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Cherrington Lake pictures

The old “off the dock is the best place” story eh! Here is the proof from Cherrington at the end of June. This one was the biggest, a 26 inch Walleye.

Maybe a contender for the Photo contest?????

If you know the view off the dock at Cherrington, you know where this nice one was caught.

Another nice one!!

The smiles in these next ones tell the story for me.

Summer is flying by.

The season is flying by and September is almost here already, it seems we just got started. Opening camps and there were no leaves on the trees. Today, on my way to Blackbirch and back, I noticed lots of trees starting to turn yellow, that only means one thing….Hunting season is getting close!! My favorite time of year. There are still some fishermen yet coming to see us and many have gone home recently happy and refreshed after a relaxing vacation.

Here are some recent highlights:
Blackbirch had the Ryan and Schultz parties fish them recently and they both had great times. These people from the same area of Minnesota, love Blackbirch lake and it shows. The smiles on their faces when I pick them up is kind of a dead give away! There were many stories from the last 2 trips in there but here is a couple. Dave and his buddy Ben from the Schultz party caught 302 fish in one day. They were on the lake by 6:30 am and fished until around 6 pm and had a blast. Ben said to me that this has to be the best walleye fishing in the world! I just picked up the Ryan party this morning, a group made up of mostly couples. The boys had to have their guiding hats on this week since they brought along the women this trip. And as I expected the women outfished the men again….but Kevin did catch the biggest walleye of the trip measuring to his personal best of a fat 28 inches.

The Love party fished the Cobham River last week and were very impressed! They had been fishing in the Armstrong area for 25 years and saw a huge difference in the quantity and quality of the fish they caught. Much more walleyes and way bigger on average than they have ever caught before. LeeAnne was ecstatic on the way out when she told me that they had many double headers but one day her and Jim both had 5 pound walleyes on at the same time. They will be back!

Daniels had some regular visitors back again, the Herrington/Clark party. Here is last years post regarding their 40 inch club Brad C. is the last member waiting to catch his 40 plus inch northern. He has a large number of 39.5 inch northerns to his credit but just has been eluded by his Holy Grail. This was his year, finally catching a fish big enough to join the club his own son has been a member of for some time. There was no disputing this one, measuring 41.5 inches. I will share the pictures when I get them. They said walleye fishing was quite normal and the northerns went absolutely crazy one day before we had some bad weather which was a lot of fun.

Shearstone had the Thaller family back in 2009, 2 years ago they fished Cobham Morley and caught some Big fish. Here is the link to the post from their last trip. The boys are getting older and can catch fish with the best of them. Fishing right off the dock was awesome too. Peter caught a 25 inch walleye and a 38 inch northern, the biggest of the trip. They also had a bigger northern on but did not get the net in time and lost it but they were really excited. Joey who is 7 or 8 now caught a 32.5 inch northern….on a 18 inch walleye. They could not get the northern to let go so they just netted both of them!

The boys and I spent the night at Morleys the other night to rebuild and raise the first section of dock near shore. The water has been high for 2 years and has finally gone down to a point where some work can be done. Nice to have this job out of the way. Of course the fish fry was great too!!

The Otter looks good on a nice night.

The new dock is higher and drier.

Jeanette Lake Pictures and a note from the fishermen

Stork Party – Lake Jeanette, August 2nd – 7th, 2009

A dozen fisherman from IA, MI, PA, OH and IL returned to their
favorite fishing holes on Lake Janette in the first week of August, 2009.
This year’s trip was extra special because it included three generations
of avid walleye fisherman. Timing was everything for the young
anglers that witnessed what the long-timers believed was the
nicest quantity of larger-class fish that they ever witnessed. Nick
Russ, age 16, understood this first hand as he netted a 27 and 26 inch
walleye after three days of fishing.

Daily winners in the walleye pool were:
Sunday – Bill Duggan 24.5” Walleye
Monday- Tim Timmerman 27” Walleye
Tuesday – Bill Duggan 27” Walleye
Wednesday – Nick Russ 27” Walleye
Thursday – Bob Timmerman 25.5” Walleye

Overall, the group boated three 27 inch, three 26 inch, a half dozen or more 25 inch, a dozen 24 inch and a school of fish in the 20-23 inch range. The Honorable Judge
David Welu proved his case that chartreuse is a walleye’s favorite
color when he hooked over (100) one hundred 22 inchers. As a trip bonus, Jerry Welu caught a nice 24” walleye on his 12th birthday. Everyone caught
plenty of fish and are already anxious to return to the dark waters of
Lake Jeanette.

Here are some pictures of the good times the Stork party had on Jeanette lake recently. This is how you know the fish stories are true!

Huge walleye were more plentiful this year than two years ago.

The young guys seemed to be able to hold their own.

The leader with a big smile!

I’m sure there was some friendly competion going on but mainly teasing:) Looks like birthday time for Jerry!!

Great to see the big ones were willing to spread themselves around to everyone!

New Pics from Blackbirch

The Walter party fished Blackbirch recently and sent us a few pictures to share. It looks like they caught fish in all types of weather!!

Good rain gear is essential when you are going on a fishing trip. Lots of our fishermen say the fishing is awesome in the rain.

Looks like fishing is good when the weather is nice too….I guess it is good all the time!

Glassy water.

Fishing some of my old favorite spots on Cherrington

The girls and I went fishing on Cherrington today with my Mom, her husband Siggy, and our family friends Craig and Carolyn. It was an awesome day in the north…maybe 80 degrees out on the lake and tons of fish!! The girls and I had a number of triple headers! Here is the first fish of the day.

