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Quality Time.

You can tell John L. really enjoys the north! He was on Blackbirch last week and came out for one day and went right back into the Otter and took his son, son in-law and his grandson up to Vee lake for another trip. They took many amazing pictures and we are fortunate enough that they shared them with us. I can only post so many because they caught a lot of trophy sized fish! These pictures tell the story of an amazing vacation with your family!

When you get a giant pike on the line, sometimes they will be lost when you use the net. This is the way I chose to land them and so does John.

You need to wait until the fish is ready to be landed, trying to bring him in too early will result in losing possibly the fish of your life. Then bring him along side the boat so that your partner can get a hold of the bottom jaw firmly…don’t put your fingers in too far, near those razor sharp teeth or even into the gills. If you are the fishermen who is holding the rod, be sure to help keep the boat level during the landing of your trophy.

Then with both hands lift him out of the water making sure to support the body weight, keeping the monster level and not lifting him totally by the head. That hurts the fish and they will become immobile eventually, even though they may swim away afterwards.

Then the photo, measurement, and the release…there for someone else to catch. Only to get bigger! Eric’s smile says it all. Happiness. Thanks Dad.
Shorelunch and a break from the lake. Time well spent.

The walleye fishing was phenominal on Vee lake. The largest was 27 inches caught by Walker but there was a lot of walleye caught from 23 to 25 inches! Here are just a few pictures of some of the good ones.

Then it has to end sometime and this guy comes to pick you up. 🙂

It has been pretty good flying weather lately. It sure makes my job easier and also makes our fishermen happier. Fishing is always great but sunshine cannot be replaced.

Thanks for sharing your pictures, we appreciate it. See you next year!

Vee Lake Monsters!!

Would fish like these put a smile on your face? Especially if your wife had you beat for the largest walleye and northern for the entire trip! Frank redeemed himself in the final hour. This monster walleye was the last fish of the trip!!
Jane was so happy when I picked her up! It was awesome. She is not afraid of the giant pike! You know they are BIG when their head looks like the size of a shovel!!!

I came across another happy customer from Shearstone Lake. The Berg family fished there recently. As per most of the trips, the youngest guys catch the biggest fish!!

People are happy, weather is great…most of the time.

It has been quite warm up here in the north, but not too warm. Temperatures have been in the 80’s at times but most nights have been cool and good for sleeping. Every morning the weather has been picture perfect but by the afternoon the clouds build and we have had showers and crazy thunderstorms. The Langeland group got hailed on as they were racing back to camp one day on Blackbirch. Water levels are staying at a good height and I saw the first leaves beginning to change yesterday at Vee Lake and Cherrington. You know what that means….Moose Hunting is getting closer!!

Here are some pictures from the Birdsong party who fished Shearstone last week. They had a great time, mostly stable weather and caught quite a few fish. Their first flyin trip so they learned a lot and got the hang of catching fish up here. They are already looking forward to their next trip! The largest walleye was 26 inches and the largest northern was 39 inches with many in the mid 30’s. They had many northerns attacking their stringers attached to the boat and even had a 48-50 inch monster pike come right out of the water and totally rip a fish off the line just as it got to the boat! And not seen again! These guys fished hard. Although in this first picture Randy and Cody seem pretty relaxed.

Back at’er after the rain. It is great to get back out fishing in the evening after a storm. The air smells so fresh.

Get the net!

I love these pictures when the fish did not want their picture taken!

Randy with a nice walleye.

And Randy with a future trophy! Unless someone eats him first!

It seems that I see the same face holding the biggest fish! Ryan caught some nice ones.

Here is another trophy northern pike from Blackbirch lake last week. Jack W. is 17 years old and showed the old guys how it is done with this 41 inch Pike! The Patnode party tries a new lake every year and this year they were quite happy on Blackbirch! Young Bob caught a 27 inch walleye and numbers of fish were nuts!

The Pfeiffer party made their bi-annual trip with us and had their first experience on the Cobham River system. It was a great success! Tommy caught a 43 inch monster pike just outside of a nice weedy bay in some deeper water. It is nice to hear that for his graduation present next summer, Tommy wants to come fishing with us! Spending time in the north is something that has to be experienced to appreciate. There was a fish hook incident during their stay involving a fiesty northern pike and alarge treble hook! I never heard about it until we were back in Red Lake but the hand that was hooked looked very good and only had a small wound! I will post those pictures when I get them. Make sure you have pliers that can cut a hook!

The Toft Party fished Cherrington again recently and caught lots of trophy fish. Fishing on the big lake was very good. Jim was the walleye master catching 6-24 inch walleyes ans Sam was the northern pike King, catching and releasing a 41, 40.5, 36.5 and a 33 inch northern. They will be back next year to see if they can better those numbers!

The Cleave party came out of Vee lake and had some Big fish stories! Jane who is a tiny woman caught a 42 inch huge pike! Her husband Frank said it was comical to see her trying to hold such a big fish for the picture, I will post that one when I get it. Jane was holding onto the big walleye title too until the last night, last fish…Frank`s last fish of the entire trip on the last night was fat 29 inch walleye!! What a way to end the trip.

