My group wanted to thank you for a great time and trip to Cobham River.    The fish didn’t quite cooperate but a great time none the less.  As the saying goes;  “the worst day of fishing is always better than the best day at work!”.

The largest fish caught were:   27 ½” walleye;    39” Northern.

I have attached a couple photos for the competition.  They are of the same fish but a worthy entry.   I had caught this 30” pike and only after getting it into the boat noted that it had a mouth full of my spoon as well as a 20+”  (estimated) pike hanging out.   It is always amazing to me how they Pike is the apex predator and seems to only live to eat.

We were also treated to a run in with a family of otters, out in the West end.  That was exciting to see and watch.

Thank you again for all of your hospitality.

 Best regards,

 Kevin M.

john blog

john blog