It’s hard to believe that there is only one more week until our departure times in the morning are bumped back by the length of day to 5:30 am.  Summer is going by fast!

Our weather continues to be unpredictable and changes daily to hourly.  One fisherman said when he came out “I went from seeing my breath to sweating in a matter of 4 hours!”  We have had many fronts coming past us and ever changing winds so our fishermen have had to use their noggin to keep on the fish.  Fishing has been pretty consistent and walleyes have been in 12 feet of water or less and have just gone into the weeds.  If we have some warm weather, the walleyes should be in the deep cabbage and along edges of weed beds for a couple weeks.  When this happens, a 5 of diamonds can be your best walleye lure!!

The pike have been very near the walleyes. The only  40 inchers that were caught this week were caught on a jig while walleye fishing.  Right in the lip!!

Cobham Daniel simply has the best sunsets.  We have guests who stay there just because of that. The Terry party stayed there recently and have gotten their submission in for our photo contest!


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The fishing was great and the smiles were big!

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Do you have your licence with you?  How about a lifejacket??  The MNR have been around at most of the camps to check on fishing licences and to make sure you are following the rules.  Our guests haven’t had any issues with the wardens and have even fed them lunch on occasion!  Everyone must be paying attention when Rena is giving you the orientation. 🙂

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Findlay Lake walleyes have been great so far.  The Knip Party fished there recently and had a blast as usual.  Walleyes were slightly slower than last year but still plenty of action,  The boys did manage to catch a few big ones.  Here are a few of the nice fish they caught and released on Findlay.

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The Peters Party on Loree Lake.  None of our guests catch the amount of fish that these people catch on Loree Lake.  Jim has been fishing this lake for a very long time and knows it like the back of his hand.  His family and friends know it almost as well.  They find the fish and are able to give many sore lips!  Over 3100 sore lips this year!!

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The weather was quite soggy at times during their stay but the fishing was excellent!  Here is Bernice with the biggest walleye of the trip!

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Theresa and Gary had there first Northern Experience and caught more fish in the first day than they had in their entire life.  Here is one of Theresa’s big walleye!


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Kevin has been fishing with his Aunt and Uncle here forever and loves it just as much.  He had the Big Pike of the trip measuring 41 inches!

The leader of the pack with a Big Walleye.

We have had a few people come out of the bush and say that there was one day that if you were standing still it wasn’t raining but as soon as you moved you were wet.  The clouds were all around you, right to the water.

And if you go by length, Betty won by a long shot!  That’s a real trophy stick!

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