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Quality Time.

You can tell John L. really enjoys the north! He was on Blackbirch last week and came out for one day and went right back into the Otter and took his son, son in-law and his grandson up to Vee lake for another trip. They took many amazing pictures and we are fortunate enough that they shared them with us. I can only post so many because they caught a lot of trophy sized fish! These pictures tell the story of an amazing vacation with your family!

When you get a giant pike on the line, sometimes they will be lost when you use the net. This is the way I chose to land them and so does John.

You need to wait until the fish is ready to be landed, trying to bring him in too early will result in losing possibly the fish of your life. Then bring him along side the boat so that your partner can get a hold of the bottom jaw firmly…don’t put your fingers in too far, near those razor sharp teeth or even into the gills. If you are the fishermen who is holding the rod, be sure to help keep the boat level during the landing of your trophy.

Then with both hands lift him out of the water making sure to support the body weight, keeping the monster level and not lifting him totally by the head. That hurts the fish and they will become immobile eventually, even though they may swim away afterwards.

Then the photo, measurement, and the release…there for someone else to catch. Only to get bigger! Eric’s smile says it all. Happiness. Thanks Dad.
Shorelunch and a break from the lake. Time well spent.

The walleye fishing was phenominal on Vee lake. The largest was 27 inches caught by Walker but there was a lot of walleye caught from 23 to 25 inches! Here are just a few pictures of some of the good ones.

Then it has to end sometime and this guy comes to pick you up. πŸ™‚

It has been pretty good flying weather lately. It sure makes my job easier and also makes our fishermen happier. Fishing is always great but sunshine cannot be replaced.

Thanks for sharing your pictures, we appreciate it. See you next year!

Things are pretty normal in the North.

Here is a video from the Berg family who fished Shearstone recently. 4 brothers and their sons spending some time in the bush. They had a great time and are looking forward to the next one!

We continue to give our guests memorable vacations as the summer seems to be flying by. The end of July is fast approaching and it is Norseman Days this weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and Rena and I will be able to go to town for a few hours Saturday night to enjoy the festivities. πŸ™‚

Fishing has been great lately, numbers have been as good as ever with a few big northerns being caught on all of the lakes. The trophy northerns have been caught on light tackle mainly, when walleye fishing, of course. It makes for a better story when you land a 40 plus inch northern on 8 pound test, no leader, on a jig!

Here are some pictures from the Parke party, from California. 3 years ago they made a once in a lifetime trip for Alex`s graduation…. They loved it so much, they have been back every year since then and hope to return in 2011. This year they drove to Calgary Alberta and flew to Winnipeg, then rented a car and drove the rest of the way to Red Lake. There are many ways to get yourself to Amik Outposts for your “once in a lifetime” trip!

Fishing Report

There has been a lot of happy people as always fishing our lakes, here are a few highlights:

Weber party, Findlay Lake. These guys try a new lake each season and had some good luck on the walleye factory called Findlay Lake. Gary, the leader, schooled all of his buddies… one day alone he caught lots of big fish! 22, 23, 23.5, and a 24.5 inch walleye. He also had the largest walleye of the trip a 27.5 inch fat walleye.
Hundreds of walleyes were caught by everyone in the 20 24 inch range. They were really impressed by the fishing on Findlay.

Rizzo party, Cobham River. These guys are very easy going and love the peaceful serenity the north has to offer. They never elaborate in much detail how many big fish they catch but this year they reported catching at least 5 fish in the 40 plus inch range. This group has fished all over Canada but have been our customers since the very beginning, since Rena and I were at the original Amik Lodge on Deer Lake.

Van Houweling Family, Cherrington Lake. Don from Iowa is another customer whom we have gotten to be close to since he has been with us since the Deer Lake Amik days as well. Fishing a number of our lakes but falling in love with Cherrington and those big walleyes it has to offer. Don always brought up a company trip for years but has begun bringing his sons and more recently his wife and his daughter in-laws as well. Last year was the first time for the girls and as many of our customers know, last season was cold and wet. I hoped they would have better luck with Mother Nature in 2010! I was thinking a lot about these guys and girls this week as it rained off and on for 3 out of their 4 day trip this year. The saving grace this time around was that the temperature was a lot warmer and the rain was not so hard that they could not fish out in it. So many things play a factor in a vacation in the outdoors, the weather being the biggest, but Don and his family experienced some of the best fishing they had ever had. Walleyes were BIG, at least 50 walleyes were 4 pounds or better and the numbers were awesome! I was happy to hear that! Hopefully the weather will be nicer to them in 2011!!

Springpole Lake continues to be one of our Hidden Gems. Fishing has been awesome there. The Rigalto party came out recently and like every other group that fishes there commented on how round and fat the walleyes are! The fishing was the best they had ever seen and hope to be back in 2 years. The biggest walleye was 26 inches but they had at least 30 that were 20 to 24 inches. The largest northern was 38 inches and they had 3 lake trout on the line but were not able to land any after getting them to the surface.

