Happy New Years to all of our guests.  We are looking forward to a different year than the one that just passed.  I am sure everyone is thinking the same thing.  We are always positive type people and try to look back and think about what went right this year.  We have a second Grandson, I got to spend a lot of time fishing, flying and working one on one with my son in law Aaron, we did quite a bit of work on the camps, found some work to ensure our survival, shot 2 moose so we have plenty of meat, and most of all…. we are very booked up for the 2021 season!  Plenty of good things happened that we are grateful for.  We understand that a positive attitude and outlook will bring a better result than a negative one 😁 

This is only the second time Rena and I have not spent New Years together.  The last time…. I was in the bush, stuck in bad weather flying on skis.  This year I am travelling around by chopper and a Sherp.  It will be party time when I get home.  

Here is the link to our Online Shop in case someone is in need of a late Christmas gift.  Thank you to everyone who has made orders so far. Amik Online Shop

Dustee and I went to Loree lake today and picked up some trail cameras I left in the fall.  After a quick look, there was a few moose, some beavers, a lynx, a wolf and some foxes.  I will do a blog when I get home in a month about what happens in one place in the bush over a few months.  Here are some pictures from our outing today. 
I didn’t even tell her we were going flying. She over heard us talking and went and got right inside.  She is so smart.