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Jeanette Lake=Good Times

The Knauf crew came out of Jeanette Lake this morning and caught fish like crazy. With the cooler weather and even some snow on Friday they had to figure out where the fish were everyday because the water temperature was changing daily and even during the different hours of the day. Evening fishing was definitely better than the morning this week on Jeanette and the fish’s depths ranged from 5 feet to 18 feet at times. The bait fish were very thick in the deeper water sometimes and were very visible on the depth finder Tony said. When the walleyes were shallow Tony out fished everyone one afternoon with a bobber and a hook with a minnow 3 feet down. He caught 52 walleyes in 3 hours, and lots of them were in the 20 inch class. Overall they said that the fishing was great.

The winner of the biggest fish though was this guy….Ralph. I tell most everyone that there are many big northerns caught right off the dock or just in front of the cabin. It looks like this one was caught right off the dock!. Ralph had the lucky hand this trip as he also caught a 40 inch,39.5 inch and a 36.5 inch in addition to this heavy 44 inch northern pike.

We also had some new guests at the Cobham last week from North and South Carolina and New Jersey. These guys drove all the way to Red Lake because the fishing is the absolute best! They had some good fish too. 3 northerns over 40 inches measuring 40,41,42 inches and 35 over 30 inches. The weather was cooler than seasonal which made for smaller walleyes than normal but they know how good it can be and will be back next year.

Morels are ready around Red Lake

Maija and I went for a walk last night through the bush and found some tasty Morels. We had enough for a few meals in less than an hour, hopefully we can find some more tonight. If you are heading to one of our outposts soon you may want to keep your eyes open when you are out strolling after shorelunch!

The Davis party was at Cherrington last week and had a blast as always. The walleyes were absolutely huge. They caught 2-28, 1-27.5, a bunch of 25 inch walleye, a 32 inch Lake Trout and lots of upper 30’s in the northern category. A great bunch of guys Rena and I have known for many years and look forward to seeing each season.

Relaxing waiting for the plane.

Everyone caught lots of big fish!

Ray especially!

Tom with a Big walleye.

Temperatures Cooling off a little.

The Boots in the tree!!! I’ve seen a few of these in my time in the Bush.

We had some excellent weather for awhile now and I knew it was going to change sooner or later. It came this past weekend, our last really busy weekend. Saturday it was perfect, after the fog left. A little delayed but everyone had a good time and fishing was normal. I knew the weather was going to change on Sunday, more so up north. There was a front sitting 50 miles north of Red Lake, cool up north and hot down here in Red Lake. Everyone on Sunday too were moved in good time. It then proceeded to rain and mist for 2 full days up north. The Findlay guys I picked up today(a day late due to the crappy weather) said that the fishing was great in the Rain!

The Kidder guys came out of Findlay today and had great fishing! They caught some very nice Walleyes….27 3/4, 27 1/2,2-26’s, 2-25’s, and lots of 24 inch walleye!!

Here are some of the latest Notable fish:

Loree Lake Storino Party, 39 1/2 inch northern first flyin, had an awesome time.

Findlay Lake Eggers Party. These guys have fished many of our lakes and this one ranked pretty high. They are talking about bringing up the Grandkids next year!

Ketron Party came out of Morley and reported good fishing. Lots of 19-22 inch walleye and a 39 inch Northern. Commented how fat the fish are on the Cobham.

The River had the Rolfs Party. Every one in this group caught a Northern over 40 inches! The 2 Largest were a 44 and a 42 inches and many more in the high 30’s. They saw a cow moose right across the bay from the cabin calling and looking for her calf!

Springpole had the Hiscocks party. A great bunch of guys who’ve been fishing with us for many years. The Lake Trout fishing was excellent, as well as the walleye fishing. Mark figured they caught well over 50 Lakers and some of them were HUGE. 36 inches being the biggest. They had quite the temperature cahnge during their stay too, from 87 to 37 degrees. The largest walleye was a FAT 30 INCHER!! Everyone had a good time and are making plans for next year.

The Anderson/Unruh party were at Daniels and caught how many fish????
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

I was up there in the rain too, closing a couple of camps. Rainy weather sucks to work in.

I will be closing camps and doing work on the camps soon but I will try to keep you up on the September fishing reports and progress reports from around the camps.

New Pictures of some Dandy Northern!!

Here are just a few of the fish that were caught and released by our Comstock Party from the River camp recently. These pictures speak for themselves!!!


I went to a small get together for a very Seasoned Bush pilot last night and had a few. It was held at the Legion. There was a couple guys playing music and some food. Good times. Norm Wright has been flying for a Long time around Northwestern Ontario and around the world. I talked to him most everyday and would take a weather report from him any day. His back is in rough shape and sadly he has retired. Too many of those huge white coolers he says. If you are coming up fishing, please refrain from using those monsters!! 2 smaller ones are much better.

Norm was presented with a print of an Otter he flew for many hours and it was signed by all of the local Bush Rats

The Weather is still Great and the Fishing is Too!!

The Jones Party came out of Blackbirch this morning from their first trip with us. They had a Blast. The weather was perfect and the fishing was Great. One morning 3 of them caught and released 107 fish in 3 hours, Jenni was fishing off the dock and caught 12 fish, these are just a few of the stories we heard this morning. They also saw a bear swimming across the lake and eagles who befriended them and followed them around all day, waiting for an easy meal.

Jenni was so happy to be the co-pilot on the way home:)

Here are a few highlights from the past week,

Findlay had the Longshore Party from Ohio. These guys have fished here many times and Findlay did not disappoint once again. A Pair of 27’s and also a Pair of 26’s in the Walleye category. It was fairly hot for their liking but it cooled off at night. They also saw a bear crossing the river coming out of Russell lake.

Morleys on the Cobham had the Cook Party fishing this past week. They had a number of 40+ inch northerns up to the boat but…those ones got away. Seeing them up near the boat and how big they are is almost as good as actually having the pleasure of holding one of those monsters for a picture! They did catch 3-35 inch northerns and tons of walleyes. One 35 inch northern was caught on an ultralight. The mid-sized fish are generally the hardest fighters and catching a healthy northern on light tackle with no leader is a lot of fun!

Cobham River had our Hardcore Northern Fishermen from Parts Unknown! These guys love to eat walleyes but only fish them long enough to catch supper, then its back to the hunt for the Big Ones!!! This year they did great once again. The Largest fish of the week were 42.5, 42, and 2-40 inch Trophy Northern and had 41 measuring greater than 30 inches. Scott told me if you looked at each years pictures, you can see the fish pictured are larger each trip they make. They are getting more experience on the waters they are fishing and our conservation policy is paying big dividends. Here are last years pics from them and I will put this seasons up when I get them.

Bob H. and some friends came out of Cherrington yesterday, one of his friends was from Berlin, Germany and had never fished walleyes before. They said that the walleye fishing was totally crazy!! Bob H. said that their walleyes averaged between 20 and 24 inches. One of the many times they had a double header on, it turned out to be two Beauties, a 25 incher on one side of the boat, and a Big 27 incher on the other side. He said they make a trip every other year and he definatly wants to go back to Cherrington!!

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