When you are fishing on a new lake or a lake that has become like your second home in the North, you need to be able to find your spots, meeting points, and places to associate with the big fish stories you will be telling in camp later that evening!  From “The Slot”, to “The Hump” or “The Killing Fields”  and even “Penis Cove”, I have heard and know of many fishing spots.  They all have a story behind them.  Here is the story and some pictures from the Landsgard Party who have found a home on Findlay Lake!

The weather was less than ideal for 7 or 8 days straight but we were able to get all of the flying done.  Fishermen in the bush needed a few fires to dry out almost daily.  Good rain gear is always a must, you just don’t expect to be in it every single day!!  The big fish were kinda quiet last week but the numbers were awesome in the misty rain!!


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A little story.  How does a fishing spot get a name?  Justin has been doing a bit of experimenting with casting crankbaits for both walleye and northerns.  Every year he has become more successful.  This year saw a lot of cold, wind, and rain; the kind of days when it’s tough to tie on a new jig.  After losing his jig to a rock, Justin picked up his other rod and threw a crankbait into shore.  As he lifted it out of the water, this pike jumped up and grabbed it in mid-air.  Justin had also picked this spot for walleye and it proved to be one of the best of the trip.  So, this spot is forever “Justin’s Point”, at least to us!

canada 2016 008 canada 2016 005

Still thinking about making a last minute fishing trip???  Here is a date for you to consider.

Click here to enquire about Cobham Daniel July 17-24 for the best walleye fishing of your life.  I will mark “The Hump” for you on the map where the walleyes are stacked up high!!