Canadian Fly In Fishing
Canadian Fly In Fishing

Another Season Done

The snow is flying, the airplanes are on dry ground, the water has been drained and the camps have been put to bed!  Another season is in the books.  It was a great year once again.  

Moose Hunting

2019 was pretty normal moose hunting.  Each group except one had some sort of excitement during the hunt each week.  The weather as always plays such a huge role in how each hunt will go.  During the first week we battled the wind and during the second week we battled snow, rain and wind.  We had a number of great hunting days also each week and that is when the moose moved.

We ended up with 2 moose for the season and one that got away.  

The moose that got away happened during the first week of the hunt.  I was guiding some guys that had hunted with us many times and have had great success almost every time they hunted with me.  After seeing some cows during the week and lots of wind, on day 5 Mike and I were just setting up in a spot on a perfect morning.  As we were walking up the hill I thought I heard a grunt.  After calling back and waiting awhile we didn’t hear anything.  I left Mike and went to call from the top of the hill.  When I got to the top I met up with a Monster Bull about 25 -30 yards away headed our way.  I scurried back over the hill and fetched Mike.  The moose had moved away slightly and I called him back.  He came right to us within 50 yards but the brush was thick and we couldn’t see him very well.  As he came into the open Mike had a shot.  I heard it hit and it turned and disappeared.  After it was behind some bushes for a few minutes, it started to move and it went through the bush and up over the ridge.  

Mike figures he shot him fairly square in the chest.  That isn’t a good shot on a large animal.  We waited for an hour to give him time to lay down and expire.  After finding the blood trail we began to follow.   It was hit but the blood was clear and only looked like a flesh wound and not through any vitals.  The bull never laid down until it was half a mile from the lake.  He was in the thickest stuff imaginable when I heard him get up.  And like a sheet of plywood being dragged through the willows, he got up and walked away, deeper into the burn.  I tracked him for another half mile over the next ridge but he never stopped.  Never ever struggled or fell once since being hit.   He was gone.  I hunted that area a number of times since then and never saw any birds or activity. This has only ever happened to me one other time but I hope that bull is healing up.

One of our unguided groups of hunters were successful in taking a bull as well.  I was a day late in picking them up as the weather was not very good.  As I was loading the moose I asked if I could get a picture for the website.  Where are the horns?  It was a spike bull and the guys had just cut off the spikes and were going to make a knife handle out of it.  He could put it in his pocket 🙂 We had a few other groups of hunters who had moose calling and wouldn’t quite come in, lots of encounters with cows. One cow was even dancing in the water!  It was a good hunt but the rut was late again this year as it was last year.

Aaron and I saw the forecast coming the day we brought out the last moose hunters and there was a couple of nice days followed by a Colorado low, heavy wet snow and lots of rain for 4 days.  We went back up north and worked as hard as we could to get most of the work done and camps closed before the storm.  We had hoped that we would be able to hunt for ourselves and leisurely close the camps.  Our last night up north with the Otter, we got to Loree after closing camps all day at 5 pm.  an hour and a half before dark, our only opportunity to get out hunting.  “Let’s just hunt right by the camp”

After a half hour of calling…….

He came right to the call but quietly.  He was still fat and not very beat up.  Aaron had not shot a moose before, so I gave him the first shot.  The moose came out across the narrows and turned perfectly.  Aaron hit solid on the first shot, the moose headed for the lake.  I shot and hit him and he kept going for the water, so I gave him one more and down he went….  in the water of course.

It is always so exciting to get a moose but to see someone’s first moose is awesome.  Aaron was so happy, I was happy and Dustee was happy.

Aaron’s bullet went right through the moose but my 338 Win mag was on the far side against the hide.  They both did their job.  

We were able to get all the camps closed but one and put the Otter away one day before the storm.

For some reason, the Ravens were always close to me this year.  One morning a raven sat next to me for 5 minutes, just shining his beak and staring at me from 3-4 feet  away.  Many others sat in trees next to me this year and made weird noises.  I don’t know if they were being friendly or what but it was always entertaining.  If you spend enough time in the bush you will see some interesting things.

