The days are getting a lot longer and we have finally broke free from the minus 30 celsius at night and minus 20 during the day.  It has started to warm up to slightly above seasonal weather and might see a bit of a melt.  There is lots of ice but as long as spring shows up at somewhat of a normal time we should be in great shape.

Fishing has been pretty decent.  Slowing down in the brutally cold weather but still enough fish to keep us out there doing what we love.  There has been a lot of wind accompanying the cold so there was some days out on the lake where most people would say we are crazy.   It isn’t too bad if you are prepared for it.

Here are a few pictures I have taken lately.

The snow banks are like rocks out there. Forming in a minus 40 windchill, they make some cool designs.

The Crack sent a sheet of ice 3 feet thick, 10 feet tall and probably 30 feet long straight up in the air. The power of the ice is amazing.

Dustee has been out there every day as well. She doesn’t like the windy days either.

Our family relies on walleye year round. I love these guys 🙂

When you see as many fish as we do, you see some pretty weird looking fish. Big Eyezzzz

The end of trapping season is almost here as well. Time to pull up the traps. I caught a few fishers, some coyotes and a mink. Not quite as much as I normally but there has been less snow this year and cold.

Even with little snow, living out in the sticks the on a windy year such as this causes blocked roads. Lets hope March isn’t too snowy and spring will come………