Canadian Fly In Fishing
Canadian Fly In Fishing

It’s time to GIVER.



We have been waiting for this time to come!  The ice is going and we are opening camps.  We will have just enough time.   Like always…… 🙂

We have been fairly cool at night so the ice has taken its time leaving.  Plenty of lakes are still iced over too much to get in but almost all of our lakes are open or will be shortly.  The ice has gone out up north before the lakes east of us.  A fairly common occurrence and ice out being May 9-10 is pretty normal.  Fishing should be awesome!!!

This was BlackBirch this morning on our way to Cherrington to drop of motors etc.  The ice will be gone from there in another day or so.    We will be busy for the next 2 weeks getting camps ready for the season.  Rena and Taina will be at the base getting the next load ready and the boys will be up north getting it done.  

From what I have seen so far, the water levels are perfect on the camps to the west and a bit lower over by Findlay and Loree.  I couldn’t get into Shearstone, Jeanette but DarkWater was perfect also, just up to the dock.

And I saw a few mosquitos today!!!! 

If you are still looking for a fishing vacation for this summer, please send us an email or call us.  Our schedule is ever changing and we can do our best to accommodate you.  Click here to inquire about a LAST MINUTE FISHING TRIP.





A few more dates :)

We have been booking people steadily lately and have filled all of the holes we had on our last blog.  Here are a few more dates that we have available for this season due to cancellations and health issues of some of our guests.

Cobham Daniel May 26-31, 2019

Cobham River June 1-5, 2019

Shearstone Lake June 26- July 1, 2019

BlackBirch Lake June 29- July 6, 2019

Vee Lake July 10-16, 2019

Jeanette Lake June 25-30, 2019

Please let us know if you would like to book any one of these trips.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone this summer.



Getting ready to roll!!

Spring is here and the snow is melting.  It has been a normally long winter and the longer days and warmer temps feel great.  The snow is melting fairly slowly which is good to keep water levels at a good level and the fire risk low .

Our commercial fishing season on Lake Manitoba is over.  5 months of working out on the slab of ice is enough.  It was a good season with consistent catching throughout the winter.  We fed many, many people this winter.  We enjoy what we do out there working amongst Nature, most of the time.  Here is Dustee on the last day looking sad because she knows that we won’t be back until next fall.  The Bombardier is right full of fish!


We are busy getting ready for the season, preparing and ordering supplies we need to keep the camps up to snuff so all of our guests can enjoy their trip problem free.

As we approach spring our schedule is always changing with groups adding extra people and others having to cancel or re-schedule.  We have had some Prime Dates open up recently and would love to fill them.  Here are some available dates we have open at this time:

Cobham Daniel May 26-31, 2019 (5 day)

Cobham River June 1-5, 2019 (4 day)

Shearstone Lake June 26- July 1, 2019 (5 day)

Findlay Lake July 5-11, 2019 (6 day)

Dark Water Lake June 29- July 4, 2019 (6 day)

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like dates other than we have listed here.  Our phone number is 807-735-9968 or you can simply click here to inquire about about dates for a great fishing vacation.



The New Brochure

A project we have been working on for awhile now is complete!  We have made a new brochure for this season and will have a PDF version of it on our website soon for our guests to download.  Here is the front page.


This year we will be attending the Northwest Sportshow at the Minneapolis Convention Center on March 21-24.

In the past 8 years we have not been attending any of the Sportshows.  Our faithful guests, good word of mouth and our website have kept our numbers great over this period of time.  We can always use more and new guests but this is more of a working vacation.  A time to get away from home, see what is happening in the industry, visit some of our guests and competitors, and have the opportunity to talk fishing with some new people.  It will be good to be back.

If you would like to get your hands on the new brochure come down to the show, Booth 1111.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Looking at the long term forecast it looks like it is going to start warming up.  We have lots of snow and when it melts it will take the ice out pretty quick.  Hopefully we have a nice slow warm up. I can feel the longer days giving me more energy already 🙂

Spring is coming…..

The days are getting longer and there is some heat in the sun.  The outside temperature though has been below normal.  Minus 25-30 Celsius every night and minus 15-20 for highs.  You get used to winter when it settles in like this.  Most days are pretty nice.  If you are dressed for it. 🙂  Spring is coming, I know it is.  It just depends when it decides to show up.  We are due for a warm up.  It has been cold since well before Christmas.

