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First Frost!

Sitting in the office waiting to go flying….foggy and frost on the wings. The 2 things that slow you down at this time of year in the bush! The seasons are changing, the geese are moving and the temperatures have cooled off. The fish are still biting though. I was up at Morley on the Cobham last week again and rebuilt the walkway in front of the shed and closed it down for the season. While we were there of course we had to catch a few fish for supper…. although some of the ones I caught were too big!

The Conaway/Hiscocks party came out of Jeanette Lake yesterday and had a blast. 80’s to start the week and 40’s to finish it off. Typical weather in our part of the country for this time of year. They did catch many big fish, walleyes were caught up to 29 inches with a 28, 27, and multiple 25 and 26 inch fish to go along with those big boys. Fish went from 10 feet to 30 feet throughout the trip depending on the weather. Here are some pictures,

Here is a huge 42 inch northern pike. Great fish!

It is always good to see these guys, I know when I see them that the season is almost over!

3008 fish, 8 people, 7 days!!!

The Peters party came out of Loree the other day and had some good times, good weather, and no Bugs! Oh yea, they caught 3008 fish for the week! This group sure knows how to catch walleyes. They started a tradition last year with a sign and this year they had one ready to go. All they had to do was fill in the number.

Bernice and Ed saw their first moose last year and this year they saw 2. A cow and a calf this time. Betty and Jim were also fortunate to see a moose.

The big ones were not as willing as they were last year but they caught lots in the 20 to 24 inch range.

Jeanette Lake! The big ones were willing there this week!

The S. Arnie Safari came out of Jeanette this morning and had some great luck! Arnie has been with us since 1983 and had countless good times with his buddies and in the past number of years, with his sons. They were fishing in 20 to 35 feet of water for the big fish and shallower for supper sized fish. Using jigs and tails on the windy days and just a snell hook with a crawler on it when it was calm. Experience is a very valuable thing when it comes to catching trophy fish.

How would you like your first fish of the trip to be a…..

A 29 inch Walleye! Chad J. knows how that feels. In addition he caught a 27 inch walleye too.

The whole Johnson Family did very well on Jeanette. Here are the largest fish:
Chad J. 29 and 27 inch walleye
Charlie J. 26 and 25 inch walleye
Chris J. did the best on this trip catching a 23, a 25, 2-26 inch walleyes and a 28 incher!
Dad on the other hand could only muster a 22 inch walleye but I am sure he takes pride in seeing his boys catch trophy fish.

A 26 and 22 inch double header was one of the many highlights of the week. The Johnsons did bring Uncle Phil along for his first trip to Jeanette, pictured here in the double header. He surpassed his largest fish record of a 5 pound northern. He will be welcome back next time to break that record again.

We have been very busy lately and had lots of good pictures shared with us. Here are a few from Cobham Daniel when the Connaughty Party spent some time there recently. Enjoy!

Jeanette Lake Pictures and a note from the fishermen

Stork Party – Lake Jeanette, August 2nd – 7th, 2009

A dozen fisherman from IA, MI, PA, OH and IL returned to their
favorite fishing holes on Lake Janette in the first week of August, 2009.
This year’s trip was extra special because it included three generations
of avid walleye fisherman. Timing was everything for the young
anglers that witnessed what the long-timers believed was the
nicest quantity of larger-class fish that they ever witnessed. Nick
Russ, age 16, understood this first hand as he netted a 27 and 26 inch
walleye after three days of fishing.

Daily winners in the walleye pool were:
Sunday – Bill Duggan 24.5” Walleye
Monday- Tim Timmerman 27” Walleye
Tuesday – Bill Duggan 27” Walleye
Wednesday – Nick Russ 27” Walleye
Thursday – Bob Timmerman 25.5” Walleye

Overall, the group boated three 27 inch, three 26 inch, a half dozen or more 25 inch, a dozen 24 inch and a school of fish in the 20-23 inch range. The Honorable Judge
David Welu proved his case that chartreuse is a walleye’s favorite
color when he hooked over (100) one hundred 22 inchers. As a trip bonus, Jerry Welu caught a nice 24” walleye on his 12th birthday. Everyone caught
plenty of fish and are already anxious to return to the dark waters of
Lake Jeanette.

Here are some pictures of the good times the Stork party had on Jeanette lake recently. This is how you know the fish stories are true!

Huge walleye were more plentiful this year than two years ago.

The young guys seemed to be able to hold their own.

The leader with a big smile!

I’m sure there was some friendly competion going on but mainly teasing:) Looks like birthday time for Jerry!!

Great to see the big ones were willing to spread themselves around to everyone!

Nice to see the next generation visiting Amik Outposts

After 15 years in the tourist business since I was 19 years old, most of the fishermen that come to Amik Outposts have been older than Rena and I. That trend is beginning to change. It is nice to see groups of friends and young families making the decision to come up to Red Lake and experience a quality vacation on a beautiful remote lake with lots of trophy fish to catch. The Loftus Party went to Jeanette recently and had an awesome time. They had a good recommend on this particular lake since the group in front of them was Mason’s father in-law, Jerry N. and friends who have been fishing Jeanette with us for the past 10 years and may have told a few stories to Mason over the years at family functions… The fishing was great and the good times were too. Here are some of their pictures.

