pike.

Cobham Morley Neubauer party.  First time Cobham fishermen, these guys really enjoyed themselves.  Catching lots of quality pike.  A 40 and a 42 inch pike were the largest for the trip.

Cherrington Lake had an old group of hockey players fishi it recently.  The Hoene party beat the water for 5 days and caught lots of 22 to 23 inch walleyes amongst the thousand they released with a 27 incher being the largest.

Vee lake had the Love’s stay for 9 days.  Leanne was giddy when I arrived,  they had never caught so many big fish of both species.  The first 4 days were out of this world fishing!  Then it was excellent!  Most of their walleyes were 22 to 24 inches.  A 26.5 incher was the largest walleye for their stay.

The McDaniel part returned from the Cobham today and had a great trip.  They had tougher fishing on the big pike than normal but managed to catch one 40.5 inch pike and many other quality fish in the 38 inch range.  Same week next year.

Blackbirch had the Gerken party from Mn come back for their annual visit.  The look of content is in their eyes after a week on the pristine waters of Blackbirch, giving out sore lips left and right.  “AWESOME”   A 26.5 inch walleye was the fish of the trip.

Shearstone had the Katcher party, a couple of new flyin guys who love fishing.  They can catch fish in Iowa and Minnesota… they will catch fish here.  They had an awesome time and caught more fish than they imagined they would.  At the height of fishing, they caught 40 fish in 30 minutes!