I always enjoy my early morning flights and get to see some awesome sights. Here is the view from a few days ago.

Fishing is steady, walleyes beginning to move out a bit.

It has been mostly sunny and warm up here recently, but not to hot. The fishing has been quite good with the walleyes in 6 to 12 feet of water. I fished for awhile on Shearstone last week and caught lots of walleyes in 9 feet on a overcast day.

I brought the Weston party out of Daniels today and Larry, the leader of the group was ecstatic! This was their first trip with us, although he has been fishing Canada for 40 years, he had never caught a northern over 40 inches. Many 39’s but never breaking the 40 barrier. Well this week on the Cobham, he not only broke the 40 inch plateau, but caught and released a fat 43.5 inch northern. His boys said he did not fish as hard after that satisfying feat that was a long time coming. Troy caught a couple nice fish as well, 38 and 39 inch northerns and walleyes were nuts right in front of the cabin by the fish gut rock on the last night. What a perfect way to end the trip!

Here are some pictures from last week on Vee Lake. Mike W. and his buddies fished there for their first time and caught some big fish.

Walleyes with shoulders!! Big!

I love it in July when the best lure for walleyes is a 5 of diamonds!!

Shearstone Lake pictures of a few big ones!

The big ones were quite active last week at Shearstone. And as the way it is intended… the kids catch the Trophies! Here are some pictures from their annual trip to Shearstone.

Tom is 12 years old and caught this 28 inch walleye as well as another 27 inch one who decided he did not want to get his picture taken.

The little brother Andrew (11) kept close pace with his older brother catching and releasing these 25 and 26 inch black walleyes. The color difference from lake to lake is cool. Shearstone fish are very dark.


That is what Rena and I heard from the last group that came out of Cobham Daniel this morning. The Anderson party loves to fish this body of water. And it helps that we had the best stretch of weather we have had all summer to go along with it. Even a little too warm at times but great just the same. They did not keep track of the numbers this year but said that this has to be the best yet. “We never went more than 30 seconds with out a bite.” These guys take lots of bait, because they catch alot of fish! 100 dozen frozen minnows and 2 pounds of leeches. Paul was talking about having to go home and get a cortizone shot in his elbow he set the hook so many times! The biggest fish were 29 inches on the walleye and 42 with many in the 36-38 inch range on the northerns. Rick told me when he left, they plan on making this trip until they are too old. I guess I will be seeing them for many years yet!!

The Hiscocks/Conaway party went to Loree lake for 10 days and just returned yesterday. These guys have been fishing with us for many years and have fished many of our lakes. From Monster lake trout on Springpole, Huge northern Pike on Jeanette or the walleye factory on Loree lake, these guys have a good time where ever they go with us. Here are a few pictures from their trip.

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Here is an old video but the sound is great. The guy who pulled the trigger on this video is coming up this fall again. I hope to get another, but better video of it.

Cherrington Lake pictures

The old “off the dock is the best place” story eh! Here is the proof from Cherrington at the end of June. This one was the biggest, a 26 inch Walleye.

Maybe a contender for the Photo contest?????

If you know the view off the dock at Cherrington, you know where this nice one was caught.

Another nice one!!

The smiles in these next ones tell the story for me.

Jeanette Lake Pictures and a note from the fishermen

Stork Party – Lake Jeanette, August 2nd – 7th, 2009

A dozen fisherman from IA, MI, PA, OH and IL returned to their
favorite fishing holes on Lake Janette in the first week of August, 2009.
This year’s trip was extra special because it included three generations
of avid walleye fisherman. Timing was everything for the young
anglers that witnessed what the long-timers believed was the
nicest quantity of larger-class fish that they ever witnessed. Nick
Russ, age 16, understood this first hand as he netted a 27 and 26 inch
walleye after three days of fishing.

Daily winners in the walleye pool were:
Sunday – Bill Duggan 24.5” Walleye
Monday- Tim Timmerman 27” Walleye
Tuesday – Bill Duggan 27” Walleye
Wednesday – Nick Russ 27” Walleye
Thursday – Bob Timmerman 25.5” Walleye

Overall, the group boated three 27 inch, three 26 inch, a half dozen or more 25 inch, a dozen 24 inch and a school of fish in the 20-23 inch range. The Honorable Judge
David Welu proved his case that chartreuse is a walleye’s favorite
color when he hooked over (100) one hundred 22 inchers. As a trip bonus, Jerry Welu caught a nice 24” walleye on his 12th birthday. Everyone caught
plenty of fish and are already anxious to return to the dark waters of
Lake Jeanette.

Here are some pictures of the good times the Stork party had on Jeanette lake recently. This is how you know the fish stories are true!

Huge walleye were more plentiful this year than two years ago.

The young guys seemed to be able to hold their own.

The leader with a big smile!

I’m sure there was some friendly competion going on but mainly teasing:) Looks like birthday time for Jerry!!

Great to see the big ones were willing to spread themselves around to everyone!

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