Shorelunch. This is a nice and easy way to enjoy those delicious walleyes!

When you have a big one on, a good man on the net is a neccesity. I have heard so many stories about the one that got away….

A nice big wally

Another one…

They caught a few Big northerns as well. These guys will be back on Jeanette in 2 years. We will be here to show them another great trip.

Recent highlights.

Here are a few of the highlights from around our lakes. Fishing has been normal with some real good sized fish being caught but numbers have been more of the talk recently.

The Hanson family fished Shearstone and caught lots! Mike had a 37 inch northern and Andrew who is 10 and on his first trip caught 2-23 inch walleyes. The biggest walleye was caught by Dad (Dick) and was a nice 25 incher.

Morleys had the Gehm party stay for 9 days and it turned out to be 10 days with a day delay with weather but this father/son group enjoyed every minute. They caught lots of upper 30 inch northerns with the largest being 39 inches and the walleyes were everywhere!

The Loftus crew fished Jeanette the week after the group leaders father in-law so they got to have a good visit and hear about the hot spots from a reliable source. A real good bunch of young guys and will be back in 2 years.

The Anderson party from Illinois were at Cherrington for 5 days recently and caught so many fish they had to make a video to prove it or no one would believe them! The video is 15 minutes long and it was constant fish on!! Bob caught a 26.5 inch walleye right off the dock and they figure they caught 40 to 60 fish right from shore at the cabin. Cherrington lived up to it’s reputation again, producing countless walleyes over the 22 inch mark!!

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Jeanette Lake=Good Times

The Knauf crew came out of Jeanette Lake this morning and caught fish like crazy. With the cooler weather and even some snow on Friday they had to figure out where the fish were everyday because the water temperature was changing daily and even during the different hours of the day. Evening fishing was definitely better than the morning this week on Jeanette and the fish’s depths ranged from 5 feet to 18 feet at times. The bait fish were very thick in the deeper water sometimes and were very visible on the depth finder Tony said. When the walleyes were shallow Tony out fished everyone one afternoon with a bobber and a hook with a minnow 3 feet down. He caught 52 walleyes in 3 hours, and lots of them were in the 20 inch class. Overall they said that the fishing was great.

The winner of the biggest fish though was this guy….Ralph. I tell most everyone that there are many big northerns caught right off the dock or just in front of the cabin. It looks like this one was caught right off the dock!. Ralph had the lucky hand this trip as he also caught a 40 inch,39.5 inch and a 36.5 inch in addition to this heavy 44 inch northern pike.

We also had some new guests at the Cobham last week from North and South Carolina and New Jersey. These guys drove all the way to Red Lake because the fishing is the absolute best! They had some good fish too. 3 northerns over 40 inches measuring 40,41,42 inches and 35 over 30 inches. The weather was cooler than seasonal which made for smaller walleyes than normal but they know how good it can be and will be back next year.

First Signs of Fall

We had some wind and rain the past couple of days and the temperature cooled off as well. As you can see from the picture above it was nice and clear this morning.Beautiful day for flying. About 30 miles south of the Cobham, I saw it…..the leaves are starting to change! Hard to believe that we are a month away from moose hunting and closing up. Time flies when people are having fun!

Here are some reports for the week.

Steve, Greg, and Dwight along with their lovely wives, came out of Jeanette yesterday and had a great time. Fishing was a little slower than normal but they still caught plenty of fish and had great weather. The Northern fishing on the last day was phenominal. I was a little late getting them out due to weather but nothing they haven’t seen before as they have fished Jeanette for many years. The wives come up every other year and they Lucky guys generally get to visit Jeanette every year. The big fish for the week were:
Greg 40 inch Northern
Steve had a 39 inch Northern who came totally out of the water 4 times
Sandy had a 25 1/2 inch Walleye on the 2nd cast of the trip
Anne had a Northern come right out of the water after her lure as she was messing with the line.

The Nelson party came out of Findlay recently where fishing was normal. Normal being great you know. The biggest fish of the trip was a 25 inch walleye. They said there were tons of walleyes and a good amount of bigger northerns.

Vee had some new guests fishing there and they came out yesterday as well. The Hamre Party. They reported catching fish all over and a 42 inch Northern was caught and released in the process. If I remember right, they also had a 26 and 2-25 inch walleyes. The gazebo and screened decks have been seeing a lot of use in the nice weather recently and this week was no different, no bugs and a nice view while eating dinner or having an evening cocktail.

The Western Family was in at Daniels for 7 days and came out this morning. The temperature went from 88 degrees to 34 degrees this morning when I picked them up this morning. I figured that the temp was close to freezing when I stepped on the dock. They had their biggest walleye right around the corner from the cabin where the fishing was very consistant. Nice to have a spot close to catch supper when the weather sucks. Biggest fish were:
Matt 25.5 inch walleye
Beth 24 inch walleye
Jennie 23 inch walleye
Beth had a funny story on the way in. She said the last time they were up, they fished Findlay Lake and she was catching so many fish that at one point she was releasing a fish and got mixed up and released her rod instead of the walleye. Gone. When I told here that there was a rod caught recently there she laughed like crazy. It is up on the wall on the deck as a trophy now.

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