With the longer days comes preparation for the next season.  We have been busy getting questions answered, booking people for next season as well as fishing, trapping and playing some hockey.  Here are some pictures to help you remember what we are waiting for is worth it.




Are you thinking about summer?

We are in the dead of winter.  The days are getting longer but it is pretty normal for the end of January.  COLD!  We are in a deep freeze and it is supposed to continue for another week at least.  _30 to -40C at night and -20C or colder each day.  If the wind is not blowing and the sun is shining it is actually a nice day.  Although today is -25, snowing and blowing.  That is why I am indoors writing a blog today…..

Hopefully you have been thinking about summer.  Our 2019 season is looking like it will be a busy one.  We still have some dates left here and there throughout next season.  If you haven’t booked your trip yet please do not delay.  Click here to inquire about dates for next season.

The Otter has been in the hangar and is almost done with the winter maintenance.  She will be ready to go for another season.  I have been there giving it a good cleaning and keeping up to date on the progress they are making.  



It was a late start to get out trapping this year. Around Xmas we finally got enough snow and I am just starting to catch. Here is a Pine Marten from one of my ground boxes.

This is the first season in 20 years that I haven’t coached hockey. So now I work the clock at the Junior B games with my buddy Floyd. Can’t stay away from the rink completely, it has been in my blood for too long and Floyd and I spent lots of time in the penalty box so it feels like home. 🙂

Of course anytime I am out on the lake, Dustee has to be right there with me. She is doing good and enjoying her runs out on the lake. And all the fish she can eat.



25 years ago Rena and I began working with my parents at Amik Lodge and Outposts.  Since then we have grown into a great team who have tons of experience in the outfitting business and know how to keep our guests happy and coming back year after year.  Pictured below is the first Cessna 185 that I used to camp check in.




The Outfitting business has seen a major turn over in the past year or two.  Many outfitters are getting to the age where they are ready to hang it up and sell to a new owner.  The flyin outfitting business is a small community and in our time with Amik Outposts there has not been many changes.  There will be many new faces at the Sporthows this winter behind some well established companies booths.  Amik Outposts on the other hand has not been doing many Sportshows in the past 8 years, we have been putting our dollars towards improving our cabins and equipment.  Our philosophy is that it is easier to keep our guests happy so that they want to come back, not find new ones.  We want to be your only Outfitter. 

Whether you are a first time flyin fisherman or an experienced group of fishermen looking for a better outfitter, you can not go wrong with choosing Amik Outposts.

Here are a few things to consider when you are booking your Fishing Vacation to Canada.

Experience in the business.  We have operated on the same lakes for our entire career.  We have started at the bottom and worked our way through every job that needed to be done and have learned to be efficient and provide a First Class Experience to our guests. 

Organization.  Rena and I have taken pride in our work and want to make sure you have a great time.  We look after the smallest details in all aspects of your trip right from the planning, having a well outfitted camp, the flight and the fishing.  We offer assistance with many factors of your trip planning , Groceries, Bait, Beverages.  Many outfitters have stopped doing these extra items, we have not.

Your Pilot.  With Amik Outposts, the pilot flying you to your camp is the owner.  I have been flying this area of Canada since I was 19 years old and strive to make every flight the smoothest flying experience  of your life.

The Fishing.  Having been in the business for a long time we know how our fishing compares to the rest of Canada.  We can honestly say that our fishing is World Class.  We have had fishermen who have fished all over the World and Canada, after fishing with us, their search for the best is over.  Our Conservation policy, a healthy gene pool and a pristine environment ensures that our fishing will stay great forever.  We are fortunate to be able to share this awesome renewable resource with our guests.

Comfortable Cabins.  Our cabins are not fancy.  They are functional and comfortable.  Breathtaking views of the lake, screened in decks, new mattresses, a Sat phone for emergency use, dry boats with good solid seats and reliable motors.  We do our best to ensure the small details are looked after also such as a new grill every 2 seasons, having 2 refrigerators at each camp and many other small items to make sure your trip is uneventful and enjoyable.

When you are researching outfitters for your next Fishing Vacation look at the map of Ontario and have a look where the outfitters are located.  If you look up into the far Northwest corner of Ontario away from everyone else.  That is where you will find us.

Please click here to enquire about fishing with Amik Outposts in 2019!


An Easy Start to Winter

So far this winter it has been pretty nice.  After a cold snowy fall in the North we have slowly eased into winter on the Prairies.   There has been very little snow here but in the North around the camps it has been pretty normal with more snowfall.

