Dark Water Lake We are happy to introduce to you Dark Water Lake.  Situated on beautiful high sand point amongst a tall pine forest, this new 8 man cabin constructed in 2012, has a breathtaking view of the lake to the east and the west.  Located 55 miles southeast of our base in Red Lake, this easy fishing lake is sure to impress you and your party. Dark Water, hence the name, has tea colored water.  This type of water does not allow the sun to penetrate easily which for the fisherman translates into an all day bite!  As with any trophy lake, deep water is key to producing large fish.  Dark Water has up to 45 feet of water which allows the fish to transit from deep water to the shallower structure each day to feed.  9 miles of winding shoreline, always a place to fish no matter what the weather, it is made up of many weedy bays and deep narrows and plenty of under water structure, so be sure to bring your depth finder on this adventure. A  comfortable 8 person log cabin featuring 2 spacious bedrooms and 6 of the 8 beds being bottom bunks, a perfect setting with a deck overlooking the lake.  A breath taking view of your own private, pristine oasis.

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The water on this lake enters from two different rivers and flows through 2 sets of narrows as it makes its way north.  If you are after big pike, Dark Water has a long shallow bay off the main lake which is sure to hold many monster pike in the early spring.  As summer moves on, the pike will move out to the main lake, mixing with and feeding on walleye off the rocky points near the weedy bays. Walleye in this Northwestern Ontario gem are very healthy, no skinny fish here.    Walleye between 18-23” are quite common but fight like they are much larger, the length to weight converter will not work at Dark Water.  Walleye on this lake are very easy to catch.  If you like non-stop action, this is the place for you!  Here you could easily catch 100 fish in a day if you wanted to, but if you are after those Trophy sized walleye you will need to head for the deeper water and sacrifice some quantity for the trophies.  Such a simple lake is perfect for everyone.  A family trip with the kids, for the less experienced outdoorsman or the experienced group who are always looking to fish a new lake!

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The fish in this new outpost lake are inexperienced in the ways of the hook…  Be one of the first to photograph them!!    Click here to inquire about dates for 2019.


View Dark Water Lake in a larger map.

Dark Water Lake Map - Click for Larger View

Dark Water Lake Map – Click for Larger View


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Dark Water Lake Rates

  3-Day Trips 4-Day Trips 5-Day Trips 6-7 Day Trips
6 or MORE $795.00 $895.00 $995.00 $1195.00
4-5 PEOPLE $895.00 $995.00 $1095.00 $1295.00
2-3 PEOPLE $995.00 $1200.00 $1400.00 $1700.00


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Fishing Regulations

Conservation Policy*Note: Just a reminder that you can only fish with a conservation license or a seaonal conservation license on this lake. At our Northern Lakes we have had a NO TROPHY policy since 1992. There is a reason why we have not just good, but outstanding fishing. This means that all fish over the slot must be released. All walleye over 18″ and all northern over 27.5″ need to be put back in the lake. If your group is on a 5, 6 or 7-day regular priced trip with us, we will include a 8 – day conservation license. Shearstone, Findlay,  Loree and now Dark Water are completely catch and consume. Eat your daily number of fish if you like but take nothing home with you. With this type of policy you will be assured the best fishing these premier Lakes have to offer for years to come.

  • We reserve the right to charge a fuel surcharge
  • Baggage Limit is 100 lbs. per person
  • All rates are in US Funds Per Person.
  • A $300.00 per person deposit is required.
  • Personal checks are accepted for deposit only.
  • Please make deposit checks payable to “LAC SEUL AIRWAYS LTD”
  • Final Payment is due upon arrival and may be paid by cash or travelers Checks.
  • If you would like to prepay your trip 30 days in advance, personal checks are accepted, payable to “LAC SEUL AIRWAYS LTD”. Please call for exact amounts and we will fax or email your invoice.
  • Credit cards are not accepted.

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