The Haldrup party fished Findlay last week and had a great time and great fishing. They commented on how many walleyes they caught between 20 and 23 inches. It was an awesome trip with some unbelievable walleye fishing. Findlay is a very easy lake to fish with not very many rocks. The largest was 26 inches.

Fishing is steady, walleyes beginning to move out a bit.

It has been mostly sunny and warm up here recently, but not to hot. The fishing has been quite good with the walleyes in 6 to 12 feet of water. I fished for awhile on Shearstone last week and caught lots of walleyes in 9 feet on a overcast day.

I brought the Weston party out of Daniels today and Larry, the leader of the group was ecstatic! This was their first trip with us, although he has been fishing Canada for 40 years, he had never caught a northern over 40 inches. Many 39’s but never breaking the 40 barrier. Well this week on the Cobham, he not only broke the 40 inch plateau, but caught and released a fat 43.5 inch northern. His boys said he did not fish as hard after that satisfying feat that was a long time coming. Troy caught a couple nice fish as well, 38 and 39 inch northerns and walleyes were nuts right in front of the cabin by the fish gut rock on the last night. What a perfect way to end the trip!

Here are some pictures from last week on Vee Lake. Mike W. and his buddies fished there for their first time and caught some big fish.

Walleyes with shoulders!! Big!

I love it in July when the best lure for walleyes is a 5 of diamonds!!

Vee Lake

The Rother Party came out of Vee today, their second year fishing that lake and like I tell our guests, the more you get to know a lake, the more successful you will be in catching trophy fish. They were ecstatic last year with the fishing on Vee lake but 2010 turned out to be even better. Del pictured below shared a few pictures with us of his catch of the trip, a 29 inch walleye! He also had a 30 inch northern take his bait even before he could cast it out. The fish on average were quite a bit bigger than last year with 10 walleyes being 22 inches or bigger. They will be back at Vee in 2011.

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From Teens to Grandpa, everyone is smilin’ at Amik Outposts!

Sore mouth stew is the soup of the day lately here at Amik Outposts, fishermen have been coming smiles of anticipation and leaving with smiles of an awesome fishing trip! Fishing and weather have both been great, giving every fisherman or woman an awesome tan! Some groups coming out today said that this year was the best yet! Walleyes generally are in 10 feet of water or less, Shearstone reported catching lots of fish in 5 feet! Here are some highlights from today.

Shearstone had a great bunch fishing it this week consisting of the Beaird and Johns families. They had some big stories to tell this morning with big smiles on their faces! A 17 year old elated Hilary caught the biggest walleye at 26.5 inches and 14 year old Dillan caught a 39.5 inch northern. They have done a number of flyin trips with a number of outfitters and by far this year was the “best fishing and best cabin yet.”

The Huson party fished Cherrington for 4 days and came out happy as heck! There was two 17 year olds in this group and guess what… they caught the biggest walleyes! Kevin had a 26.5 inch and Alex had a 24 inch walleye. They stated that 90 percent of the fish they caught were 19 to 22 inches in length and they caught a lot. Those are nice fish!

Findlay lake had some long time guests stay there this week. The Glasebrook/Burm father and son teams have been fishing with Amik since 1989 as far as we can figure, a few years longer than Rena and I have been around! They first fished with us when we had a main lodge on Deer lake for a few years and moved over to Findlay when it was built in 1993 and haven’t missed a year yet! Nothing really big this year but plenty of quality was caught and released. Many walleyes measured 19 to 22 inches. They were happy to be back and sad to leave, just like always…

Vee lake had the Evans party visit this week for their annual trip and they said that this was the best walleye fishing they have ever had! So many big ones have never been caught as this week on Vee lake for this veteran crew. Ron took all the money as he had the biggest northern measuring 42 inches and an absolutely huge walleye measuring a fat 29 inches. Gary caught 6 or 8-24 inch walleye in one day. The most fish over 20 inches they have seen yet on Vee in some large numbers.

Here are the pictures from D. Hoene on the Cobham last week. Some pretty fast action on the fly rod in 4 feet of water.

Another one!

60 of these in one afternoon!

A vicious attack!!!!

Mike was not to be out done by Dick with this nice fish.

An average walleye for this old hockey player!

It doesn’t matter what lake these guys fish, they always do well!

Rob S. from Winnipeg has fished most of our lakes over the years and has brought people from all over the world to experience it with him. Rob knows how to fish and it shows, here is this years proof!

Rob with a fat northern. They fished Vee lake this year and just like most years, they caught quite a few big walleyes and trophy northerns.

Darin from Iowa looks happy with this one!

Rob’s wife Diane, she usually out fishes everyone, here she is with a 28 inch walleye. Must be the guide.

Soren from Denmark has been to a number of our lakes. He has fallen in love with the north and looks forward to coming to Canada for “business”…..he does put in some long hours, on the lake!