We have had -20 to -30 Celcius so far but we have also had beautiful days where it is barely below freezing.  This sure helps shorten the winter if you can get into December without too many big storms.  Although we need some serious moisture.  After a dry year last year the farmers in the area need some snow to bring back up the water levels and the pastures.

My Brother, Dustee and I have been out on Lake Manitoba commercial fishing, and we have 2 feet of ice already.  With little snow on the ice whenever it gets cold the ice goes down fast.  The ice is as flat as a mirror and in the beginning you could not stand on the ice with out creepers.  

Dustee had a tough time on the smooth ice too!



Fishing has been very good.  For the 3rd year in a row!  Usually we do not get this many years in a row of good fishing but we will take it.  Walleyes are very plentiful and the price is pretty high so we are happy.  It is not an easy job on your back but being out on the lake not seeing another soul except my brother and Dustee is totally worth it.  We learned last year that almost all of our Walleye head to the US to Culver’s Restaurants.  If you eat there, have the Walleye.  It came from our lake.

The days are very short now and we get to the lake just after 8am and the sun is just getting up.

And then by 3:45 in the afternoon it is almost on the horizon.  As we get older, the short days are kind of nice.  At 3pm, we both get “The 3 o’clock back”  that’s when you start to think about going home cause you have bent over too many times in a day.

There is many things that can go wrong out on the lake and the biggest one is the crack.  A lake this size expands and contracts up to 6 or 8 feet at times.  The lake finds it’s pivot points and the crack moves back and forth.  Sometimes you have to travel a mile or more to find a safe place to cross.  Last week it opened up, froze a bit and drifted over.

We were looking for a place to cross, couldn’t find a good spot so we kept looking for a better place to cross.  My brother was checking to see how wide the crack was with the chisel.  He chipped in this side of the crack and it looked fine.  As he was hopping to the other side to check the thickness there, DOWN HE WENT! Right up to his chest and neck. I was about 50 yards away and was running.  I saw the whole thing.  Of course he did not want to drop the chisel in the lake so he held onto that.  One thing about falling through the ice.  You don’t stay in long.  Even with a 10 pound chisel in one hand my brother got out before I could reach him.  Not a big deal, we just went home, he put on some dry clothes and boots and we went back to the lake to finish the day….

Hopefully everyone had a good deer season and spent plenty of time in the bush.  I hunted quite a bit and had a couple of big bucks on the go.  Of course it is so hard to meet up with the big ones in the daylight.  I ended up harvesting a older ugly buck to clean up the gene pool.  

Our local hunting club had the Deer Head night last weekend.  The bucks this year were bigger than we have had in a few years.  Our deer herd which was decimated a few years ago is back and doing well.  Plenty of big ones and lots of nice ones.  Our youth category is thriving as well with lots of younger kids getting out there and hunting.  Here are some pics of the biggest and weird deer from this season.


We are still putting the puzzle together for 2019 and dates are filling up.  Please click here to request dates for 2019.

As one goes out another comes in!

Wayne Kaartinen passed away September 8 , 2018.  He was 72.  This was the last time I saw him, only 3 days before he passed.

Amik Lodge/Outposts was first owned by the Arnason family and my dad, Wayne, worked part time on heavy equipment building roads for them was the man who brought Amik Lodge to its feet in 1991.  A dilapidated main lodge on a northern reservation, this posed many challenges which he met head on and the people of Deer Lake grew to love him and were also very sad to hear of his passing.  Through many hours of hard work the lodge was a pristine environment by the end of the first season.  In 1992 Amik began opening  up some new lakes and Wayne was the guy to build them from scratch.  And Amik Outposts was born.  I am happy I am here and it is all because of him.

I remember this hunt like it was yesterday.  A big snow storm and I shot a jack rabbit!

Quite a few of our guests had a connection with Wayne.  Many of our guests were booked by my dad at the Sportshows and believed his stories of fantastic fishing and great times in new cabins with “Solar!!” power, lights and water at the tap.  These same guests are still fishing our lakes and continue to have a great time with us.  Just like Wayne said they would 25+ years later. Not much has changed at the camps, Wayne had it right the first time.

Wayne wore many hats in his lifetime and was not afraid of anything.  Raised by his bachelor Uncles, he had to be tough.  He was a Farmer, a machinist, heavy equipment operator, commercial fisherman, both on Lake Manitoba on the ice as well as on the Pacific Ocean long line fishing, a hockey coach for 20 years and a pilot.  But Dad always said he wanted to own a gold mine in the mountains.  That’s exactly what he did the last 10 years of his life.  He loved it and was in his glory.