We saw a lot of this……

But also some of this 🙂


Dustee as always loved her time in the bush and was very happy to see the snow.  We had 6 inches 2 separate times.

We are always trapping mice while we are up there but this year was a first.  2 Mice, 1 Trap!!  It looked like they were 2 friends that said to each other “let’s do this together”  Both of their mouths were on the bait at the same time.  The ravens came each day and picked up the mice.  Maybe that is why they were so close to me all fall.

After the storm went by, we were able to get back up north and finish a few jobs that were left to do.  Winter was knocking on the door so we knew it was time to be done.

Since the storm we have had some phone issues and are having land line trouble.  If you are trying to reach us please email us at or click here to send us an info request form.  We are continuing to book dates for next year so please let us know if you are interested in specific dates or lakes in your email.


Moose Hunting 2018

Another moose hunt is complete!  Mother Nature made it difficult as always.  This was the 2nd coldest October on record, and we were out in it trying to get close to the big black beasts in the snow and cold.  It snowed or rained 5-6 days each week for more than 3 weeks.   Temperatures were just barely above freezing during the day and cold at night.  We burnt lots of firewood this year!

This year the moose rutted very late.  They do not breed like most animals.  We had cold weather and some calm times but the moose were not very active during the first 2 weeks of our hunt.  They started to come to life during the 3rd week of our hunt but we did not get a bull to come out until the last day.  

Hunting these animals takes great perseverance and a strong mind.  Keeping your spirits up and getting out there early each and everyday can be tough.  This year was no different.  I was guiding Greg and Tom, and as we approached the last days of the hunt we had to stay sharp.  The moose had started to make more noise each day and I knew we were still in front of the rut so it was going to happen soon.  As I remember all of the moose we have harvested over the past 25 years, most of them had been shot on sunny days.  Oct 6 was my birthday, and I got to see the sun that evening, and we heard a bull nearby….

The last morning we headed out and it was pretty windy.  On the way to our hunting spot we decided to change locations as the wind was a different direction down the lake.  I dropped Tom off on a nice point in a calm bay.  Greg and I continued down the lake about 1000 yards and I began grunting and raking brush.  After my first calls, Tom heard the Bull start coming.  No grunting, just antlers going through the bush like a piece of plywood.  Each time I raked brush, the bull came closer.  Before he came out of the willows Tom could see the white paddles of the antlers.  He had time to range him at 197 yards and he was plenty ready, laying across the rock with a perfect rest for his 300 Win Mag single shot.

The bull came out and stood, looking down the lake towards my call.  Then I heard it…. Boom, Boom, Boom, with a slight delay between shots for Tom to reload.  I was not right beside him but he said I trained him well.  Take him on the shoulder and keep shooting until he goes down.  Tom did exactly as I instructed.  3 shots.  The first one was right on the shoulder and then the bull turned around.  He gave him 2 more in the exact same spot on the other shoulder less than 2 inches apart!  This beautiful 48 inch bull only went 25-30 yards and was a 30 foot haul to the boat!








The one bad part about shooting from your stomach with a large caliber is that sometimes you get touched by the scope! 3 shots, 3 cuts but they were all perfect.  His smile and blood dripping off of his nose when I picked him up were priceless!!




There was someone else back at camp who was pretty happy with our success…

Dustee had her part to do as well to clean off the head for Tom.  She was happy to oblige.

Dustee and I headed back up north to close the last few camps and do some work but the forecast was for more bad weather.  

I hunted the first night we got back up north and saw a bull and couldn’t get a shot and also called a cow and calf in.  That night it started snowing and didn’t stop for 3 days.  Windy and snowing, it was a full time job to keep the fire going and snow off of the Otter.

We were able to get most of the work done but some of the jobs will have to be done in the spring.  Mother Nature was closing the door on our season and it was time to get out of the bush.

