We have had some very nice weather recently and we have been busy as all heck.  Every single person coming back from their flyin fishing trip has been smiling from ear to ear.  Fishing has been awesome, the sun has been shining pretty much every day and the weather has been good for flying.  It’s a perfect combination!

Walleyes have been all over the place.  From 3 feet of water to 18 feet of water.  Some have been right up against the weeds in 3-5 feet of water and some have been on the rocky points in 10 to 12 feet.  Each lake seems to have a different report.  Lots of fishermen saying that their old spots were cold and were forced to look in some new spots.  Trolling has been working well to locate the fish in a variety of depths.  Quality fish have been abundant with a few monsters being caught here and there up to 29 inches but for the most part each camp has a number of walleyes caught each week up to 25-26 inches.

The real big pike have been sort of quiet with a few big ones being caught but pretty much every camp comes out catching a few up to 36-38 inches with the biggest being 43 inches.  They have been caught trolling or else jigging for walleye.  Big pike like to eat walleyes too!

The Dietz family made their annual trip to Canada and went back to Blackbirch lake 2 years in a row because they liked it so much last year.  This year they caught a phenomenal amount of fish!  It is great to see people having such an awesome time and catching more fish than they ever have!    

John was a first timer and was all smiles on the way out.  He caught a 41 inch trophy Pike on the last night!  And Bobby the guide caught a beautiful 28.5 inch walleye!



The Mcgee party loves the Cobham River.  This year was another great trip with more memories.  Here is Bruce with the biggest for the week.  A thick 43 inch Pike.  

These guys like to do shorelunch everyday.  It’s a great part of the trip.  Here are 4 good eaters.

Then they have to be cleaned.  An experienced crew has a list of all the shorelunch items that are required.  

The cook…..

The Berry party fished at the Cobham Daniel cabin recently and had another awesome week.  The girls are great with a camera and always see some beautiful sights while out in the bush.  Thanks for sharing them with us.  Here is a what the weather has been like for the majority of the the days recently…..

Walleye Smiles!!!

Here is Gordon with his 40 incher!!!

We have had some windy days which always makes it a little tougher to stay right on the fish.  When you see the Sun Dogs around the sun it is going to blow within the next 24 hours.  

Here are a few pictures from the Call Party who have found their home on Vee Lake!  Here is a picture of a Blue Walleye.  The pictures never do them justice.  They are blue as the sky sometimes.

Experience on the lake you are fishing helps a lot in catching more quality fish.  Here is Eric with a beauty.

These guys are also very skilled with a fly rod and can catch walleyes and northerns with them.  

Will caught himself a real trophy while on Vee Lake.  Here is a 36 inch pike caught on a fly rod!!

The water has been going down and is now at a perfect level.  

There are lots of mosquitos!   Don’t forget your mosquito coils!

The forecast is for great weather.  We do not have any forest fires burning yet in our area but we have had some thunderstorms.  If it stays dry it is just a matter of time until we get some.  No fire bans on yet, just caution and common sense.