We are all going to miss him greatly but I feel fortunate that he showed me the things that I am passionate about.  The biggest thing he taught me was that anything can be accomplished if you work hard enough.

As one generation passes on, the next one shows up.  It is too bad that Dad couldn’t make it to meet his Great Grandson.  Jack Dean came into the world on Oct 29, 2018.  Our first grandson!  Rena and I could not be happier!

Our kids tell us how they loved growing up in the bush and the life of moving back and for each season.  Well, we would like to announce that our Daughter Taina and her soon to be Husband, Aaron will be working with us in 2019!  Taina and Aaron will be starting right where we were 25 years ago.  A new baby, a new pilot and a lot to learn.  

We are looking forward to what the future holds.  It will be great to have Taina, Aaron and Jack so close.


Moose Hunting 2018

Another moose hunt is complete!  Mother Nature made it difficult as always.  This was the 2nd coldest October on record, and we were out in it trying to get close to the big black beasts in the snow and cold.  It snowed or rained 5-6 days each week for more than 3 weeks.   Temperatures were just barely above freezing during the day and cold at night.  We burnt lots of firewood this year!

This year the moose rutted very late.  They do not breed like most animals.  We had cold weather and some calm times but the moose were not very active during the first 2 weeks of our hunt.  They started to come to life during the 3rd week of our hunt but we did not get a bull to come out until the last day.  

Hunting these animals takes great perseverance and a strong mind.  Keeping your spirits up and getting out there early each and everyday can be tough.  This year was no different.  I was guiding Greg and Tom, and as we approached the last days of the hunt we had to stay sharp.  The moose had started to make more noise each day and I knew we were still in front of the rut so it was going to happen soon.  As I remember all of the moose we have harvested over the past 25 years, most of them had been shot on sunny days.  Oct 6 was my birthday, and I got to see the sun that evening, and we heard a bull nearby….

The last morning we headed out and it was pretty windy.  On the way to our hunting spot we decided to change locations as the wind was a different direction down the lake.  I dropped Tom off on a nice point in a calm bay.  Greg and I continued down the lake about 1000 yards and I began grunting and raking brush.  After my first calls, Tom heard the Bull start coming.  No grunting, just antlers going through the bush like a piece of plywood.  Each time I raked brush, the bull came closer.  Before he came out of the willows Tom could see the white paddles of the antlers.  He had time to range him at 197 yards and he was plenty ready, laying across the rock with a perfect rest for his 300 Win Mag single shot.

The bull came out and stood, looking down the lake towards my call.  Then I heard it…. Boom, Boom, Boom, with a slight delay between shots for Tom to reload.  I was not right beside him but he said I trained him well.  Take him on the shoulder and keep shooting until he goes down.  Tom did exactly as I instructed.  3 shots.  The first one was right on the shoulder and then the bull turned around.  He gave him 2 more in the exact same spot on the other shoulder less than 2 inches apart!  This beautiful 48 inch bull only went 25-30 yards and was a 30 foot haul to the boat!








The one bad part about shooting from your stomach with a large caliber is that sometimes you get touched by the scope! 3 shots, 3 cuts but they were all perfect.  His smile and blood dripping off of his nose when I picked him up were priceless!!




There was someone else back at camp who was pretty happy with our success…

Dustee had her part to do as well to clean off the head for Tom.  She was happy to oblige.

Dustee and I headed back up north to close the last few camps and do some work but the forecast was for more bad weather.  

I hunted the first night we got back up north and saw a bull and couldn’t get a shot and also called a cow and calf in.  That night it started snowing and didn’t stop for 3 days.  Windy and snowing, it was a full time job to keep the fire going and snow off of the Otter.

We were able to get most of the work done but some of the jobs will have to be done in the spring.  Mother Nature was closing the door on our season and it was time to get out of the bush.

As we finally got a break in the weather to get home, the area towards Shearstone had quite a bit more snow and most of the lakes were beginning to freeze over as the water temp was very low after this much snow.

The motors are all serviced and the airplanes are put away for the winter.  It was a great summer and we would like to thank all of our guests who came to see us this summer.  We hope you enjoyed your time in the bush and we look forward to seeing you all soon.  

Please keep an eye out for our newsletter that will be coming out near Thanksgiving.  If you would like to sign up to for it, please click here.

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