As we finally got a break in the weather to get home, the area towards Shearstone had quite a bit more snow and most of the lakes were beginning to freeze over as the water temp was very low after this much snow.

The motors are all serviced and the airplanes are put away for the winter.  It was a great summer and we would like to thank all of our guests who came to see us this summer.  We hope you enjoyed your time in the bush and we look forward to seeing you all soon.  

Please keep an eye out for our newsletter that will be coming out near Thanksgiving.  If you would like to sign up to for it, please click here.

The Undisputed Angler

The Clark/Herrington boys have been fishing with us for many years and look forward to their fishing trip more than Christmas.  Fishing the same lake for this many years, they started out pretty green and have seen their size and quantity of fish increase immensely since they fell in love with the North.  Here is their fishing report for 2018 Cobham Daniel.


Our 20th anniversary of staying with Amik did not disappoint!  In fact, our group set a number of new records.  We caught 4 pike over 40 inches, including a couple of 43 and 42 inch monsters.  We have 2 new members of our famed “40 Inch Club”:  Scott T. from St. Louis and Dan R. from Minneapolis. 

The number of pike over 35 inches was simply amazing.    Some of the photos are attached. 

The walleye fishing also set new records for our group.   The big walleye was 27 inches closely followed by a number of walleye 25 inches and over.   In only his second year Dan R. took home both the big walleye plaque and the big pike plaque. 

My son James once again reclaimed the Undisputed Angler of the Year belt with a consistent 6 day performance of catching the most walleye over 20”, the most pike over 27”, catching the most “monster” fish and winning nearly every daily fishing contest.   

It was another great fishing trip and everyone is already looking forward to getting back next year.   Thanks again to you and John for providing such a great experience. 

We had a number of other firsts this year.   Perhaps the most unusual was fighting a forest fire down toward the trapper cabin north of the Daniels Cabin.   Not long after a number of lightning strikes we noticed fire on the shore that was rapidly expanding.   We used the bottom of our leech tote to put out the various fires which started at a tree struck by lightning.  We had to kick fallen trees and burning branches into the lake and eventually Dan R. joined in with his boat cooler.   After a lot smoke and steam we got everything out!  See the picture with me standing next to the burned tree.  

We also had one pike who tried to steal one of the walleye on our stringer tied to the boat while we were casting in a back bay.   The 35” plus monster just didn’t want to let go and I had wrestle the stringer away from him.   But then he refused to hit any of our spoons!   We also caught one pike that had both the lure in his mouth, but also another 18” pike.   Apparently he attacked both the lure and the smaller pike at the same time!  

More pics to come.  


The Undisputed Angler of 2018!!!  On the right……

The Maranville Party fished Jeanette Lake and had a blast with their family.  Fishing was awesome and they caught some big ones!  Here are some pictures from their fishing vacation with us.


It’s Over…..

Another season is over.  It is always bitter sweet to see another season come to a close.  But as the weather changes into winter, Mother Nature is pushing us out the door.  The Otter will be put away for a much deserved break this week and Rena and I will be back on the Prairies soon.  2016 was a great year, Thank you to all of our awesome guests who made the trip up to Red Lake this summer.  If you do not receive our newsletter, please sign up by clicking here.  We will be sending out our end of season newsletter soon.

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Moose Hunting 2016

Hunting moose is no easy undertaking.  2016 was no different.  We tried to delay our hunt to coincide with the moon cycles to be closer to the rut and stay away from some of the warmer windy weather we sometimes have during an early moose hunt.  There was lots of moose action right from the first night of the hunt.  I have moose hunted for 23 years and have seen many different things, the rut seems to be hard and fast or long and drawn out.  This year it was long and drawn out.  The moose would rut 2-3 days a week, depending on weather,  You had to be in the right place at the right time, and had to make the right calls at the right time.  I believe the rut is still going on and the cows were not receptive to the bulls until we were done our hunt.  I always say, “These damn moose don’t go by the calendar!!!!

