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Are you Ready to hunt Pike!!!

Rena and I are heading up to Red Lake this week.  The weather has been very nice but almost too nice.  We need some rain to help speed up the ice out.  Ice out is proceeding along normally, so I hope things continue on this coarse.


Early spring is the time the Northern Hunters come to Amik Outposts.  Every year our guests catch and release hundreds of monster pike and this year  with the  sunshine we have had the BIG ONES should be plentiful.  Every year is different, but on the years when we have lots of sun, there seems to more trophy fish caught than on the years where it is cloudy and rainy.  One of my favorite lines is “I can control a lot of things, but the weather is not one of them”  There are lots of huge fish in our lakes you just have to hunt them!!!




Two 40 inch pike!

Here are some pictures from Sam T. from Minnesota of a couple of very healthy northern pike on Cherrington Lake in July. They measured 40 and 40 and 1/2 inches!
Thanks Sam, see you next year.

Time for me to start spending time in the bush!

Fall is slowly setting in up here, I even saw 2 small flocks off geese flying south yesterday in some crappy misty weather. The boys and I spent the last couple of nights at Morleys and took the boat over to fix the dock at Daniels. Here is the end result after finding and cutting at least 20 eight foot logs for a new crib and many boat loads of rocks! A nice solid dock!

The fish were easy to find on the way home on the Cobham and we had fish for supper both nights! Keeping the burgers for when we are weathered in for an extra day!!!

This was last week when we were up at Cherrington, the last couple of days have been windy and rainy, not clear like this. All this wind of late has to be the changing of the seasons…..

A hook in the hand is not the end of the world!

I recently received the pictures from the Pfeiffer party when Todd had a bit of a mishap. A small northern on one hook of a lure and your hand attached to the other. When grabbing ANY fish you have to be careful, remember you are on a flyin trip miles away from the emergency room. This has happened a few times throughout the years, most of the time if the hook cannot be removed at the camp buy the fishermen and depending on how long they have left on their stay, the hook can sometimes stay in there until you fly out. It is a good reminder to look online for instructions on removing a hook in the wilderness. All I can suggest is that you do not think about it for long, just get it out! Tie a line to the J of the hook and hold down on the front. Then with a fast jerk, pull the line while holding down on the hook and it should come right out with minimal tearing from the barb.

Here they are!

Ouch! And the culprit is there to watch!

I think I know who got the last laugh though!

And there you go, out with minor damage. I saw Todd’s hand on the way out and you could barely see where the hook had been!

This video shows how you should do it. They don’t mess around, they don’t even cut the hook off!

Cherrington Lake walleyes are big!

Here are some new pictures of some more trophy sized walleyes, this time from Cherrington lake. I wrote about the S. Arnie Safari and here are a few pics and a little note from the boys who are headed back to Jeanette in 2011.

Dear John and Rena

Here are some pictures that made up the great safari (fishing) we had this year. To bad Arnie was missing in action. You may want to put a couple of these on your revolving picture show or John’s Blog. By the way, the fish was really good eating. Sorry I did not get a picture of any of Ed Benka’s fish. We are looking forward to next year on Jeanette again. Thanks for all the work you put into these camps that make our adventures so successful.

Hockey players love to fish too!

My old buddy Dick Hoene was back last week and brought some friends with him. A bunch of old and young hockey players. Dick is a great fishermen and had his work cut out for him with a few novice fishermen in the group. When the first fish was caught one of the new guys pulled a pair of channel lock pliers out of his pocket to remove the hook. Not exactly your ideal tool to remove a deep lodged hook from a fish. But by the end of the week that same fishermen caught the biggest fish of the trip! Is it the guide or is it the fishermen?

Here are some pictures of the great time they had:

How would you like to face off against these 2 monsters?

A couple of young wingers from Minnesota were in the group and were pretty excited to start catching fish. They caught a lot! Here is a nice walleye!

It was very hot at times last week and the best way to cool off is just like this! Please make sure the water is deep enough before attempting the cliff jump though!

There were hundreds of fish caught this size. Dick alone caught 850 fish for 7 days of fishing!

A giant pike is the sure way to ensure a return customer. This is a very healthy fish. Head the size of a shovel!

With the young guys along there was lots of exploring to do! This is up in the old burn from 4 years ago.

The rookie with a beautiful golden walleye. A fat 26 incher! Great fish.

There continues to be thunderstorms every few days. This one in the distance is almost done. You can see the anvil shape at the top as it blows out with a nice “red sky at night, sailors delight!”

Good times had by all, and good for the boys to spend some time in the bush.

It is nice to see the next generation having a good time

The Tupy/Novotny party came out of Cobham Morley recently and as always it was a great time. 4 young guys, younger than me anyways, maybe I am getting older, and a couple of the Dads as chaperone’s. They made their second trip to the Cobham and had another good time. Nothing extraordinarily big this year, 24 inches on the walleye and a 39 inch northern I think was the largest last week, but the number were of fish they caught was totally nuts!! They commented on the large number of 20-22 inch walleye. They saw a moose and got some great scenic pictures in addition to the fish pictures.

Andrew, who had a 31 inch walleye on Findlay a few years ago had the biggest walleye and biggest northern this trip.


Doug, the smallest guy, is always the last one into the Otter, pictured here with a nice one.

These guys love beer so there is no room on the Otter for bringing in bottled water. There is no need for it if you buy a filter and go get it from the lake. We have never had an issue with people drinking lake water.

There has been plenty of great weather this summer, it is nice to get back closer to a normal summer.

And then the dreaded last day…..until next year!

Loree Lake!

We recieved some pictures recently from the Frazer Party who fished Loree Lake in June. Here are some of the best ones.

The leader of the group with a nice walleye on the first day.

Walter with an eater! Someday I am going to go squirell hunting with Walter in Wisconsin and see his confesional made out of Jack Daniels bottles!

I will be looking for this monster soon enough!! He will be BIG by fall!

With some outfitters this is a highlight, with us, doubles are quite common.

There must be pot of gold at the end of the dock.

A Trophy Northern.

The measurement before releasing him to get even bigger.

This is the biggest reason to make a trip to an outpost, uninterupted time with your buddies, just easier when you have a nice place to sit.

Another nice black average 20 plus inch walleye.

It is always great to see these guys, same time next year!!!

More pics from the Peters on Loree Lake

Every once in awhile we get reports of the thought to be extinct “Blue walleye”. They are most commonly caught on Loree and Cobham lakes as well as in some of our remote moose hunting lakes. Here is a picture of these “Extinct” fish!!

And as always the Big ones! Fishing on our lakes is always good to us and to most people, it is the best they have ever experienced! Trophy fish at Amik Outposts are the norm not the exception.

How would you like to be stared down by this guy!

The Rockford party has been with us many times as I have written about before, but this year they had a new visitor visit them in camp! Have a close look.

They saw this old looking wolf a number of times but none more closely than the first time. 6 feet away. He was headed straight for the fish guts, except they were still being filleted! Everything and everyone gets old, even the wolves. I suspect this wolf was a loner, pushed from the pack or could not keep up with the rest. Poor old guy. He never bothered anything, just went and licked the rock where the fishguts were dumped, looking for something to eat, probably never to be seen by human eyes again.

The reason these guys love Springpole Lake….

Thats right. Lake Trout! Right in front of the cabin.

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