The Knip/ Cradduck party has been with us longer than Rena and I have been with Amik.  They started coming to Canada in 1985 to Manotak Lodge who was then venturing into the outpost business to the north.  

In 1990, not long after the big fire, they went to Vee Lake.  From that moment on they were hooked.  Many adventures, mishaps, shorelunches and most importantly many memories were made and many smiles were had in the last 23 trips to God’s Country.

We feel fortunate to have been a part of showing these guys a good time and to be a part of their lives.  Things have changed over the years but the constant remains. GOOD FISHING AND GOOD TIMES.


Thank you for putting this together Hank.  We look forward to many more.


Knip / Cradduck 1985 to 2017 Photo Gallery