A good morning fishing and the first time in a number of years we have not been rained out for shorelunch, the girls figured they could make a fire….

And they did it, it was a good team effort, the girls and I made the fire, Craig and Siggy filleted the fish, Mom and Carolyn cut potatoes and then I was set to cook. It tastes so good over the fire.


Siggy with another important part of a shorelunch.

The girls cooled off in the lake and swam right across our honey hole to another island. We still caught a pile of fish in that spot after lunch.

Taina caught plenty of these.

Maija, Mom and Siggy fished together after lunch, here is a double they had on.

My last fish of the day was the biggest! 25.5 inch walleye!

We fished near each other all day, it was a blast to watch everyone catching fish.

The girls were plenty played out for the trip home.

Girl Power on Shearstone lake!!

The Frederick family spent last week on Shearstone lake and the girls, as usual out fished the men. David Sr. has fished many of our lakes and his son David and his wife Allison have accompanied him on the last number of trips but this year they added another fisher person to the group, Lisa, David Sr.’s daughter. She is from Arizona and I was a little worried how she would handle the rainy cold weather we had for a few days during their stay. When I arrived to pick them up everyone had big smiles and nice tans, on their faces anyways…not sure if it was from the wind or the good weather at the beginning and end of their trip! The weather was not a problem for Lisa or anyone else, the fishing in the rain was excellent. Lisa set the bar high at the beginning of the trip and no one was able exceed her largest northern catch ever of a 38 inch northern pike! She was really pumped to have been able to beat her dad and brother. David Sr. held the money on the walleyes with a 25 incher until the last day of the trip when his daughter in-law Allison caught the trophy walleye pictured below, a 26 inch walleye. This is her personal best in this category so it was a successful trip all around and for the record, the boys attributed the large catches to good guiding!!!

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The Peters put up a Huge number!!!

The group that loves Loree lake the most just returned this morning and they were ecstatic to say the least! We offered them 3 extra days as we had an opening and they jumped at the opportunity to spend 10 days on their favorite lake. Bernice has been looking for a moose every year she has been up here and this year she finally got her wish. As her and Ed were fishing in a narrows they heard some splashing coming from behind them, as they turned around there was a BIG bull standing about 50 yards away. They stayed quiet and the moose ambled along the shore slowly and continued into the water and swam across the lake right in front of them. As he got up on the shore he stopped and shook off and the spray glistened in the sun, they were so happy to get to see this sight. Ed made the comment that when he stopped and looked back it would have been a perfect shot!! I hope he stays close, I will be on Loree this fall for a week.:)

The weather this week was a little adverse at times but their number of fish was very impressive!! 3011 fish for seven people in 10 days. That is a lot of fish. Jim caught a huge 29 inch walleye who he named Walter. And then the very next day he had another big one on in the same spot. As he got it into the boat he measured it up and again it was 29 inches, with the same split in it’s tail. The biggest fish he has caught in all his trips to Canada. Ed had a 27 inch walleye and there were multiple 25 inch walleyes caught too. Carol caught a nice walleye and it spit up another walleye when they got it into the boat. Betty caught some big northerns on this trip, she had a 40.5 inch, a 35, and a 31 inch northern. Ed and Bernice were fishing in the bay behind the cabin and caught a few nice walleyes and 5 pretty big perch. The fish are still near the weeds in sometimes 4 feet of water but some are heading down to 15 or 16 feet. Things are still a couple of weeks behind but the cabbage weeds are growing and the fish are hanging around that oxygenated water. July is a great time to fish the north. Here are some pictures:

Good times at Loree Lake

Here is a note and some pictures from a recent trip to Loree lake from Natalie S. They had a few days where it was quite windy but had a good time despite.

“Just wanted to say “thank you” to John and Renee for making my first trip to Canada….the best ever. My group stayed at Loree Lake and had a great time. Although we didn’t have any record setting catches…..the ones we did, sure make for great eating 4 nights. I can’t wait to get back next year!

Thanks again John and Renee for a great time. Here’s a few of my favorite pictures.


Cherrington Lake pictures speak for themselves.

It has been a couple of years since we saw Larry K. and Ken F. but it is great to see old friends. I used to guide Ken early in my bush life on Deer Lake when we had a main lodge there. We’ve caught alot of fish together, back in the day when I had the time to fish… They went to Cherrington last week and caught a lot of big fish. These ones speak for themselves!!

Larry with a huge walleye.


Whitefish are even hitting jigs still. Usually you only catch them in the spring.

They caught too many big ones to write a caption beneath them all, Here they are:

The ones with the width between their eyes are the big ones!

Ken and Scott caught lots of Trophies on Cherrington last week too. Here are some of their pictures.

Ken still has the classic Amik hat!

Nice to see the next generation visiting Amik Outposts

After 15 years in the tourist business since I was 19 years old, most of the fishermen that come to Amik Outposts have been older than Rena and I. That trend is beginning to change. It is nice to see groups of friends and young families making the decision to come up to Red Lake and experience a quality vacation on a beautiful remote lake with lots of trophy fish to catch. The Loftus Party went to Jeanette recently and had an awesome time. They had a good recommend on this particular lake since the group in front of them was Mason’s father in-law, Jerry N. and friends who have been fishing Jeanette with us for the past 10 years and may have told a few stories to Mason over the years at family functions… The fishing was great and the good times were too. Here are some of their pictures.

Shorelunch. This is a nice and easy way to enjoy those delicious walleyes!

When you have a big one on, a good man on the net is a neccesity. I have heard so many stories about the one that got away….

A nice big wally

Another one…

They caught a few Big northerns as well. These guys will be back on Jeanette in 2 years. We will be here to show them another great trip.

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