The ice is going at a normal rate for some of Ontario.  A recent snow storm is hitting parts of NW Ontario to the south of us down to the border and east of us as far east as Thunder Bay.  Red Lake is on the northern edge of it and hopefully we don’t get too much snow.


Rena and I will be in Red Lake next week and we are excited for another season.  We hope to have the Otter next week and then start to open camps shortly after.  The ice in Red Lake is going out as I write this.  The wind is howling and it is moving around.  Most lakes should open up now.


Here is what the ice looked like in Red Lake on Sunday.

john blog

The forecast is for warm weather next week so we are hoping the snow and the ice will be gone when we get there….

john blog

This is what it looked like on Lake of the Woods the next afternoon when I made it to my buddies place.  Good temperature for my suitcase.

On a recent visit to see family, my uncle Sylvio brought out his favorite shirt he got from my Mom and Dad 25 years ago when Amik was first started.  His family has been after him for years to retire it but he still wears it all the time!!  It’s tough to find quality like this now.

john blog

We will begin to have a flight schedule by the end of next week as it takes us a few days to get things fired up and organized at the base in Red Lake.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!