The season slips by so fast when you are busy.  Just the way we like it.  Our fishermen are enjoying the warm temperatures and the beauty and scenery of the North.

The weather has been better which has helped the fish sort of stabilize in depth but each lake has a different fishing report.  Some lakes saying the fish are on the rocky points and windy shorelines, and others saying the walleyes and pike are together on the edge of or right in the cabbage weeds.  Depths have ranged from 3-4 feet one day to 17-20 the next and then other lakes saying 10 feet for the whole week.  So if you are coming fishing yet this season, make sure you have a depth finder!

Our guests continue to see moose, caribou and the odd bear and a variety of other animals in the bush, but the most aggressive beast has been the Bald Eagles.  On Cobham River and BlackBirch lake specifically.  Following them all day screeching and chirping, almost harrasingly…  One fishermen had his small pike he was reeling in, lure and only about half of his line taken about 30 feet from the boat!  They have learned that our fishermen are a good source of food.

I don’t get the opportunity often but the boys and I went fishing the other day at DarkWater Lake and had a Shorelunch and a day off!

john blog

john blog

The Selchow Family made the trip back to Shearstone Lake last week.  The first time they came with Amik Outposts was to Shearstone Lake…..  years ago when it was on Fire!!  This time they had no such issues.  Just great times and Bigger Walleyes than the last time they were there.  Being good fishermen/women this family has a long future ahead of them giving out sore lips to the walleye on our lakes!

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These ones look like Blue Walleye to Me!!

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The Jacquin Party fished the Cobham River for the first time and had a great trip again, their second trip with us in as many years.  They caught lots of fish and some Big Ones as well.  Here are a couple pictures of the Trophy Pike they caught.

john blog john blog

Ken Phelps has fished quite a few of our lakes, but that was when my Dad was running things…almost 20 years ago.  They went back to Blackbirch and things were the same as they were back then, if not better!  Catching some Big Walleye.  The biggest being 28 inches with a 26 incher as a close second.  It was good to see them again and will most likely see them again soon!

John blog john blog john blog john blog

Summer has hit its peak, the Blueberries are ready and the days are beginning to get shorter. We are in the back half of the season.  Soon I will be in the bush getting the work done at the camps once the fishermen are done, getting prepared for the next season!!! We take great pride in looking after our guests striving for a excellent fishing vacation each and every time they visit us whether it is every year or once every 5 years.  It is important to us to see you enjoy yourself!