It had been a few years since Franz from Austria had been back to Amik but he made the best of it this year. Cold but the fish were big!

Vee Lake Fishing

Here is some highlights of the fishing on Vee lake last week. Fred Sounds like a true Canadian in this video! Thanks Brian.

Nice fish Fred.

Don with a healthy 27 incher!

Weather is turning, Big ones turning on!!!

It was a busy weekend with lots of fishermen heading out to the bush and many coming back with big smiles on their faces. Fishing overall was good but the colder weather definitely slowed down the fishing early in the week compared to the sunny weather during the last few days. The northerns are done spawning for the most part and the walleyes are in the process as we speak. Water levels are still high but Vee lake went down quite a bit so the rest of the lakes will follow soon as long as the weather stays decent.

There were some real trophies caught and released this week, many Northerns over 40 inches with a 42 inch on Vee and a 43.5 inch on Cherrington. Here is some of the highlights from this week.

Morleys, Mirick Party, These guys have fun no matter what the weather, good thing too this week. Mark, Andy, Patrick and Mats fished hard but never got over the 40 inch mark. Plenty of 38-39 inch northerns but no “Big” ones this year, They will be back next year to remedy that!

Daniels had fishermen from Montana this week and they had an awesome last day, here are their pictures…..

Those fly rods got a lot of use this week!

Vee Lake had the Johnson party, Our guests for many years, they have seen it all. Barry’s 20th year fishing in Canada and he said it was the coldest and windiest yet. Numbers were down from last year,(which was one of their best years) but the quality was great! Cody, Barry’s son, was a rookie this year and he had the biggest and smallest fish of the week, a 5 inch perch on a 8 inch Rapalla and a 42 inch northern! They had 12 trophies over 40 inches and 6-8 that were 39 inches. They stated that all the northerns were really thick across the back and heavy, I will put up the pictures when I get them.

Cherrington had the biggest northern of the opening week. A 43.5 inch Monster right at one of the spots I had marked for him on the map! That was caught by Bob C. and his partner Jeff was not disappointed either landing a 40 inch Pike in the same area! Walleyes as usual on Cherrington ran Large! Bob’s largest was a 25.5 inch and Jeff had a 25 inch walleye. They even caught some Lake Trout, Jeff had a 30 inch and a 25 inch not too far from the cabin. One was caught almost right on the surface because his hook was caught up on itself and just running the surface and he jerked it to try and straighten it…The trout came right up and took it and straightened it out alright. They almost got stuck out on the big lake one day too as the ice shifted after they were out there.

Beautiful Weather for Closing Camps

The end of our fishing season is almost here but we are having some fabulous weather. It is around 75 degrees today and nice and sunny have been up north closing camps for the past 10 days or so and getting some work done at the same time. Sleeping in a different camp every other night. If you have to get up in the middle of the night you better make sure you know where you are:) All camps that we do not use for moose hunting are closed up for the season. Last year at this time I was at the Cobham closing it down and it snowed four inches!!

Here is last years fall video.

Findlay Lake has new sleeping arrangements and New Bunk Beds.

I put the bunks on either side of the window and with light in the middle it give a lot better light and better use of the space. Good solid bunks.

The weather was good for working and windy enough to keep the bugs away.

We also moved the boat house over to the side to open up more of the view from the cabin. New walkways and a new fish cleaning table. The fish cleaning table was kind of forced to be rebuilt as the big trees out front blew down a while ago.

A nice sunrise at Shearstone Lake.

The summer sure flew by but here it is….The last fishing report.

Vee lake’s last party was the Darling group. Quite experienced fishing couples had good fishing but had to fish as deep as 30 feet at times to catch the BIG ones. A 24 inch fattie was the largest walleye and a 38.5 inch Northern.

Jay and Duane from South Dakota brought a couple new guys and fished the River previous to the last group of fishermen and had a Blast. Duane had the largest walleye at 24 inches and Glen had a 39 inch northern.

Today I brought out the last group from the River. The Fuhs party. They had excellent weather, just enough beer, no problems catching walleye and 3 northerns over 40 inches,a 40,41,and a 42 incher. A great bunch to have. Very organized, nice to see.

Springpole Lake saw the Nicklaus Party from Wi. The first question I heard was “Did the Packers win?” I was in the bush just like them but come to find out that they did:) Ron had a 41 inch Northern and they had excellent walleye fishing catching many over 23 inches and a 25.5 incher. They had 6 nice Lake Trout also on their last day. They will be back next year but a little later to fish those Big Trout shallower!

Blackbirch had the Mc Brown Party. They had a bunch of huge walleyes with a few 28 inchers and one quite a bit bigger, they figured it was 9-10 pounds. The water came up fast when they had a day of heavy rain. Good times.

Thanks to all of our fishermen who made the trip up to see us this summer and keep an eye on the Blog for fall happenings and moose hunting reports and hopefully some good video from the Hunt!

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