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Things are pretty normal in the North.

Here is a video from the Berg family who fished Shearstone recently. 4 brothers and their sons spending some time in the bush. They had a great time and are looking forward to the next one!

We continue to give our guests memorable vacations as the summer seems to be flying by. The end of July is fast approaching and it is Norseman Days this weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and Rena and I will be able to go to town for a few hours Saturday night to enjoy the festivities. 🙂

Fishing has been great lately, numbers have been as good as ever with a few big northerns being caught on all of the lakes. The trophy northerns have been caught on light tackle mainly, when walleye fishing, of course. It makes for a better story when you land a 40 plus inch northern on 8 pound test, no leader, on a jig!

Here are some pictures from the Parke party, from California. 3 years ago they made a once in a lifetime trip for Alex`s graduation…. They loved it so much, they have been back every year since then and hope to return in 2011. This year they drove to Calgary Alberta and flew to Winnipeg, then rented a car and drove the rest of the way to Red Lake. There are many ways to get yourself to Amik Outposts for your “once in a lifetime” trip!

Fishing Report

There has been a lot of happy people as always fishing our lakes, here are a few highlights:

Weber party, Findlay Lake. These guys try a new lake each season and had some good luck on the walleye factory called Findlay Lake. Gary, the leader, schooled all of his buddies… one day alone he caught lots of big fish! 22, 23, 23.5, and a 24.5 inch walleye. He also had the largest walleye of the trip a 27.5 inch fat walleye.
Hundreds of walleyes were caught by everyone in the 20 24 inch range. They were really impressed by the fishing on Findlay.

Rizzo party, Cobham River. These guys are very easy going and love the peaceful serenity the north has to offer. They never elaborate in much detail how many big fish they catch but this year they reported catching at least 5 fish in the 40 plus inch range. This group has fished all over Canada but have been our customers since the very beginning, since Rena and I were at the original Amik Lodge on Deer Lake.

Van Houweling Family, Cherrington Lake. Don from Iowa is another customer whom we have gotten to be close to since he has been with us since the Deer Lake Amik days as well. Fishing a number of our lakes but falling in love with Cherrington and those big walleyes it has to offer. Don always brought up a company trip for years but has begun bringing his sons and more recently his wife and his daughter in-laws as well. Last year was the first time for the girls and as many of our customers know, last season was cold and wet. I hoped they would have better luck with Mother Nature in 2010! I was thinking a lot about these guys and girls this week as it rained off and on for 3 out of their 4 day trip this year. The saving grace this time around was that the temperature was a lot warmer and the rain was not so hard that they could not fish out in it. So many things play a factor in a vacation in the outdoors, the weather being the biggest, but Don and his family experienced some of the best fishing they had ever had. Walleyes were BIG, at least 50 walleyes were 4 pounds or better and the numbers were awesome! I was happy to hear that! Hopefully the weather will be nicer to them in 2011!!

Springpole Lake continues to be one of our Hidden Gems. Fishing has been awesome there. The Rigalto party came out recently and like every other group that fishes there commented on how round and fat the walleyes are! The fishing was the best they had ever seen and hope to be back in 2 years. The biggest walleye was 26 inches but they had at least 30 that were 20 to 24 inches. The largest northern was 38 inches and they had 3 lake trout on the line but were not able to land any after getting them to the surface.

I always enjoy my early morning flights and get to see some awesome sights. Here is the view from a few days ago.

How would you like to be stared down by this guy!

The Rockford party has been with us many times as I have written about before, but this year they had a new visitor visit them in camp! Have a close look.

They saw this old looking wolf a number of times but none more closely than the first time. 6 feet away. He was headed straight for the fish guts, except they were still being filleted! Everything and everyone gets old, even the wolves. I suspect this wolf was a loner, pushed from the pack or could not keep up with the rest. Poor old guy. He never bothered anything, just went and licked the rock where the fishguts were dumped, looking for something to eat, probably never to be seen by human eyes again.

The reason these guys love Springpole Lake….

Thats right. Lake Trout! Right in front of the cabin.

It makes us feel good!

We are fortunate to be close to so many great people. This business is very rewarding if you are the type of person who gets satisfaction from seeing people have a good time. All I can say is that we care. Here is a letter from our friend Jack Darsnek. We have shown them around Northwestern Ontario and they have seen all kinds of weather, fishing, bugs and bears. Thanks for the kind words Jack. See you next year.

Dear John, Rena, Bruce and Debbie,

A few pictures to capture our June trip. This was the best trip we’ve
had, of the 10 or 11 we’ve made. Everything turned out well, with the
exception of two of the old guys unable to make the trip this year.
The fishing was fantastic !! Tony said he caught more fish the first
day than he usually catches in a week. Russ got a white fish, in the
pictures. I won the big northern T-shirt on the first day, first 1/2
hour, in sight of the cabin. While it may not be be the biggest fish
in the lake I got a 33″ on an ultralight, 6 lb test line, no leader,
and put it in the boat, since I was the odd guy, fishing alone.