During the first week we had only 2 guided hunts taking place and on the first night one of our hunters got his opportunity(which during moose hunting, sometimes that’s all you get) A big bull came right to the call but it was a difficult shot and he missed.  Then the rain came….. for 3 days.  It was brutal rain and wind that never seemed to end.  After that it went quiet for the rest of the week.

The guy I was guiding had been with us before and had opportunities on his last trip but came up empty.  This time Mike was determined and patient, which was difficult during the 3 days of rain and getting wet each day.  We were diligent.  I know that you just need to keep going.  There has been many times that the last day is the day.  You just need to stay focused and be ready all the time.  Mike was definitely mentally prepared as we headed towards the last day of the hunt.

On the last morning of the hunt, it was perfect!  We were heading to our spot, sneaking in slowly to a spot where we had seen a cow moose alone a couple of days prior in the hopes that a bull was nearby.  This was the sunrise on our way in.

john blog

As we were quietly getting up on the rock to get set up I heard a grunt.  We turned around and Mike said, “There is a moose!”

Then I said, “There is another one!”

A bull was following the cow out into the lake about 300 yards away.  Then the adrenaline kicks in.  Mike trying to find a good rest in a hurry as the moose moved closer to us, trying to determine which was the bull and which was the cow as they came from the shadows into the sun.   At about 250 yards the bull presented a good shot.  Boom!  Miss, but they just stood there.   I could hear Mike breathing hard and I am sure he was shaking like a leaf!  I told him to take his time, take some deep breaths.  Boom! That one hit!  My next words are always the same! “Keep Going!”  Then the shooting gallery began.  2 more shots all hitting the moose at 230-225 yards!  The bull moved up to the shoreline and disappeared!!!!  Neither one of us saw him go down as we were trying to find bullets to reload.

The next 45 minutes were excruciating!  Waiting to see if he was still on his feet, listening intently, we never heard a sound.  We figured he went down but could not say for sure.  Once we waited long enough we went over to have a look, ready for him to stand up…

john blog

john blog

Last day moose!!!  Patience, persistence paid off.  13 days of hunting and Mike finally got the opportunity he had been waiting for.  And he finally got to wear the fabled moose hat!

john blog

And of course Inside Loins for supper!!  Along with a little Jagermeister!

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The second week of our hunt proved to be just as difficult but provided multiple opportunities.  We had 4 groups of hunters out and the action happened early in the week on some lakes and all week on others.

Our hunters on Findlay  lake were first time moose hunters and were excited as school boys on the way in.  Nick, who knows Findlay well checked out his first spot for sign.  As he got into the bush, he gave out his first moose call ever…  Then he heard a grunt and sticks break about 80 yards away!  He could make a out a huge bull moving through the bush towards him.  Let the leg shaking begin!!!  He called again and the bull kept grunting and moving closer, Nick said he was shaking so much he could hardly stand it.  The bull moved within 30 yards of him and stopped behind some thick cover so he waited…..  He never heard the moose again.  He was gone like ghost.  It is hard to believe how they can do that but believe me it happens.

They had more action the next morning in the same spot seeing a bull moving in the bush but never fully showing himself to get a shot.  As well during the week they were close to more moose, coming back to the boat after hunting all day and seeing fresh moose tracks right by the boat that were not there when they went in.  They learned a lot and I think they have the bug, they will be back to hunt those black monsters again!

Our unguided hunters at Shearstone Lake had been with us 2 years ago and were successful in harvesting a big bull.  They were back for more.  This year it was Nate’s turn.  Early in the week he was hunting near the cabin, walking in the burn he called all day.  As evening approached and he had not had any answers yet, he grunted very aggressively a few times.  He was right beside a moose.  A grunt and a few thrashes and he stuck his head out down wind from him…..  Just enough to get a shot.  He went down and Nate thought he had a looong haul out but realized he had walked in a half moon and was near the main lake so it turned out to be not so bad.  Here is a beautiful bull.

