We have been hit with a harder winter this year.  We need the moisture but things are getting buried this year in the snow.  Every week we seem to get another snow storm.  We are at the point now where the Caterpillars and Loaders are pushing the snow way back and piling it very high in the hopes that the wind will stop blocking the roads for awhile.  We still have plenty of winter yet to go and we haven’t hit the snowy part yet…

Here are a few pics from our roads where we live a couple of hours north of Winnipeg.

As the snow becomes deeper, things get rough out on the lake and when it warms up it is hard going in the soft snow.  We had an axle break right off the other day.

We were able to unhook the suspension from the tire, tie up the bogey and limp our way home, from 6 miles out.

There is not too many people that could rescue us out there when there is no visibility so we do what we have to do to get home.  This breakdown wasn’t too hard to fix as my brother is a good welder and had it fixed within a couple of hours.  We were back out there the next morning at sun up.

The Otter is all ready to go!  Pretty routine maintenance this winter.  This is a good running engine with very few issues.  The prop is the only thing left to finish up as it was taken off for some maintenance. 

The days are getting longer and as usual, I can feel the energy coming back.  Although we still have a month and a half at least of winter remaining.  We are planning on a great season and will be ready for to see our old friends and new guests this summer!

The World is watching Canada and our Trucker Freedom Convoy.  This is a huge event and it has spurred similar protests and convoys around the World.  I hear there is a large Convoy headed for Washington……..

We support our Truckers across Canada and the USA!  We will always be on the side of Freedom!  They  represent The People and have woken up the entire nation, bringing together every race, every religion, every age, vaxxed or unvaxxed, we are all Canadian.  There are some additional words I would like to use to describe what is happening here and the few who oppose this movement but I will leave it at that.  This is not over yet.

We are many, they are few…. 


We appreciate all the support from our guests as we continue to get emails from people who are concerned.  Anyone who knows us will know that we will be on the right side of history when this is all done.  We will stand strong with our fellow Canadians as well as our cousins from the USA.  HOLD THE LINE…