Jim and Betty Peters have fished on Loree lake for many years and have given more sore lips than anyone else.  Two years ago they said “Goodbye” as they thought that they were getting too old to do it anymore.  Their nephew Kevin who has been fishing Loree for almost as long took over their date and kept the tradition alive.  Missing out on the fishing trip for only one year and Jim and Betty were back!  Still in great health, they are going to keep fishing Loree Lake. I knew they would be back…… 🙂

This year they had the best year that they have ever had 3545 fish for 6 people in 7 days.  We have had some guests attempt to match this number.  Some have come close but remember that the Peters have been fishing the same lake during the same time frame for the better part of 25 years.  They know the lake better than anyone.  

Here are a few pictures from their annual adventure on Loree in 2018.

On final.  Loree Lake.

Jim has held this pose countless times.

Betty has the knack to catch walleye, but she has always had a great guide.

Shore lunch happens everyday, Rain or shine.  It is a team effort and everyone has a job to do.  

Cooking walleyes in the rain is a bit of a challenge but an experienced group is prepared.

This was their best year yet and Betty attributed it to her fishing harder this year.  She missed it 🙂