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I guided Janet whom I guided 3 years ago and had an opportunity that didn’t pan out so she was back for more.  This year was tough.  We heard moose pretty much every day, from 20 minutes of grunting and not moving any closer to one to three grunts as well as a few cows calling.  One day we had something right beside us moving within a couple hundred yards but would never call back or move any closer.  Like I said earlier it was a long drawn out rut and the moose were in no rush to come out in to the open.  The weather was very warm which also drags out the rut.  Janet is alrady making plans to come back next year to chase the wiley moose once again!

It was a great hunt, all our hunters were happy to spend time in the bush.  Moose hunting is tough but so rewarding when you get one.

Here are a few pictures I took from the past couple of weeks in the bush.

john blog

Dustee waits on that rock for 2 hours every night while we are hunting. Waiting for us to bring back the meat! She is as happy as we are when we get a moose!

john blog

john blog

john blog


And Dustee does her part to help clean the head before it heads to the taxidermist.



Fast and Furious with Plenty of Big Ones

It was a roller coasterrecently of weather as it can be in the far north.  We had some perfect warm days and then overnight the temperature dropped 40 degrees and everyone had multiple layers on with rain gear on top.  Having a depth finder proved to be essential last week as the temperatures changed so did the depth the fish were in.  Starting out catching walleye in the morning at 15-20 feet and then moving into 6-8 feet by the afternoon.

Last week seemed to be a week of Big Pike.  Many trophy fish were caught and released throughout all of the camps.  The largest Pike last week was a 45 incher caught on the Cobham river with many 40-43 inch pike caught everywhere else.

The really big walleye are just starting to come to life as we settle in to some consistent temps. Almost all groups report catching many walleyes up to 25 inches but some of the 26-27 inch walleye were also caught last week.  The largest was from Cobham Daniel measuring 30 inches!!

Here are a few pictures from last week.

Findlay Lake Monsters

john blog

john blog

Cherrington Lake Trophy Pike

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john blog

Cobham River

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john blog

Shearstone Lake

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john blog

Blackbirch Lake

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john blog

john blog

Fishing on these waters with our long standing conservation program sure has its benefits!  It feels good to us to be able to share these pristine lakes with our guests.  We strive to make every trip one to remember for everyone.

Here we go!!!

The camps are all open and full of fishermen already!  The weather changed last week from hot and dry to warm and showery.  We are still under a fire ban but hopefully we will continue to get some timely rains to green things up and lift the ban on open fires.  A couple of groups of fishermen came out today from Cherrington and Cobham and both reported catching lots of fish but no monsters.  Both lakes caught 24 inch walleyes as the largest and 38 inch pike!


Here are a few pictures from the last few days around the bush!

john blog

Shearstone was so calm the day we opened it.

john blog

Dustee was in heaven as usual and is sooo happy to be in the bush with me opening camps!

john blog

And of course the sunrises never get old.  It is the best time of day by far.


The smoke and fires were getting to be quite large but the recent cooler weather and rain has helped immensely.

john blog

john blog

But this is one of the best parts of being in the bush!!


Are you still thinking about booking a trip this summer??  How about taking an adventure on the Cobham River to chase some Monster Pike??  We have only one date available at this Trophy Outpost and it is Aug 27- September 3.  Please click here to book your awesome fly in fishing trip with us to this World Renowned Trophy Lake!!

Half the camps are open!

We have had a nice spring ……

That is until recently!  Mother Nature reminded us as she does every so often that she is in charge.  We had been on a roll opening camps and preparing for the season for the first few days, Knocking off 4 camps in 5 days.  We headed north to start opening the camps further away.


