We have been filling dates for 2016 and have filled all of the dates we offered in our  May special we previously published.  There are only a few dates left for this special.  We will also require a group of 6 fishermen to receive this discount.  Please check it out and let us know if you would like to reserve one of these dates!!

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Have you ever wanted to catch multiple 40 inch plus Trophy Pike on a flyin fishing trip?  Have you been dreaming about going on a fly in trip but just couldn’t afford to go?  Enjoy a private lake, all to yourself?

May is an excellent time to visit Amik Outposts for Trophy Fish!  Spring breathes new life into the lakes and rivers as the fresh water from the spring run off flows from one body of water to the next.  Walleyes are very easy to find at this time of year, congregating near the rapids and moving water, feeding like crazy after spawning.  The numbers of walleye you can catch in the spring are astronomical!   There are times when your lure doesn’t even reach the bottom before it has a fish on it and is headed sideways!  The walleye action in the spring is awesome.

The Trophy Pike are the most active at this time of year.  Pike too are spawning in the spring and are the first fish to spawn.  Gathered together in any weedy bay, sunning themselves in the afternoons in the shallows, they then go on a post spawn feeding frenzy!!  More big pike are caught in the spring then any other time of the summer.

Sure the weather can be cooler than other times the of summer, it can be frosty in the morning and sunny, then 80  degrees that same day.  Those are big pike days.   Please remember that you are staying in a very comfortable, warm cabin each night to stay warm, dry out if need be and sleep like a baby on a comfortable bed.  You just need to be prepared for a wider variety of weather then you would if you came fishing later in the summer.

Amik Outposts has never offered this kind of discount before.  50% off our regular price, a party of at least 6 fishermen on the select 5-day trips listed below. Licences and taxes not included.

Shearstone Lake May 21-26

BlackBirch Lake May 20-25

Vee Lake May 20-25

Dark Water Lake May 24-29

This offer is open to anyone.  Old guests, New guests, it doesn’t matter.  Get at least 6 of your buddies together and get ready to have the time of your life.  If you have a friend or colleague who talks about going on a trip but always says “Someday…” Give us a call or email and sign up!  Click here to send us an email to book one of these dates.

We look forward to hearing from you.