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Vee Lake

The Rother Party came out of Vee today, their second year fishing that lake and like I tell our guests, the more you get to know a lake, the more successful you will be in catching trophy fish. They were ecstatic last year with the fishing on Vee lake but 2010 turned out to be even better. Del pictured below shared a few pictures with us of his catch of the trip, a 29 inch walleye! He also had a 30 inch northern take his bait even before he could cast it out. The fish on average were quite a bit bigger than last year with 10 walleyes being 22 inches or bigger. They will be back at Vee in 2011.

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From Teens to Grandpa, everyone is smilin’ at Amik Outposts!

Sore mouth stew is the soup of the day lately here at Amik Outposts, fishermen have been coming smiles of anticipation and leaving with smiles of an awesome fishing trip! Fishing and weather have both been great, giving every fisherman or woman an awesome tan! Some groups coming out today said that this year was the best yet! Walleyes generally are in 10 feet of water or less, Shearstone reported catching lots of fish in 5 feet! Here are some highlights from today.

Shearstone had a great bunch fishing it this week consisting of the Beaird and Johns families. They had some big stories to tell this morning with big smiles on their faces! A 17 year old elated Hilary caught the biggest walleye at 26.5 inches and 14 year old Dillan caught a 39.5 inch northern. They have done a number of flyin trips with a number of outfitters and by far this year was the “best fishing and best cabin yet.”

The Huson party fished Cherrington for 4 days and came out happy as heck! There was two 17 year olds in this group and guess what… they caught the biggest walleyes! Kevin had a 26.5 inch and Alex had a 24 inch walleye. They stated that 90 percent of the fish they caught were 19 to 22 inches in length and they caught a lot. Those are nice fish!

Findlay lake had some long time guests stay there this week. The Glasebrook/Burm father and son teams have been fishing with Amik since 1989 as far as we can figure, a few years longer than Rena and I have been around! They first fished with us when we had a main lodge on Deer lake for a few years and moved over to Findlay when it was built in 1993 and haven’t missed a year yet! Nothing really big this year but plenty of quality was caught and released. Many walleyes measured 19 to 22 inches. They were happy to be back and sad to leave, just like always…

Vee lake had the Evans party visit this week for their annual trip and they said that this was the best walleye fishing they have ever had! So many big ones have never been caught as this week on Vee lake for this veteran crew. Ron took all the money as he had the biggest northern measuring 42 inches and an absolutely huge walleye measuring a fat 29 inches. Gary caught 6 or 8-24 inch walleye in one day. The most fish over 20 inches they have seen yet on Vee in some large numbers.

Here are the pictures from D. Hoene on the Cobham last week. Some pretty fast action on the fly rod in 4 feet of water.

Another one!

60 of these in one afternoon!

A vicious attack!!!!

Mike was not to be out done by Dick with this nice fish.

An average walleye for this old hockey player!

It doesn’t matter what lake these guys fish, they always do well!

Rob S. from Winnipeg has fished most of our lakes over the years and has brought people from all over the world to experience it with him. Rob knows how to fish and it shows, here is this years proof!

Rob with a fat northern. They fished Vee lake this year and just like most years, they caught quite a few big walleyes and trophy northerns.

Darin from Iowa looks happy with this one!

Rob’s wife Diane, she usually out fishes everyone, here she is with a 28 inch walleye. Must be the guide.

Soren from Denmark has been to a number of our lakes. He has fallen in love with the north and looks forward to coming to Canada for “business”…..he does put in some long hours, on the lake!

It had been a few years since Franz from Austria had been back to Amik but he made the best of it this year. Cold but the fish were big!

Vee Lake Fishing

Here is some highlights of the fishing on Vee lake last week. Fred Sounds like a true Canadian in this video! Thanks Brian.

Nice fish Fred.

Don with a healthy 27 incher!

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