Walleyes from 20″-24″ were ordinary, it took a 23″ to raise eyebrows
and everyone got a few that size. Happy got Mr Big with a 25″, took
home his t-shirt to show off. We awarded Russ Best in Show for his
superior skills in the culinary arts. We left full of fish and full of

Oh, did I mention that the weather was wonderful, we had a heavy rain
one afternoon, about 4:30 PM so we didn’t lose any boat time. Best of
all, John must have said something to the bugs, there were NONE. Zero,
nada, rien, zippo. No even in a mosquito out back. It was a great
experience and I hope all your clients get the same.

Had a bear in camp, the boys saw a wolf and a moose. As usual, I saw
nothing, only walleyes coming in over the side. We’ll see you at
Loree, come 2011. Thanks for everything, Jack


We have many return customers and have become friends with lots of people, but it is good to hear some stories from guests who have been fishing some of our lakes for almost as long as I have been alive. Jim B. has been fishing the Cobham and Pat R. has been fishing Springpole since the 70’s! These guys have been through a number of outfitters throughout the years and have many stories to tell.

Jim who hails from Iowa has brought many a fishermen to the granite rock we call Northwestern Ontario specifically the Cobham River System. The cabin we purchased 6 years ago was originally erected in the 70’s and Jim began fishing there then. (Morley and Daniel were built on Cobham Lake in 1992) The Cobham is a lake of extreme water levels. It goes from being as high as it ever was last year to quite low this year, 4-5 feet lower than last. Jim told me he has seen it so low one spring that they had to physically carry the boats in the rapids going down the river. Alot has changed since then, from coleman lanterns to propane lights, to bright solar powered light. The running water has gone from running to the lake to get it to simply turning on a faucet in the cabin with the aid again of solar power. He now makes Cobham Morley his home for one week each summer with his crew and I wonder how many 40 plus inch northerns he has caught on that body of water in 30 years.

Pat has been with Lac Seul Airways since the original owner John Hannaway back in the 70’s and loves to catch Lake Trout. And Springpole has some Huge Trout. I have heard a ton of stories about John and most of them have alot to do with him being grumpy and giving gruff orders to people around the dock. Pat’s brother Bill joined the group in 1986 and figured he would have a laugh during the weighing of the gear before the flight to Springpole. As it was being weighed, he lifted on the cart, making it look lighter. John Hannaway did not think it was very funny. They went from being the first flight out that morning, to flying in late that night, waiting around all day for John to send them out.

It is good to see all of our regulars and hear the stories of past trips and good times!

In my last post I did not have all of the pictures from the group, Tom C. sent us this one of a great looking 41 inch Trophy! Thanks Tom, you will have another picture on our wall again! Keep it up and we will have to create a section for you and your family!

Beautiful Weather for Closing Camps

The end of our fishing season is almost here but we are having some fabulous weather. It is around 75 degrees today and nice and sunny have been up north closing camps for the past 10 days or so and getting some work done at the same time. Sleeping in a different camp every other night. If you have to get up in the middle of the night you better make sure you know where you are:) All camps that we do not use for moose hunting are closed up for the season. Last year at this time I was at the Cobham closing it down and it snowed four inches!!

Here is last years fall video.

Findlay Lake has new sleeping arrangements and New Bunk Beds.

I put the bunks on either side of the window and with light in the middle it give a lot better light and better use of the space. Good solid bunks.

The weather was good for working and windy enough to keep the bugs away.

We also moved the boat house over to the side to open up more of the view from the cabin. New walkways and a new fish cleaning table. The fish cleaning table was kind of forced to be rebuilt as the big trees out front blew down a while ago.

A nice sunrise at Shearstone Lake.

The summer sure flew by but here it is….The last fishing report.

Vee lake’s last party was the Darling group. Quite experienced fishing couples had good fishing but had to fish as deep as 30 feet at times to catch the BIG ones. A 24 inch fattie was the largest walleye and a 38.5 inch Northern.

Jay and Duane from South Dakota brought a couple new guys and fished the River previous to the last group of fishermen and had a Blast. Duane had the largest walleye at 24 inches and Glen had a 39 inch northern.

Today I brought out the last group from the River. The Fuhs party. They had excellent weather, just enough beer, no problems catching walleye and 3 northerns over 40 inches,a 40,41,and a 42 incher. A great bunch to have. Very organized, nice to see.

Springpole Lake saw the Nicklaus Party from Wi. The first question I heard was “Did the Packers win?” I was in the bush just like them but come to find out that they did:) Ron had a 41 inch Northern and they had excellent walleye fishing catching many over 23 inches and a 25.5 incher. They had 6 nice Lake Trout also on their last day. They will be back next year but a little later to fish those Big Trout shallower!

Blackbirch had the Mc Brown Party. They had a bunch of huge walleyes with a few 28 inchers and one quite a bit bigger, they figured it was 9-10 pounds. The water came up fast when they had a day of heavy rain. Good times.

Thanks to all of our fishermen who made the trip up to see us this summer and keep an eye on the Blog for fall happenings and moose hunting reports and hopefully some good video from the Hunt!

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