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Dark Water Lake and Blackbirch Lake will each have beautiful new Lund Boats this season!!  Other improvements for 2016 are

Findlay Lake- Solar freezer/fridge, New Grill and Fish cooker as well as New Chairs and Mattresses

Jeanette Lake-New Mattresses and boat ramp

Loree Lake-New Grill

Cobham River-New windows, Grill, Fish Cooker, Back Steps

Vee Lake- New Grill and Fish cooker, New Mattresses

Cherrington Bay- New Fish cooker

Cobham Daniel- New Chairs

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It was very dry, the water levels were a little low and there were a few forest fires burning already west of Red Lake and towards Kenora.  Some windy days and 80 degree temperatures got the fires going wild and were getting to be very large.

john blog

We were ready to begin battling the smoke as the winds began to change.

john blog

After a day and a half of warm beautiful weather up north we had opened up one Cherrington camp and Cobham Daniel and went over to Morleys to begin cleaning it up for the season when the wind got a lot cooler and the mist began to come from the North blowing in something.  I could see the weather closing in on us and we headed back to Cherrington early because we didn’t have our gear to spend the night.  The temperature was dropping fast and the mist was getting thicker…


The next day we awoke to horrible weather and couldn’t fly at all so we opened Cherrington Bay.  We always save some work where we are staying in case we have a bad weather day. But it got colder throughout the day.

john blog

As the temperature dropped the rain began to get heavier and fluffier….

john blog

And it proceeded to snow all night, all day and all night again!  The wind howled from the North and the water froze up tight.  Great.

We stayed busy for most of the day and got some things done we normally would not have, and also playing a few games of cribbage while inside drying off. 🙂

john blog

After the 2 day weather delay we got right back at it preparing for the busy season ahead!  Here is Julien hauling a big JackPine out of the bush for firewood at Cobham River.

john blog

We are home for a night to get some rest before heading right back north to open the rest of the camps!  Some of our fishermen must be peeing their pants  about now.  The forecast is for very warm temperatures!  THE MONSTER PIKE ARE WAITING!!!!

john blog

We are continuing to fill our remaining holes for this summer.  If you are  interested in going on a trip this summer just click here to enquire about dates to a great fishing vacation!

A Great Video

Here is a great video from the Thurston Party who hunted with us this fall.  They had a great trip and were successful on the last day of the hunt.  There is nothing that feels as good as that!  I know first hand!!

YouTube Preview Image

As one season ends, we look forward to the next!

2015 has come to a close.  We had a great season thanks to our awesome guests!  The weather cooperated, letting us move our people to and from the Outposts, most of the time, on time.  There was only one overnight delay this season which is pretty good compared to other years.  It makes life much less stressful to have understanding guests who understand that Mother Nature is the one in charge.

The Otter is put away for the winter, Rena and I are finishing up here in Red Lake and will be headed for the prairies soon.  It is always a bitter sweet feeling to see the season end but the seasons change and time marches on…..


Photo Contest

We have been sorting through photos submitted by our guests for the 2015 photo contest and there are some really beautiful pictures.  We will take entries for this years photo contest until October 31.  After that the best ones will be selected and the contest will begin during the week of U.S. Thanksgiving.  We will be using the Amik Outposts Facebook page to host the contest and the winner will be determined by the photo that gets the most “likes”, so please tell your friends to vote for your picture if it selected.  Here is the link to our Facebook page.   Like our page and it will show up on your Facebook feed.  Share it with all your friends so when the voting starts, you will be ready!

Amik Outposts Facebook Page

Next Season….

Just a friendly reminder to anyone who has dates reserved with us.  If you have not sent us a deposit yet, please do so very soon.  We cannot hold dates through our booking season without a deposit.  Mail your $300 per person deposit to:

Box 597

Ranier, Mn


Payable to: Canadian Flyin Fishing Inc.

Please take a stroll through our website as all of the pages have been updated with new pictures shared with us by our awesome guests.  Being in the north is very special and these pictures only give you a small sample of what it is really like.  Once you have experienced a flyin fishing trip to a remote lake, you will always long to hear the silence.  Thank you to all of our guests who shared their experiences with us.



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2015 Moose Video

Here is the video I was able to capture this fall during our moose hunt.

YouTube Preview Image
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