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Findlay, Cherrington and Loree.

It has been very windy up here for a couple of days which makes it hard to hold the boat in the spot you want to be but fishing has been good enough that it didn’t matter. Findlay lake continues to produce huge walleyes! Here are big ones that speak for themselves. These guys just came out this morning.

This sure looks familiar…..Here is last years post. They catch these quality of fish each year!

Cherrington had the Halepeska boys there for 8 days and they saw many types of weather and caught a lot of fish. The biggest northern were caught in a short period of time. In 4 hours Mark and Don caught a 39, 2-37’s, a 36 and 30 inch northern pike. The walleyes had to be hunted with the ever-changing weather but they caught mostly 20-22 inch walleye.

Loree has the widest variety of visitors from around the globe! Austrians, British, Danish, Canadian and American fishermen have come to fish the waters of Loree lake this season and last week we had some more Danes from Toronto. Never had they been on a flyin before but were prepared and ready for their adventure. They learned plenty and said they caught lots of fish during the last week. Smiles from ear to ear! It is great to see someone who was not sure what they were getting themselves into on the way in to the bush and then so happy when they return.

Loree Lake!

We recieved some pictures recently from the Frazer Party who fished Loree Lake in June. Here are some of the best ones.

The leader of the group with a nice walleye on the first day.

Walter with an eater! Someday I am going to go squirell hunting with Walter in Wisconsin and see his confesional made out of Jack Daniels bottles!

I will be looking for this monster soon enough!! He will be BIG by fall!

With some outfitters this is a highlight, with us, doubles are quite common.

There must be pot of gold at the end of the dock.

A Trophy Northern.

The measurement before releasing him to get even bigger.

This is the biggest reason to make a trip to an outpost, uninterupted time with your buddies, just easier when you have a nice place to sit.

Another nice black average 20 plus inch walleye.

It is always great to see these guys, same time next year!!!

More pics from the Peters on Loree Lake

Every once in awhile we get reports of the thought to be extinct “Blue walleye”. They are most commonly caught on Loree and Cobham lakes as well as in some of our remote moose hunting lakes. Here is a picture of these “Extinct” fish!!

And as always the Big ones! Fishing on our lakes is always good to us and to most people, it is the best they have ever experienced! Trophy fish at Amik Outposts are the norm not the exception.

3008 fish, 8 people, 7 days!!!

The Peters party came out of Loree the other day and had some good times, good weather, and no Bugs! Oh yea, they caught 3008 fish for the week! This group sure knows how to catch walleyes. They started a tradition last year with a sign and this year they had one ready to go. All they had to do was fill in the number.

Bernice and Ed saw their first moose last year and this year they saw 2. A cow and a calf this time. Betty and Jim were also fortunate to see a moose.

The big ones were not as willing as they were last year but they caught lots in the 20 to 24 inch range.

Jeanette Lake! The big ones were willing there this week!

The S. Arnie Safari came out of Jeanette this morning and had some great luck! Arnie has been with us since 1983 and had countless good times with his buddies and in the past number of years, with his sons. They were fishing in 20 to 35 feet of water for the big fish and shallower for supper sized fish. Using jigs and tails on the windy days and just a snell hook with a crawler on it when it was calm. Experience is a very valuable thing when it comes to catching trophy fish.

How would you like your first fish of the trip to be a…..

A 29 inch Walleye! Chad J. knows how that feels. In addition he caught a 27 inch walleye too.

The whole Johnson Family did very well on Jeanette. Here are the largest fish:
Chad J. 29 and 27 inch walleye
Charlie J. 26 and 25 inch walleye
Chris J. did the best on this trip catching a 23, a 25, 2-26 inch walleyes and a 28 incher!
Dad on the other hand could only muster a 22 inch walleye but I am sure he takes pride in seeing his boys catch trophy fish.

A 26 and 22 inch double header was one of the many highlights of the week. The Johnsons did bring Uncle Phil along for his first trip to Jeanette, pictured here in the double header. He surpassed his largest fish record of a 5 pound northern. He will be welcome back next time to break that record again.

We have been very busy lately and had lots of good pictures shared with us. Here are a few from Cobham Daniel when the Connaughty Party spent some time there recently. Enjoy!

An Awesome Gift!

We have a guest who is an artist who loves the North, especially Loree Lake! Jim Peters is an artist and has given us a print of some of his work in the past but this year he has really out done himself. When I dropped him off last year at Loree he was taking pictures of the Otter as I left Loree, nothing unusual, but during the winter Jim made us a great gift and gave us the original.

