What is happening at Amik Outposts?

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Almost done another one!

Where does the time go?  Another season is almost done .

First Timers

We have had plenty of first time flyin fishermen recently.&n.

More pictures

The days are getting shorter and it has finally cooled off a.

It has been Great so far!

We have been seeing lots of happy people!  Fishing has .

Time in the Bush is Special…..

Rena and John, We are back home and in trying to get into th.

Finally got some Rain!

I realize that the Blog has been lacking lately.  We ha.

Time Flies!

We have been going hard, flying everyday and moving happy pe.

Suntans and Smiles 🙂

  We have been busy and life is good.  Our fisherm.

The season is well underway!

We have been going hard, getting ready for the season. .

It’s time to GIVER.

    We have been waiting for this time to come!&nb.

A few more dates 🙂

We have been booking people steadily lately and have filled .

Getting ready to roll!!

Spring is here and the snow is melting.  It has been a .

The New Brochure

A project we have been working on for awhile now is complete.

Spring is coming…..

The days are getting longer and there is some heat in the su.

Are you thinking about summer?

We are in the dead of winter.  The days are getting lon.


25 years ago Rena and I began working with my parents at Ami.

An Easy Start to Winter

So far this winter it has been pretty nice.  After a co.

As one goes out another comes in!

Wayne Kaartinen passed away September 8 , 2018.  He was.

Moose Hunting 2018

Another moose hunt is complete!  Mother Nature made it .

The End is Fast Approaching

We are nearing the end!  Only a week or 10 days that we.

Loree Lake’s longest residents

Jim and Betty Peters have fished on Loree lake for many year.

The Undisputed Angler

The Clark/Herrington boys have been fishing with us for many.

Last Minute Moose HUnt

We have had some changes in our moose hunting schedule and h.

An Outpost trip is more than a Fishing Trip

Each year we meet lots of new people and every one has a dif.

Unplug to Recharge

We continue to see all kinds of return guests and lots of ne.

Dodging Bullets

Operating in the Far North of Northwestern Ontario can somet.

Over the hump.

We are over the hump and past the summer solstice the days w.

Good fishing, Good weather, Good times!

Our season continues to roll on and we have seen many happy .

Smiles all around!

We have been very busy and our guests continue to have fun a.


That is the only way to describe how fishing has been at Ami.