It is the dead of winter and -40 with the windchill in central Canada.  Are you thinking about summer yet?  How about being up north in the wilderness where the only noise you hear is the wind in the trees and loons calling in the distance.  Now is the time to get your date booked for a fishing trip this summer.

We are booking up for 2018 but we have dates scattered here and there throughout our entire season, if you have more specific dates than what you see here, please send us an email and we can let you know what we have available.  Here are a few dates we have available for 2018.  

Loree Lake May 25-30, 2018

Shearstone Lake June 1-8, 2018

DarkWater Lake June 29- July 4, 2018

Cherrington Bay June 16-21, 2018

Vee Lake July 3-8, 2018

Cherrington Point June 26- July 1, 2018

Cobham Morley July 26-31, 2018

Findlay Lake July 1-7, 2018

Jeanette Lake July 14-21, 2018

Shearstone Lake August 3-8, 2018

Blackbirch Lake August 21-25, 2018

Cobham River August 18-25, 2018

Cobham Daniel August 19-26, 2018

Please click here if you would like some more information on these or any other dates we may have.

It has been very cold up here but it is January and we are in Canada!  It has been minus 30 at night and minus 20 during the day, but it is supposed to warm up next week a bit. Here are a few pictures I have taken recently out on Lake Manitoba while we were commercial fishing.

The Sun Dogs come out when it is going to blow.  And it blows a lot!

This is the Jigger.  It is how we get the line beneath the ice to get our nets under there also.  Dustee follows the jigger as it runs under the ice.  It is easy to find when it stops on a bare patch like this.  There is 3 feet of ice already!  Not much snow and lots of cold.

When you see as many fish as we have in our lives you see some pretty strange things.  This is the weirdest pike I have ever seen.  Very unusual markings on this one.

 It may be cold but we get more sunshine than most places in Canada.  The days are getting longer already and the February thaw is not too far away!!


Stay warm and think about your fishing trip this summer……