Thank you so much Jim. It is the best painting on an Otter I have ever seen!

Here is last years post from their trip on Loree! Click here.

The last fishermen!

I know when I see these guys from Wisconsin, the summer is pretty much over. Loree lake is their camp of choice and for 5 days every fall, this is their slice of heaven. The weather is not always nice for them at this time of year but this year was a real treat! Sun everyday except for one 10 minute storm and temperatures got as low as 40 one night but everyday was 60-80 degrees! Awesome weather for middle of September.

Fishing was fabulous as well. A 42 inch Northern and a 27 inch Walleye were the biggest caught but they had a blast with the numbers too!

Here is a hefty 27 inch Walleye.

Not sure of the length of this one but it looks like it would be close to 40 inches.

The Beast of the trip on the second last day! 42 inches and Thick!

That little tape measure in front of him is not even close!! The long tape is by his back.

And Back down to the depths, to be caught again… It feels good to see all of our guests catching Trophies and feeling good about putting them back. That’s why we have the Trophy Fishing we have.

The prop on the Otter sure pushes the air!


That is what Rena and I heard from the last group that came out of Cobham Daniel this morning. The Anderson party loves to fish this body of water. And it helps that we had the best stretch of weather we have had all summer to go along with it. Even a little too warm at times but great just the same. They did not keep track of the numbers this year but said that this has to be the best yet. “We never went more than 30 seconds with out a bite.” These guys take lots of bait, because they catch alot of fish! 100 dozen frozen minnows and 2 pounds of leeches. Paul was talking about having to go home and get a cortizone shot in his elbow he set the hook so many times! The biggest fish were 29 inches on the walleye and 42 with many in the 36-38 inch range on the northerns. Rick told me when he left, they plan on making this trip until they are too old. I guess I will be seeing them for many years yet!!

The Hiscocks/Conaway party went to Loree lake for 10 days and just returned yesterday. These guys have been fishing with us for many years and have fished many of our lakes. From Monster lake trout on Springpole, Huge northern Pike on Jeanette or the walleye factory on Loree lake, these guys have a good time where ever they go with us. Here are a few pictures from their trip.

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Here is an old video but the sound is great. The guy who pulled the trigger on this video is coming up this fall again. I hope to get another, but better video of it.

The Peters put up a Huge number!!!

The group that loves Loree lake the most just returned this morning and they were ecstatic to say the least! We offered them 3 extra days as we had an opening and they jumped at the opportunity to spend 10 days on their favorite lake. Bernice has been looking for a moose every year she has been up here and this year she finally got her wish. As her and Ed were fishing in a narrows they heard some splashing coming from behind them, as they turned around there was a BIG bull standing about 50 yards away. They stayed quiet and the moose ambled along the shore slowly and continued into the water and swam across the lake right in front of them. As he got up on the shore he stopped and shook off and the spray glistened in the sun, they were so happy to get to see this sight. Ed made the comment that when he stopped and looked back it would have been a perfect shot!! I hope he stays close, I will be on Loree this fall for a week.:)

The weather this week was a little adverse at times but their number of fish was very impressive!! 3011 fish for seven people in 10 days. That is a lot of fish. Jim caught a huge 29 inch walleye who he named Walter. And then the very next day he had another big one on in the same spot. As he got it into the boat he measured it up and again it was 29 inches, with the same split in it’s tail. The biggest fish he has caught in all his trips to Canada. Ed had a 27 inch walleye and there were multiple 25 inch walleyes caught too. Carol caught a nice walleye and it spit up another walleye when they got it into the boat. Betty caught some big northerns on this trip, she had a 40.5 inch, a 35, and a 31 inch northern. Ed and Bernice were fishing in the bay behind the cabin and caught a few nice walleyes and 5 pretty big perch. The fish are still near the weeds in sometimes 4 feet of water but some are heading down to 15 or 16 feet. Things are still a couple of weeks behind but the cabbage weeds are growing and the fish are hanging around that oxygenated water. July is a great time to fish the north. Here are some pictures:

Good times at Loree Lake

Here is a note and some pictures from a recent trip to Loree lake from Natalie S. They had a few days where it was quite windy but had a good time despite.

“Just wanted to say “thank you” to John and Renee for making my first trip to Canada….the best ever. My group stayed at Loree Lake and had a great time. Although we didn’t have any record setting catches…..the ones we did, sure make for great eating 4 nights. I can’t wait to get back next year!

Thanks again John and Renee for a great time. Here’s a few of my favorite pictures.


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