September is almost here and our season has started to wind down.  We are getting our plan together to start closing the camps and getting some jobs done in preparation for next season.  Docks, roofs and some other upgrades are planned already and the material is being hauled in on the empty backhauls.  It is getting to the time of year where we get to spend some time in the bush.  Even though we are working, it doesn’t feel like it. 🙂


We have been very busy the entire season and the fishing has been awesome!  Walleye fishing has been exceptional and the big pike are becoming more aggressive as fall approaches.  The fish continue to occupy many different depths and change daily.  From 5 feet along the weeds one day to 23 feet off windy points the next.  Having a depth finder has proved to be essential this summer.

The Sporre party fished Cherrington lake recently and had a blast catching fish all over the lake.  They had great weather which allowed them to spend some time out on the big lake catching those big walleye and fishing deep for lake trout.  Here are some pictures from their stay with us.

Sid Webb and his buddies always stay at the Cobham Daniel cabin and just enjoy their time in the bush.  This year was no exception,  they caught lots of fish, had a lot of laughs and relaxed.  A great flyin fishing vacation again. 🙂

Almost every trip ends with a beautiful sunset at Amik Outposts.