Merry Christmas to all of our great guests!  We wish you a great end to 2017 and hope that 2018 will be a great year for everyone.  Rena and I are looking forward to 2018!

It will be the coldest Christmas in our part of the country in 20 years!  It is -31C here this morning and is supposed to  be like this for awhile.  Not a bad time of year to be this cold, it keeps you indoors with your loved ones.  Another nice thing about the weather when it is this cold.  Nothing but sunshine!  I know it’s a small consolation but mentally the sun helps you through the fact that your exposed skin will freeze in less than minute!!! 

Our winter so far though has been mild with not too much snow so far.  The ice on the lake is pushing 24 inches already and we are still catching walleye pretty good.  Almost time to start doing some angling instead of working….

The days are as short as they are going to get!  Just a couple of dark months to get through!

Pictures never do the cracks justice.  The ice is cracking all the time with the expansion and contraction of such a huge lake.  It looks pretty cool but freaks most people out.  Green ice like this is the most solid ice you can get, except you can see through it.  

Please keep in mind that if you are adding people to your party or are sending a deposit to please send us an email to let us know.  We would like all deposits checks made out to Lac Seul Airways Ltd.