It is down to the last stretch of our 2016 fishing season.  September is here, the days are short, the leaves are changing and the geese are beginning to move.  Moose hunting is 3 weeks away!!

Until then we still have fishermen to come through our doors in search of the Big Fall Pike and Trophy Walleye who should be fattening up for the upcoming winter.  Fishing has remained constant but remaining in the wide range of depths from 8-28 feet as they have for most of the season.

We are starting to close camps and do work at the camps in preparation for next season.  This is the time of year I like the most. Fall.  The boys and I have been in the bush for a few nights each week working hard all day and catching fish each evening, Having a few beers and playing cribbage.  This week we were at Cherrington, building new boat ramps and other odd jobs around camp.  Here are a few pictures of the new ramps at Cherrington.

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Of course my right hand had to come along.  Dustee was always 10 feet from me, watching me work or hunting mice, chipmunks and whatever else was making noise close by.  She was always nearby except for a hour or two each afternoon she would be gone, always coming back soaking wet, dirty and tired, sleeping away the rest of the day.

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The Broadwater party fished Blackbirch lake recently and had a great time.  Perfect weather and lots of fish! Here are some pictures they shared with us.

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Truly alone…..

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A rare catch but this is even a trophy for a Sucker!!!

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